Friday, January 27, 2012

Success -- AGAIN!!

Yesterday was a little productive in the writing department... Son was in school and after Hubby left to run a few errands, I dived into the MMLTG file to see if I could add any more to it. Unfortunately that file was NOT clicking at all so I kept trying to get in synch with something so I could get a little more done on that story this week.
Well, the rewrite of the FLS file was starting to nag me... A LOT. So I opened it and started trying to think of how I could do the rewrite on it. Between acting goofy in Sanctuary with P, T and the rest of our awesome regular members, tripping over silly cats, and my own need to guzzle COFFEE, things started flowing...
The next thing I knew it was almost 2 hours later and the rewrite was DONE. I did some quick editing on it and it was a LOT better than the original had been. I do have the original draft of it saved in a special document/file on the computer for future reference and just in case I want to use it as a base for another scene similar to it.
Last night after my son and husband went to bed, I opened the file again to do a quick reread/edit while acting goofy with the crew in Sanctuary. (LOTS of laughs last night!) One of my best friends in there had a couple of suggestions for me for that particular scene and her suggestions were wonderful! (Thanks T!) I had to think of where they would work best and the right wording for it but when I did, it made the scene even better, which pleased me to no end! *HAPPY DANCE!!!*
The new version of the scene is a little longer than the original... But it has a LOT more detail and isn't so "rushed" like the original version had been.
Today, I am unable to work on the "naughtier" stuff due to school being canceled but that's okay... I can still work on the "child friendly" stuff my mother can read without wanting to shoot me! I'll probably be editing the MMLTG and Main Manuscript files today, both are "clean" and editing doesn't require quite as much concentration that actual writing does.. Or that's the way I work at least. ;)
I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend, thank the stars it is FRIDAY!! :)

*****On another note:

I don't go around telling tales... It's not my place to. When someone tells me something in confidence, it shows me that I have their trust and I will  NOT  break said trust!!! My code of honor prevents me from telling others without the original person's permission to do so. In other words, when I'm asked to be quiet about things, I STAY quiet about it!

People who go around spreading tales and trying to pry others for information on stuff that is NOT their business have NO code of honor and are lower than whale S##T in my mind.

Just saying...


Monday, January 23, 2012

Coming Soon....

... A combination of files in Untitled #7... I hope! :)
Yes, I had yet another semi-productive day in the writing department, make that two pretty good days!
Last night I was hanging out in Sanctuary with P and one of my other best friends and decided to dive head first into the writing after the guys went to bed for the night.
Last night, I managed to get 608 words of new material added to the MMLTG file, despite working at only 10% of normal brain efficiency, hitting writer's block several times and being distracted by fun in Sanctuary, notably having a blast with P and T over there! 
Today was also pretty darn good too... I added 852 more words to the MMLTG file and I am finally starting to close in where I can splice the AST file onto the end of it! Another chapter or two, MAYBE three or four, and I should be up to that point!
I really can't believe how much I've gotten done on this particular story over the last 3 months or so... I had the original idea for it back in June of 2010 and had done a little work on it but between real life and some stuff happening online (NOT in Sanctuary!) I wasn't able to do a lot with it until recently. Now that things have settled down, it seems I'm wanting to write ALL of the time instead of only once every couple of months and I am REALLY loving this! I have put more material into this story in the last three months than I had in the previous 15 months! Back at the end of the summer, there wasn't even 5,000 words in Untitled #7 and I was thinking I would probably have to scrap it or put it on the back burner and work on Untitled #6 and RH (my shorter story). But somewhere along the way, the story came back to me, even better than the original idea for it, and now I'm literally flying through it.
Even if I can get 200 words of new material added to it a day, it's been productive in my mind! I had lost the writing bug for a while and now that it's back, I'm going to embrace it fully and continue to chug right along with the story and hopefully get it finished by the end of next year... And after that's done, I hope to finish Untitled #6 and RH, all for publishing.
I'm really amazed and happy about this. Life can't get any better, that's for sure!
Have a wonderful Monday friends!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Forgiveness, Cleansing the Soul of a Painful Weight

Yesterday an old school friend of mine shared something on Facebook that inspired me. It speaks the truth about forgiving someone for their past mistakes and cutting ties... It was a post shared on a page called "Inspirational Quotes" and it's one of the best quotes I've seen in a long time...

I think that sums it up pretty good when I talk about forgiving someone but never forgetting what they did so I don't allow them to cause the same problems for me ever again. 
I have cut ties with so many people, both in real life and online life, that harmed me for no reason other than their own personal gain or to just cause trouble so they can sit back and laugh about it.
I do forgive them for what they did... To err is human after all. 
But who says I have to keep in contact with them and let them do it again and again? *winks*
Just something to think about, that's all.
I'd like to thank my longtime friend DB and the Inspirational Quotes page for posting this... It is very true and I hope others learn this lesson like I have.
Have a great Sunday everyone!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lining Things Up....

