Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rewrites and Continuing On...

Hello everyone, sorry I didn't update y'all about the writing until now but between real life things happening and things being busy online the last couple of days, it slipped my mind until now.
Friday was productive writing wise... I had decided to rewrite a "build up" scene to something in the MMG file but couldn't quite get into it so I went into the Main Manuscript file and started writing up Chapter 4, which went pretty good despite hitting a few "snags" and the fact that the cats decided to go BONKERS on me at every opportunity.
The bulk of the writing was a confrontational scene between the leading man and his boss... The reader will have an idea that there is more to it than meets the eye at first and their suspicions will be confirmed at some point during the scene. It is *very* rough but it's looking good so far!
Word count for that particular area so far: 2991, which isn't bad considering how many times I was distracted by a goofy cat or had to move one of them because they had decided that sitting on top of the monitor and swishing their tails across the screen was more important than allowing me to write anything! *rolling eyes!* I did do some editing, etc on that scene too after the guys crashed but not a lot. I'll be doing more on it when I get a chance to this coming week while Hubby's working and Son is in school.
Have a wonderful week everyone!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bridging the Gap....

Today I had four full hours of writing time... Son was in school and Hubby was running errands so I dove right into Word the instant I heard the car pull out of the driveway this morning. I wanted to continue on where I had left off in the Main Manuscript file from Friday but it just wasn't clicking with me today for some wild reason. I tried working in the MMLTG file, nothing new came into the brain... I skipped from file/document to file and finally an idea for the MMG file came to me...
There was a gap between the first part of the file/document and a scene I had written up way back in November (3 months and six days ago to be exact!) and that gap was bugging the daylights out of me. So I decided it was time to close/bridge the gap and although it was hard and frustrating to do by times, I managed to get things tied together and hopefully in a way that doesn't seem like I was rushing the story along or dragging things out. This part may be an essential part to the leading lady's character growing and changing but I don't want to drag things out too much!
Today's word count: 1491, although I did add a few things here and there to the file in other spots so it's over 1500 words today... I'm still pleased with this even though it's not one of my best days! LOL
I'll probably be editing things here and there before I let Son and Hubby have the computer after supper... It seems that like other writers out there, I can't leave things alone for a minute... Which can be classed as a good thing because that means the more one works on a story, the better it can be and the faster one can finish it to their standards!
Have a great Wednesday everyone and if you're a CSI fan like I am, don't forget about the newest episode on tonight!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Writing Marathon!

Thursday and Friday consisted of a very long writing marathon... I packed three days' worth of writing into two hours on Thursday and a full day on Friday.
On Thursday, I managed to get 670 words worth of new material added to Untitled #7... It was part of the Chapter 3 "expansion/rewrite" once again, and it was the start of my shamelessly promoting different things in the western half of the province.
Friday saw more expansion/rewrite of Chapter 3... This is also where the main characters start realizing there is more between them than a passing acquaintance and things start developing a lot more. I also added in a lot of material to the stuff I wrote up on Thursday and didn't keep track of the amount of words I added to that section so the numbers I have for total word count are for both days, combined.
This past week's totals:
5,242 words as of 1 a.m. Saturday morning!!
That means I had added over 4500 words on Friday alone!
I am also finished Chapter 3, I THINK, and am ready to start Chapter 4, which will probably happen later this week. Right now I am wanting to get things in the main manuscript file tied together with the part I had prematurely spliced in several months ago, then I will continue on with that until I can splice in the MMLTG file, which is also being worked on at this time and has a few major events into it. 
I have also decided that the "base" of what was originally Chapter 2 is scrapped but I will be using parts of it here and there for Chapter 4 and 5, which shows the leading characters' reactions to their developing feelings for one another. I've been going through the file containing those parts (which were removed from the main manuscript file and saved in another document) and "red lining" (highlighting in red) the parts I will NOT be using. Anything not highlighted in red will be used at some point. Needless to say there is a LOT of red highlighting in that particular document!
My eyes were very crossed by the time Son came home from school but I was determined to get things finished, so I stayed up VERY late editing, adding a few things and wrapping up the chapter while talking with my friends online and keeping an eye on Sanctuary. I am VERY grateful for the "blue background, white font" option in Word because it really helped cut back on the eye strain after being on the computer for almost 20 hours straight! 
This week, I will be visiting a couple of local towns for researching and getting pictures... I want to describe things in detail and have all of my facts correct so I don't get lynched by the locals when I finally do get this book published!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend... And I hope y'all have a wonderful week! Blessings!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A (Very!) Quick Writing Update...

