Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Editing: YECH! 
But it's a necessary evil for a writer or aspiring author like myself. In order to have the perfect story to hand over to a publisher, one has to do it constantly, to make sure everything is right on with grammar, punctuation, spelling, storyline, etc. 
Today saw another round of editing for me while Hubby was running errands. I took a good, long look at Chapters 7, 8 and 9 (what was the MMLTG file before splicing) and removed about a page worth of stuff that was not relevant to the storyline or seemed to go off on a tangent. I was also making sure it all "fit" with everything else ahead of it in the story. There were also a few changes here and there but not a lot otherwise.
I've been thinking about how to carry on in what is now Chapter 9 and slowly, ideas are coming to me... 
But I did have an idea hit me out of the blue while I was washing dishes earlier, an idea I was not expecting. It was something for the latter part of the first third of the book and I quickly wrote up the idea in my Ideas file for that particular story. It's going to take a LOT of work to do it right but I think I can do it when the time is right and inspiration hits me!
Tomorrow will be more editing for me and more mulling over ideas for Friday, which will be my next writing marathon day. I'm hoping to get at least a couple of pages written that day and maybe finish off Chapter 9 in the main manuscript file IF I can do it.
Next update will be when something major happens with the writing. Have a great night everyone! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Repairs & Renovations"

Today was another day that I had some time to myself in the house so I attacked Untitled #7 with a vengeance!
I had stayed up till 3 a.m. Saturday morning working on filling in that last bit of the gap between things in Chapter 6 and where I spliced in the MMLTG file so I'd have that out of the way for this week.
I should know better not to write after being up for more than 15 hours, especially on a day that I already had one heck of a writing marathon. The latter bit of the stuff I had written didn't feel right, nor did it completely "gel" with what was the MMLTG file (now chapters 7, 8 and part of 9) so today was spent rereading the ENTIRE main manuscript file from start to finish, taking out anything that wasn't working and filling in spots that needed extra stuff or putting in something I had forgotten to add that night while being half asleep or distracted by something else.
I managed to get that completely finished today and I even did an edit on (what is now) Chapters 7, 8 and 9 to see how it "fits" with everything that came before it in the main manuscript file. It only took me a few changes here and there but so far, it's fitting in nicely... I may make a few changes here and there in the future, like take out a couple of paragraphs where I kinda went off on a tangent (stuff about a nasty character) and add some stuff in to help make things flow more smoothly. 
So it's looking like Friday will see me continuing on in Chapter 9, from where I had left off in what was the MMLTG file and hopefully getting to the point where I can splice in the AST file sometime soon. I have a few ideas on what to have in that particular gap and will be doing the detailed outlines sometime later today or tomorrow, maybe Thursday morning, it all depends on when I can find the time to do it without interruptions! LOL 
I'm liking the way things are flowing in the story now... It seems ever since I made a few changes here and there, it lit a fire under my tush and it's motivating me to really dive into the writing every chance I get!
Have a wonderful week everyone! I'll update this blog after I do something major or after I have yet another writing marathon.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Blog!

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to let y'all know that I have started a new blog here on BlogSpot under this account... It's specifically for updates on my family's journey with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 
My son, whom I call "Lil Etoile" in my blogs, was diagnosed with Autism Disorder in 2008 and I've been documenting his journey since 2010 in my blogs and various sites. Since I'm able to have more than one blog here in BlogSpot and I want to keep that separate from my writings/main blog, I thought I'd set up another blog under this account just for that purpose.
The new blog is located at Unlocking A Child's Mind and I'll be including the link to it in my Links section here... Just like I have the link to this blog in the Links section on that blog. 
I will warn y'all that some of the entries there are going to be very long and somewhat tedious but if I can help one family or person out there with autism spectrum disorder, my job is done. I will say that all of the techniques, etc I use to help my son will not work for everyone and that anyone who has a child with ASD or has ASD themselves should find what works right for them. Everyone with ASD is different and will react differently to different things, so please keep that in mind when you're reading that blog.
I hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend and see you sometime later this week with another writing update!

Friday, March 23, 2012

"Jigsaw Puzzles and Tons of Coffee"...