Hi everyone, I hope y'all are having a great weekend!
It's another day of editing and rereading for me today, I find that it doesn't require as much concentration as the actual writing does.
As y'all know from previous blogs, notably this week's blogs, I've been working on a huge chunk of the first part of Untitled #7 which has not only one turning point in the story, it has a few, and the largest turning point will be at the end part of the MMLTG file, which I am still working on at the present time.
Last night I realized I was going to have to go over the FLS file before splicing it into the main manuscript to make sure it falls in line/complies with what I've written in the AST scene. I did that just this morning and I think with a few changes here and there, it will, perfectly. 
I see I'm going to have to make some more changes into the FLS file, to "line it up" with how I want the story to go now. I started that scene back on June 17, 2010, and it was one of the very first things I had written for that manuscript. Back then, I wasn't sure how things were going to go with certain things in the story. Almost two years after I got the initial idea and started writing more into the manuscript, I have more of an idea what's going to happen, when it will happen and with whom, so I'm thinking the scene itself should have a few changes to it... Notably how "fast" things go, it should be a little slower and have a few more details into it.
When I originally wrote that scene, I rushed through it. I didn't take my time like I do now, with any part of my stories. I think I just wanted to get the scene "done" and move onward with the more "vanilla" parts of the story. (It is a love scene, I admit it!) So now, I'm going to have to take the time and make some changes.
Just goes to show what can happen when you rush something like this! As my mentor P says, "Write and Learn"...
Boy is she ever right!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Friday, January 20, 2012


It's been an ULTRA productive week for me, writing wise! Today Hubby was working day shift and since Son was in school, I once again took advantage of the peace and quiet to write!
I want to get the MMLTG file done so I can splice in the part that I wrote up on Monday... I'm still not there yet but I am slowly closing in on where the splice will happen! The MMLTG file is going to be a big part of the early stages of the leading couple's relationship so it's going to cover about 2-3 chapters at the least!
Today's total is 2069 words, which brings this week's total of new material added to Untitled #7... Drum roll, please....
5, 862 words this week alone!! *HAPPY DANCE!*
I haven't had a week quite that productive in a VERY long time and I am so darn pleased with myself, I could just run around Sanctuary like an idiot!! *laughs* I won't but you have to admit that I did give y'all quite a funny mental picture...*GRINS*
I still can't believe I did that amount between housework, taking care of my son and the cats (read: getting ran over by an insane puddy-tat once in a while!), writer's block, helping out in Sanctuary, letting my son have the computer by times and anything else life threw at me this week! I'm so happy!
Hopefully I'll be able to work on Untitled #7 sometime next week... IF I can get a day or two of being alone in the house for a few hours and with no interruptions... (Dratted furballs!)
Have a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend everyone! I'll update y'all the next time I get more new material added, even if it's something I can't talk about here... You know, the "naughtier" side of writing a romance novel.
Which reminds me, I should go over to my adult writing blog and update that one... I haven't updated it in ages... Not that many people know where it is though! LOL

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Moving Right Along... :)

So far, it's been a VERY productive WEEK writing wise! 
As y'all know, on Monday I wrote up an entire scene which was over 4 pages long and had over 1600 words in it of new material. 
Yesterday, I said on this very blog I was hoping to get more added to Untitled #7. Well, I did and kind of forgot to post the update... Real life and fun in Sanctuary kinda got away with me and before I knew it, it was time to get offline and let my son have the computer for a while before bedtime. Sorry about that everyone!
I did get some work done on Untitled #7 new material wise... Like 2389 words worth of NEW material! It was added to the MMLTG file, which is the one that the scene I wrote yesterday will be spliced into when the time comes.
I continued on from where I left off the other day in that file... I do see I kind of went off into a tangent at one point and I may take that one bit out and put it into another spot in the story. I have it highlighted on Word so I know what to take out if/when I decide to do it (and it's about an 80% chance it will be MOVED) so it'll be easy enough to do.
But otherwise it went great and I'm happy with it. Except for the dialogue that is.... Writing dialogue seems to me my "Achilles' Heel" (or is that "HELL"??) when it comes to writing... Everything always seems to come out awkward and I keep wanting to add gestures, etc on every single line. I did get some great advice today and I'm going to be using it, thank you P for your help! Hopefully with that nugget of wisdom from P, I can get past that and actually write dialogue to MY high standards.
Which, I am starting to think, are way too darn high......
Anyway, it's Wednesday and there is finally a new episode of CSI on tonight for anyone who is addicted to that show like I am.
Have a wonderful week everyone! I'll try to be more prompt with the next writing update, I promise!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How Time Flies...