Today I had four hours to get my behind in gear and get a little bit of writing done.
I worked on Chapter 3, which was finishing off the scene at the start of it and continuing into the next one, which is only halfway finished at this point.
Total word count of new material today: 1052...
I also did some editing in Chapter 2, ADDING a few things here and there, like descriptions, feelings, etc so that brings my word count closer to 11oo words for the day, possibly more.
I'm going to have a full seven hour day to write later this week... In the meantime, I'll be editing, etc when the guys are around and the instant I'm alone and feeling up to it, I'll be adding more stuff in! 
Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Cats, Tea, Coffee, WRITING...

Today was another productive day in the writing department. Hubby was working, Son was in school and I took advantage of having the house to myself for seven full hours!
Today I continued on from where I had left off on Monday... Main Manuscript file, Chapter 2, last half of the chapter. I had started a scene on Monday that had gotten me stuck and I wasn't sure how to proceed when I finally packed it in that day. 
Today, I reread the beginning of the scene and after struggling with it, I managed to continue on and finish it, wrap up the chapter and move on to the start of Chapter 3, where the heroine divulges a secret to the reader and is unsure if she should let the hero know about it or keep it to herself. Unfortunately by the time I reached the conversation that reveals the secret to the reader, it was time to get Son from the bus stop and I knew the peace, quiet and time to write was at an end for the day. I did keep Word open though, to finish the outline for the scene and to jot down any ideas that I had floating around. 
So five hours, two teas, three coffees, countless swear words (yes, that blue cloud hanging over southwest NS was caused by me!), six pages and many bumps on the head from banging it against the wall, I managed to get 2421 words and 6 pages worth of new material added to the Main Manuscript of UT #7. There is a LOT of dialogue in this section, and I'm glad I got it all in even if it's not up to my high standards... YET. It's getting easier to write but it is STILL my Achilles heel, darn it!
So that brings this week's total word count of new material to 3,840 words. I was hoping for another 5,000 word week but I'm pleased with the almost 4000 word one!! I can't believe the amount of dialogue in Chapter 2 though, I swear over 70% of it is just the two main characters talking and trying to get to know each other despite opposition from various corners. 
Now I'm at the part of the story where things start to move even more, it's when the characters start realizing they're falling for each other. This is where things can get tricky... I don't want them falling to quickly yet I don't want to drag it out for more than a couple of chapters, I must find the right balance to make it happen at the right time without rushing things.
I'm still a little ways from where I can finally connect things with the first kiss scene, which is already written up and spiced into the main manuscript after rushing through Chapter 2's first draft a few months ago, but I'm getting there. After I get that all connected, I'll be able to continue on from where their relationship actually starts to where the MMLTG file can be spliced in and eventually the AST (teaser) scene after that... IF I haven't spliced that into the end of the MMLTG file beforehand that is! LOL
It's been another great week in my writing world... I hope to have yet another one next week, even if it's only a 2000 word week!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Monday, February 6, 2012

An Unexpected Gift....