Finally, a full day to work on my writing has come and gone again and I find myself getting closer and closer to finishing draft #1, even though there is still a lot of stuff to add to it at this point. 
I haven't done a lot of writing the last couple of weeks due to March break and both of the guys being around a lot, but I was still working on things for Untitled #7, stuff I can easily do while the guys were watching TV, when my son was drumming or if my husband was talking. I've been doing research on a lot of the towns, etc that I will be mentioning in the story and I've also driven around to different spots like Lunenburg and Liverpool, getting pictures and gathering as much information that I can for adding to Untitled #7. Anyone who has my main profile on their Facebook friends list can see pics of places like Mahone Bay, Lunenburg, Blue Rocks, etc and those are the same pictures I am using as references to describe those towns, etc. I do have more "information gathering" trips planned for the future and will be updating y'all on those as time goes on.
Today was pretty productive. Since I hadn't had a lot of chances for rereads, etc, I reread the entire main manuscript file from start to finish, making changes/editing things here and there and adding things in to spots that needed a little more while taking some things out that wasn't relevant to the story itself.
I am now in the final stages of closing that gap between where the Main manuscript links up with the MMLTG file, and although I did kind of jump the gun again and spliced it in already, I caught it right away and am now filling in that gap with a few things that are very relevant to how the story progresses.
After I am finished that, and I hope to be sometime tonight or over the weekend, I will be editing what was the MMLTG file to "fit" how the story has progressed to that point in the main manuscript file. The way I write is something like a jigsaw puzzle... I write up different parts and "put" them together, making sure everything flows smoothly between each part and making sure everything lines up with what has gone down before each part as well as what comes afterwards in the storyline. Sometimes it's a hard thing to do but most of the time, this way of writing works for me... I find I get very confused and frustrated if I try writing something from start to finish and will lose ideas for scenes if I don't write them up when I think of them!
I'm not sure on today's word count... I had added so much stuff in, taken a lot out and have switched so many things around that it is almost impossible to find out. I do know it's well up over 2000 words, if not closer to 3000, and that's the stuff that was added AFTER I had made some changes, did some editing, etc!!! I do know the page count jumped from about 45, 46 pages to close to 70 with the new material and the MMLTG file added in (even though it was too early to do that yet! *grumble!!*)
Productive day or what? I'm going to try to stay up late and see if I can wrap up closing that blasted gap and finally get to where the MMLTG file is SUPPOSED to go in the main manuscript. I want this DONE before the weekend is over, so I'm ready for the next full day writing marathon, and so I can edit the MMLTG file to fit the story perfectly!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bridging the Gap: Take Two!

Yesterday was classed as another "writing marathon" day even though I had taken some time off to do some other things, like call a dear friend and talk for over an hour (she knew I was in a writing fog and understood that I wouldn't be overly focused, Love Ya Y!!) and keep an eye on Sanctuary for a while before going offline to fully concentrate on writing.
Yesterday's work focused on once again, bridging that dratted gap between the beginning of the Main Manuscript file and the stuff I had spliced in prematurely back in the fall when I rushed through Chapters 2 and 3. I'm certainly NOT rushing now, in fact I think I may have gone the opposite way and am taking TOO much time building up to more significant things, like the leading characters' first kiss, etc. 
I've been going through the main manuscript file today and am seeing that I do have a tendency to drag things out a little bit, and I may cut back a little on descriptions, etc so I don't bore the reader. Finding that balance between not describing things and going overboard in the description seems to be hard for me at the moment, but I will find it one of these days... I just have to be patient, that's all! LOL
I'm almost done Chapter 4 in the main manuscript. I managed to get another 3300+ words added in yesterday even with distractions but that number may drop. I tried working on it after my husband and son went to bed and wound up writing some stuff that would lead to the first kiss... But I don't feel right having that done right now. I'm thinking I should wait and have things happen as I had originally planned for the main characters and not over-think things like I have been doing the last couple of days. 
I'm also looking at the MMLTG file, thinking that 19 pages worth of stuff is *probably* too much, even though that part is almost finished and I'm on the verge of splicing the AST file into that document so I can splice everything into the Main Manuscript file as one document when the time comes... And I should be splicing that in sometime within the next couple of months at the rate I'm going! 
I'm editing/rereading the stuff I wrote yesterday today and if I can do it, I'm going to see if I can add a little more even though Son is home and he's in one of his "hyper" moods. Hopefully I am able to get an hour or so worth of work on it today. If not, back to research or just editing, IF the cats and Son cooperate that is!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Out of the Blue...

Sorry I haven't been updating this blog a lot lately everyone. It seems real life had gotten a little crazy here and I haven't had much time to write since my last update.
Sometimes things can hit you out of the blue. In my case it was something for Untitled #7 that happens about 7/8 of the way through the story and I had to get it down before I lost it, which has happened way too many times in the past.
What hit me was some dialogue between the main characters, an argument to be exact. I can't go into detail on why they were arguing because that would give at least part of the story away (and I'm pretty private on what the storylines for my writings are!), but I will say that my fingers were not as fast as my brain was going at one point and I had to backtrack things in my mind several times to get it all down the way I wanted it.
I don't know the word count for tonight's quick writing... I had to write it up in script form to get it down before I lost it. It's not even a page long but it's only dialogue and will have the actions, the feelings, etc, added to it in the future. 
Last night I DID get more added to Chapter 4 by the way... 650 words worth and two hours of writing after Son crashed and I was waiting for Hubby to get home from work. Not a lot but it's better than nothing. *winks* I'm hoping to get more done this week and I hope things go back to NORMAL here at the house so I can dive back into my work!
I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend and we have LESS than three weeks to go until Spring arrives! WOOT! :)