Yesterday I started a scene that had been floating in my head for a few days. Last night, Hubby kept Son occupied for a few hours so I could actually FINISH it... And I did! 
Yesterday's word count is officially 1671 words... I reread it while doing the word count and decided I needed to add more details to it but the bulk of the first draft of that scene is DONE.
The part I was working on will be spliced into the MMLTG file when the time comes. I still have some work to do on that particular file before the splicing can take place but not a lot... I'm almost up to the point where I can "install" it into the file! Just a few more scenes and a few more pages to go!
Last night I did a word count, the first one I've done in three months. The last time was in October of 2011 and only chapter 1 was recorded for some reason. I think I got distracted by things online or here in real life, can't remember why only Chapter 1 was counted, I know other files were started LONG before October of 2011!!
Here's the official word count as of January 16, 2012, by file code name and the grand total:
Chapter 1: 3124
Chapter 2: 2430
Chapter 3: 1205
AST: 1671
C&A Spliced: 2037
FTAW: 416
FLS: 1013
MMLTG: 3922
MMG: 5405
Grand total: 23023.
***Keep in mind the majority of the work/writing has been done since May 2011, or within the last 8 months.***
*****Word counts will change as I determine where chapter breaks go in, expand or 86 content and edit things!*****
I am about 77,000 words away from my goal of 100,000 words, which is good considering the story isn't even 1/4 of the way written yet. That gives me a LOT of leeway to expand on character development, improve conversations between characters and develop the story even more. 
My goal is to have the first draft of this finished by the end of January 2014 so hopefully and gods willing, I will get some peace and quiet and be able to write more now that things have finally settled down into a smoother routine.
I'm pleased with this but I do know I can do better! Hopefully the first draft will be up to the minimum of my ridiculously high standards and will be perfect by the time I'm ready to send it off to a regular or epublisher!
Hubby is running errands right now so I have the house to myself... That means writing time for me!
I'll update if I get anything else done on Untitled #7, even if it is just editing!
Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Writing Update!

So it's been another somewhat successful day in the writing department. 
Hubby left to run some errands and I decided to open Word and tackle something that's been floating around in my head for a few days.
It's a scene that happens later on in the MMLTG file... Near the end of it in fact. So I opened a new document and started typing away. At first it was rough going but as things moved forward, it progressed easier and easier. I managed to get 702 words of NEW material added in only an hour... That's not bad considering it took me well over 2 hours to get a thousand words added to the same story a week ago! 
I'm hoping to get more work done on it later but the way things are in this house, I doubt it's going to happen until I'm alone in the house. Seems my writing is at the bottom of everyone's "priority list" but their needs and wants "have" to come first before anything I want to do. I'm not impressed at all.
Have a great week everyone!

Friday, January 13, 2012


Yesterday was not very productive, new material wise, in Untitled #7... I did get a little work done on the MMLTG file but not as much as I got done on Wednesday. 
However, sometimes the least productive days can have their moments!
I have been trying to figure out just when, how and where to introduce the reader to a new character in the story... It's not a central player BUT they are a catalyst for some events that happen in the story. I had created the character in my Ideas for Characters and Personalities file back in the summer and didn't know where to bring them in.
Yesterday while I was adding a few more paragraphs to the MMLTG file, it hit me that where I was in that file was the PERFECT spot to introduce this character! The last line I wrote yesterday introduces them by their name and who they are in relation to someone central in the story. I know how the character is going to act, relate with others and exactly what they look like. I'm just hoping I can get across exactly how I want to portray this character... But then again, I do tend to be ULTRA critical of my own work... Hehehehee....... *sheepish grin!*
I am unable to expand on things today, due to school being cancelled because of that *lovely* [/sarcasm] snowstorm we had yesterday but that's okay.. If Son keeps quiet for a while and decides to do his own thing quietly, I may be able to sneak in some major writing time later... Or I just may write after Hubby takes him to bed this evening.
Have a wonderful Friday everyone, and a Very Happy 12th Birthday to my oldest niece!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You Can Keep My Sanity, But I Want My Brain Back Please...