Today, I had an unexpected gift land in my lap, thanks to my loving and wonderful husband...
We've been busy with a lot of things lately when he's home from work... Housework, taking care of our son and playing with him, taking care of the pets, running errands, and other general real life stuff that doesn't allow me time to write when he's home.
Today was different. He feels bad that I don't have a lot of time to write these days, especially with him working only part time right now, so he suggested I take the day off from things, put the ear plugs in and plug away in Word for a couple of hours. He promised not to disturb me unless the house was on fire or our son's school called... And he even turned the TV down to ultra low so I could not hear it even with the earplugs in.
It took me a little bit to get into "writing mode" but I managed to do it and I found myself continuing on from where I had left off on Friday afternoon. 
Three hours of uninterrupted, quality writing time, two cups of green tea and a cup of decaf coffee later, I managed to get 1419 words worth of new material added to Untitled #7!! This is more of "building on the foundation" like I was doing on Friday... It's all plain vanilla stuff that shows how the main characters are starting to get to know each other and how the strong the connection between them is even early on. There is a lot of dialogue in this part again, which made me smoke like crazy and swear under my breath a lot (yes that blue cloud hanging over my part of the province was caused by me! LOL) plus bang my head against the proverbial wall countless times, but I managed to keep things moving a little more and start building up to where things start heating up between the main characters. 
I don't know if I'll begin a new chapter just before where I left off today or not... I have to reread things again/edit (GAG!) and make sure it's all fitting in the way I want it to before deciding where chapter breaks go in this section. I do know certain things will be in later chapters in the first part of the story, due to the fact I don't want things moving TOO quickly for the characters.
I'm pleased that I managed to get that much done today... And I am extremely grateful to my husband for giving me the unexpected gift of some writing time. Guess he thought I've been chomping at my monitor and keyboard long enough and took pity on me!! LOL
Have a wonderful Monday and may your week be fun and happy everyone!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Building on the Foundation....

To be blunt, HOLY SMOKES...
Today I was going to get work done on Untitled #7 even if it killed me. For a while, I wasn't sure if I was going to have the house to myself for the full day or not but somehow, some way, the universe decided to give me a break and allowed me to have a full seven hours home alone...
The expansion/building upon the foundation of Chapter 2 has been nagging me for ages but until recently, I had no idea on how to expand upon it. 
I went looking through various files and came across a part that I had originally used as a "build up scene" to the first kiss between the main characters, but I 86'ed it because it didn't feel "right" for the build up scene and I wrote something else that is more fitting instead. The now 86'ed scene gave me an idea on how to create "chance meetings" between the characters, how they start to get to know each other and become friends before they become so much more. 
I started writing up outlines for various "meet ups" and slowly things started gelling. I went offline and started typing away.
After two cups of green tea, three cups of coffee, countless swear words flying from my lips, countless cigarettes smoked and over five hours worth of burying my brain in #7, I came out of the writing fog and stopped to take a look at what I had written.
It covers 7 pages in Word, there is a lot of dialogue, a lot of descriptions and 2,936 words worth of NEW material added to Chapter 2!! At this point, C2 is 3,019 words long and it's going to get a little longer... I still have to finish the scene I was working on when Son's bus arrived and I'll probably toss in a few more "getting to know you" scenes and other stuff that shows how hard the main characters are falling for each other, etc, before I move on to C3 and otherwise. I don't want the chapters to be TOO long but not too short either, I have to find the right balance without cutting things off abruptly or rambling in each chapter.
My brain is mushy but I'm very pleased with what I managed to do today... It was what I've been trying to do for months, ever since I wrote the "base/foundation" for that chapter. Now that I know which way I'm going to go with things, I'm going to continue chugging along and see what other good ideas I can come up with in the meantime.
If anyone wants the link to my PG Writings and Grumblings thread in Sanctuary, let me know via here or Facebook and I'll send you the link via private messaging.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Better Than Nothing...

Well, yesterday wasn't my most productive writing day but I did get a little work done on Untitled #7...
I started out by editing some of the documents for that particular manuscript.... I reread the MMLTG file and discovered that I had started going into a different direction than I had originally planned... Sometimes this is okay, like in the MMG file, but in this case, it was NOT working. So I have removed the part that wasn't going to work, and it is now saved in a file specifically set up to keep the parts/paragraphs I've removed for future reference... I like to do that for my own records, that way I can see how the story evolved and all of the "wrong ways" I went after it's done.
I wanted to continue on from the part that was left but that wasn't gelling so I edited/reread other parts of the manuscript... Seeing all of those red (misspellings) and green (grammatical mistakes) drove me nuts so I also did a spell/grammar check on all documents that I had opened yesterday.
I finally settled down enough to actually write... Although it wasn't my best day yet, I did manage to get 538 words worth of new material added to the Main Manuscript file of that story. I would have done more but by the time I had gotten really into things, it was time to head to the bus stop. *SIGHS* At least I did manage to get new stuff added and continue on from where I had left off in that document!
No, I still haven't added anything to the "base" of Chapters 2 and 3 that I had started a while ago, that is still on the "to do list" but there is no rush for it right now, I don't have half of the story written up yet, so I'll tackle that when things "gel" in my mind for it... Whenever that will be!
Hubby works tomorrow daytime and it's looking like there WILL be school for a change so I'm planning on taking the entire day to see if I can get a LOT of new stuff added to that story... Hopefully I'll have a very productive day tomorrow!
Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kicking the Caffeinated Soda Habit - UPDATE!