It's been one of those days when I want to bash my head against the wall...
First of all, it was way too cold and too icy to get my walk in this morning. That didn't bother me very much, considering how I had my walk yesterday PLUS walked all over several of the stores in town running errands yesterday morning. It's still cold out and there is still ice on the road and the side of the road, which means it's unsafe for me to go today.
It's the second thing that drove me nuts more than anything... 
Hubby worked day shift and Son was at school, so I had planned to work on Untitled #7 today. I logged online at my usual time, got caught up and signed out a little after 9 AST, and opened some of the files for that particular story.
Well, the brain refused to work at all. I would reread something I wrote a few weeks or months ago, try to expand upon it and would hit a brick wall. Each time I tried adding a new sentence or even think about it, nothing felt right. I did manage to get a couple of paragraphs added into the MMG file of that manuscript but I wasn't feeling the groove for that particular part today. I opened the file I started last week, couldn't budge on it and got really frustrated.
Finally I gave up for a while. I puttered around the house, doing housework, I played Rocket Bowl on the computer, managed to brush some of Noelle's fur and tried to get into what I call "book brain mode".
After a couple of hours of this, and getting lunch, I determinedly opened the file I started last week (code name of MMLTG) and reread it again. After fighting with getting the right way to continue the story where I left off, I finally found it and began writing.
Two and a half hours later, I had over 1,000 words worth of new material added. I know, not my best day for writing, but it IS better than nothing! It's over 3 pages worth but there is a lot of conversation in what I wrote today and that takes up a lot more page space with the paragraphs than just describing something. 
I would have continued on after reaching what will probably be the beginning of a new chapter, but by the time I got to that point, it was close to the time I would have to go to the bus stop... Plus I would have wanted to continue writing after Son was home and as we all know, that generally doesn't work very well! LOL
I'm not pleased that I didn't get more written today but I am happy I did get a *little* written up into it. Each word I write means I'm one word closer to finishing the darn thing after all! I'm hoping to get more written later this week, my husband has one more dayshift that coincides with Son being in school during the daytime. I'll update y'all if I get any work done on that day!
Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happily Moving Along...

 For those who just found the link to this blog on my now-inactive WordPress blog, I welcome you to this one! I loved my time in WordPress but that particular blog had some negatively charged cords attached to it and it was time to finally cut those cords and move forward to a place and a blog that was filled with positive energy and had no dark past attached to it.
Moving on... 
This new year rang in with me making some decisions regarding a lot of things, as y'all saw in one of my previous entries here... More time with my family, focusing on my writing, being more positive in life and getting out of the house for a walk each day were at the top of my list.
So far, the walking is going wonderfully. I just increased my distance today and will be doing so again next week. I'm up to close to half a mile round trip now and I'm finding it easier and easier to do the round trip with each step forward! I did snap some pics along the way today, there is one of them in my "Veridian's Routine and Progress" thread in Samgaran Sanctuary if anyone wants to check it out. 
As y'all know, my writing is coming along and it's almost going full tilt on the days I'm home alone. Untitled #7 also has a "working title" as of a few days ago and I am VERY excited about finally having that one hit me!
Cutting back on the online time is getting easier every day also. For the longest time, I kept feeling like I *had* to be around just in case and if I was offline, I kept wondering if I was going to have to clean up a huge mess each time I logged into my internet connection or if someone else bombed me (who may have deserved it during that time) or someone else who did not deserve it at all. Nowadays, I am so much more relaxed... I am NOT getting the neuralgia flare ups like I was for about a year, I know I do NOT have to clean up a TON of manure or some other kind of mess someone else has made, I'm relaxing and acting silly with my family a lot more and I'm feeling a lot more positive and happy these last few months. I'm not getting the headaches from my neuralgia acting up from stress like I had been either. In fact, the headaches have just about stopped... I was stressed out for a VERY long time and when I realized that I wasn't feeling as ill as I had been, it felt wonderful and light!
As for me avoiding drama/BS and negative people like the plague, I know there are some people out there that do not like it... Well, they can go suck on compost in my mind. Life is too darn short to be a negative Nelly and if people can't grow up and do something GOOD for a change, well, they'll find out just how much fun the universe has when it drops a few tonnes of celestial compost on their heads... *EVIL GRIN*
Put me in with the happy, relaxed, fun and POSITIVE bunch please!
The offline time I'm now taking is making my home life a lot better. Son is learning more about computers each day (yes I am teaching him about computers!), Hubby likes it because I concentrate on him more and my fluffy white cat Noelle is loving the fact that she can be on my lap in the evenings again! Normally I am not on this late, but due to a busy day of running errands after my daily walk, I am on this evening for a little while. I'll be taking off in a bit so Noelle can have her evening "lap sleeping session" and Hubby can check his email, etc. 
Tomorrow is a writing day for me... I'll be around before Son goes to school but I plan on getting offline pretty early for a few hours so I can have my walk and then dive head first into my writing! I'm so glad I have decided to focus on it more because the more I write, the more ideas pop into my head for my stories!
So as I get ready to head offline for the night, remember to be positive. Don't look back, just remember the lessons you learned from each experience and move on with a wiser and more experienced outlook. Kick those Negative Nellies to the curb and surround yourself with Pollyannas. Remember to have fun and spend time with your real family and friends. Give your animal buddies lots of cuddles. Always look for a ray of sunshine, no matter how dim things seem.
Have a great night everyone!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Houston, We Have Lift Off!"

*does a happy dance*
Today started off slowly but all in all it was a productive day!
I had opened the main manuscript file for Untitled #7 and started mulling over how I should build upon the foundation of Chapter 2, something I had started a while ago but haven't been able to finish yet.
That wasn't working so I bounced around from file to file in that manuscript, but nothing clicked... Until I opened one particular file...
It was a detailed outline I had written up a while ago for Untitled #7, a turning point in the life of the leading lady that also affects the leading man. I read the outline from start to finish and I could just *see* and hear everything that happened in the beginning of that particular part of the story.
I opened a new document and started typing away, the words sometimes flowing faster than I could type them into my word processor. Time flew by, I was so absorbed, and the next thing I knew, it was time to go get my son from the bus stop... Four entire hours had passed and I had over four pages of NEW material written up for that story! I'm still in "book brain mode" and would like to write more into that file today but Son doesn't like to see me writing when he's home... I need complete silence in order to concentrate. Son likes to have the TV on, he has the terrible habit of shoving stuff between my face and the monitor and he likes to scream in my ear or get into something he should NOT be into just as I'm writing up something I NEED to concentrate on. *sighs* I can edit things while he's home, or jot down more ideas for any of my stories though... So I'm going to sit here and edit things during the quieter times at Sanctuary and my other sites.... After I update people in my various sites about the work I did today that is!
I may try to sneak in some work later tonight, or tomorrow if Hubby is willing to sit in the living room without moving for a few hours with the TV volume on VERY low while I have the earplugs in and a frying pan on hand just in case he decides to start running his big yap... *evil grin* I REALLY have to start writing more now that Christmas vacation is over and the new year has started... Hubby will just have to understand that I can't always wait until days that he and Son are gone... The more I work on the story means the more I write and the faster I write it means the faster I can try to get the darn thing PUBLISHED!
Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Thank You Dear Friend! :)

If the rest of the year is as great as today was, 2012 is going to be the best year ever!
A woman I went to school with is now a published author and I happened to run into her while running a few errands today. I was very happy to see her because we don't get a chance to talk a lot in person (we do a lot of our correspondence via Facebook) and we hardly ever get a chance to really talk about anything. We caught up with each other a little bit then talk turned to our mutual love of writing.
From what I understand from her, my writing is not too "graphic" for epublishing with her epublishing house! I guess some of the stuff they've published in the past is more graphic than I would write! So if I decide to go with the epublishing route, I will definitely be sending my work to her publisher first! Funny thing is, I was keeping her publisher under consideration to send my own work to when the time comes... Amazing how things work out like that, isn't it? *SMILING*
This information was a REAL pick me up... As I had stated on a previous blog, I wasn't sure if my work was able to be epublished due to the ultra graphic scenes in spots but apparently what I write is "plain vanilla" to some work by other authors so my work will be fine for this particular publisher to at least consider!
So I'm now thinking of more ideas for ALL of my stories... RH, Untitled #7 and Untitled #6... I may put more graphics into some of the scenes or not but I DO know that what I do have written up for those "adult" scenes is OKAY and not over the top!
I'm still leaving that one scene out that I had 86'ed in Untitled #6 though.. Like I said to my friend and my mentor, pushing the envelope is one thing, but in that scene I had originally written up had pushed it over the edge, blew it up and burned it to ashes! *giggles*
I still haven't gotten around to installing the printer software onto my Pentium so I can print off the full copy of RH's first draft from Professional Write for its rewrite... Unfortunately, Professional Write is NOT compatible with Word, which is the word processor I use, so it's a case of printing it off and retyping it all up in "Version 2.0" in Word on my big computer. I can feel the carpal tunnel syndrome acting up NOW and I haven't really gotten into the rewrite a lot yet! YIKES! *THUD!!!*
Wednesday is my writing day this week... Hopefully I'll get SOME work done on one of my stories, preferably Untitled #7 or RH... Either one would be great as long as I get SOMETHING done and new material added somewhere! LOL
Thank you dearest LS... Your information, knowledge and experiences have really given this aspiring author a real boost! Blessings and love! :)
Have a wonderful week everyone and Happy New Year!