Yesterday was another milestone in my life... A good one but it took a long road for me to get where I am now.
Two years ago, I was finding I was having problems sleeping, my tachycardia and blood pressure were WAY out of whack and I was gaining weight like crazy... I started looking at every aspect of my lifestyle and realized that I was guzzling WAAAAAAAAAAY too much soda, notably caffeinated cola... I was addicted to the stuff and HAD to have it else I'd get the shakes and get snarky with everyone. I drank it pretty much from right after I had my morning coffee until midnight each day. I was drinking way too much of it.
I'm talking over one US GALLON of it a day, folks. That's 2 x 2L bottles of the stuff in ONE DAY on my own. There is over 8 tablespoons of sugar in ONE glass... Think about how many tablespoons of sugar I was guzzling in one day just by drinking that much regular soda! No wonder why I was gaining weight!
So I talked things over with my doctor and he said to cut back slowly, like cut out two or three large glasses of the stuff out per day a week until I was down to one small glass per day. He said that much wouldn't hurt me but I was scared that even having only one small glass of it would lead me back to being addicted to it again... 
So I decided to go cold turkey on the caffeinated soda. Hubby and I looked around for regular soda that didn't have caffeine in it to help me out but the only thing cola wise that we could find without caffeine in it was the decaffeinated DIET variety... So after thinking about it, I got a bottle of it to help fool the brain and taste buds into thinking I was drinking regular soda and started down the long road to breaking the habit.
At first it was horrible... I had the shakes, I was nauseated, I was snarking at everyone and I just was NOT feeling great at all. I was drinking the decaf diet stuff constantly but at first it didn't help me at all. I considered just giving up and going back to the addiction...
But I had so many people rooting for me... The instant I said I didn't think I could do it, I had people cheering me on... So many people from so many places telling me that I CAN do it, both in real life and on various boards/sites. 
It is thanks to EVERYONE's support that I managed to get through those first few VERY long weeks of breaking the addiction... Even though I no longer talk to some people who had cheered me on, I am very grateful for their help, as I'm very grateful for those whom I still talk to! If it wasn't for all of you who cheered me on or kicked me in the rear when I felt like I couldn't do it, I probably wouldn't have been able to kick the caffeinated soda habit... Seriously! In cases like this, the more support one gets, the better the chances they will succeed and I am thanking each and every single one of you who supported me... My family, my local friends, my online buddies (from places like MW, ESF, Sanctuary, PBF, Facebook, etc)... I can't thank y'all enough for being there and supporting me when I needed y'all the most! 
Two years later, I'm more healthy... I've probably reduced my sugar intake by 800%, my caffeine has reduced by over 1000% (I've also switched to half caff coffee so I don't guzzle caffeine that way!) and I've lost weight by giving up regular soda alone! I'm sleeping better at night, the frequency of my headaches has gone WAAAAAAAAAY down because I'm getting the sleep I need each night, my tachycardia and blood pressure have evened out and I'm feeling SO much better about myself! Yes, I do still drink soda but it's the decaf-diet stuff. Regular soda tastes TOO sweet and sickening to me these days... Diet (decaf) soda is more to my tastebud's liking believe it or not!
I can't believe I've done it... I never thought I could do this but I have... And if I can kick the regular cola habit, anything is possible! 
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone... I'll post another blog if I can get any new material added to Untitled #7 later today!