Thursday, May 31, 2012


It's Thursday... I haven't had my all day writing marathon this week yet, but there is still a LOT happening in the world of Veridian's writing...
Hubby wasn't home for part of the day yesterday and today so I managed to get four solid hours of writing time in, which resulted in almost 8 pages worth of new material added and some major changes/refitting ahead.
A lot of you know I've been struggling to get the MMG file written up because it was going to go into the story right after where I'll be splicing in the MCEWCA file and I wanted to show exactly what happens to both the leading lady and leading man during the next few years of their lives. This past week, I tried working on it again and nothing came to me. The darn thing has had different parts of it written up, 86'ed and rewritten so many times I am really surprised there is ANYTHING in that file at all right now! *SIGHS* I kept changing how the leading lady meets someone who turns out to be extremely special to her, his profession, and a LOT of other things and it just wasn't working. So after doing some soul searching and a LOT of thinking about it, I have come to a very big decision...
The MMG file has been completely scrapped. I will *NOT* be using it at all. Instead, I'm going to jump right to the part of the story where the leading characters meet up again and go from there, but with a LOT of flashbacks to the "missing years" in it... I'm not going to share exactly *what* is included in those years other than the leading lady finishes her doctorate (in what, only me and a few select others know!), the leading man moves up in the world and when they meet up again (and not necessarily by chance!), let's just say that a lot of things have changed!
I'm thinking that this way of doing it will not only save ME a ton of frustration in the end but will make it less tedious for the reader when/IF I get this darn thing finished and published! I have guessed that what I have 86'ed will cut about 10 to 15 chapters out of the final product, maybe a little less because I will be writing up flashback scenes and I plan to have a number of those scattered throughout the latter part of the story.
I'm already getting ideas for the flashbacks and how I'm going to set some of the things up so things are starting to flow for the last part of the story at least. 
I'm also working on closing that dratted gap in the first part of the story. I'm almost finished the first draft of Chapter 13 and I hope to finish that tomorrow, and get Chapter 14 underway. Chapter 13 has a MAJOR event in it and Chapter 14 does as well, but... Well, y'all will find out exactly what happens where after the darn thing is published! LOL And NO, I will not be sharing if/when I send it out to a publisher here, I'll be sharing that AFTER I get word that it'll be published!
I'm happy with how well things are progressing... It seems each time I make a huge change, the creativity flows even better and more ideas start popping into my head! I just wish I had had more time to work on this when I had the original idea hit me but sometimes life doesn't work out the way one wants it to... So I've been sucking it up and working on it every chance I can get nowadays and who knows, maybe it'll turn out better in the end because I have been fighting so hard to get this done!
I'll be back tomorrow with another update if I get more written up. :)
Happy belated birthday to my Son, who turned 8 years old on May 29th!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

"Late Night Revisions and Additions"

Never underestimate your own ability to do whatever you set your mind to...
I had mentioned yesterday in my writing update that I was going to see if I could work on Chapter 12 and see where the break for Chapter 13 would go after the guys went to bed. 
I had gotten off the computer around 8:15 or so, let my son play some computer games (he was driving me crazy, screaming for computer time pretty much since he got home from school and I finally gave in!) but ideas for Untitled #7 were still bouncing around my head while I watched Jeopardy!, talked with my husband and had some cuddle time with our fluffy white kitty. I inputted some of the ideas into the memos area on my cell phone and the instant the guys went to bed, I fired up my word processor and started working.
I had gotten a few ideas on how to expand Chapter 12... While I was away from the computer, I realized I had rushed things along... Again!... and needed to add in a couple of "necessary" descriptions I had forgotten to do in that chapter. I made a few changes at the beginning of the chapter, added a LOT of things and continued on from there. 
After rereading the rest of the chapter, I realized it needed some tweaking here and there, so I made a few changes... Took some stuff out, added in a few things and managed to get a lot of it up to my insanely high standards for my work! I also decided that having the chapter break for where chapter 13 begins would be in a different area because what leads up to the huge event in this part should be together in ONE chapter instead of being spread out over 2 or three. Since the lead up to that had already been started at the end of Chapter 12 when I stopped writing yesterday afternoon (Son was on his way home when I set it aside), I decided that ALL of the lead up to the event will be in C13 and edited everything before and after where I inserted the chapter break so everything would flow smoothly and would fit in with it perfectly.
The upshot of it is, Chapter 12 is pretty much on par length wise with every other chapter, minus chapter 1 (which as we all know is the shortest chapter!).
I will say that with the expansion, things went from "racy" to more "detailed". I wasn't expecting that to happen BUT since I decided to go with the flow and write instead of sticking to a strict outline, I did it and it seems to work okay right now.
Unfortunately I can't edit Chapter 12 as long as my son is near the computer... It's not exactly fit for youngsters' eyes and I'll have to wait to do a reread/edit on it at a time when he's either busy playing video games/watching TV or in school, AWAY from the computer, so he won't see anything he should not be seeing!
I finally gave up working around 2:30 a.m. my time... I would have loved to continue working on it but I had been up since about 5 a.m. that morning and my eyes were starting to tell me I had been staring at the monitor a little too much!
I don't know if I'll be 86ing anything I wrote last night out of the manuscript or not at this point... Sometimes it seems that the late night writing binges wind up being taken out or changed and I'm hoping I don't have to do that. I'll have to see. Thank the stars I'm NOT on a deadline to have this thing done!
It was a day where I added ELEVEN pages worth of new material, and although I'm not sure about word count, I do know it's up over 6000 words. It was one of my best days yet and the more I write, the more I'm inspired to write and get this story's first draft finished and get it sent to a publisher!
I'm hoping to get at least an extra day's worth of writing/working time this week... The more writing time I get in now the better, summer vacation is coming up pretty quickly, meaning I won't have a lot of opportunities to write and will be chomping at the monitor until September rolls around again!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, May 25, 2012


Today was "writing day" for me and things are going pretty good with Untitled #7...
I wasn't sure how to start off Chapter 12 but after a quick reread/edit of Chapter 11 (keep in mind I "compressed" Chapters 8 and 9 into one chapter!) I found the right direction to go and proceeded from there.
Luckily things went so smoothly that I had written a LOT more than I had hoped to today, despite getting started an hour later than I had planned... I managed to get the majority of Chapter 12 written up and I'm hoping to finish it after the guys go to bed or sometime over the weekend if I can get a couple of hours' worth of quiet time by myself.
I know this is getting into the realm of "Non PG13" stuff but I will say that from the end of one of the chapters on, things get a "racy" by times... I don't go into "in your face" detail with most of it but I do describe "some" of it. *winks* Not saying what, how or where, etc here but y'all get the idea...*winks*
What I wrote today was over six pages long, had some dialogue into it and a lot of descriptions... I'm pleased with it but want to keep writing. I just reread what I wrote today and am wanting to get this DRATTED chapter finished so I can proceed on to the next one! Chapter 12 is going to be a shorter one compared to all but Chapter 1 but it's looking like Chapter 13 is going to have a HUGE event in it, and I want to have at least a FULL chapter for it, meaning I have to do the break soon or else have C12 to be twice as long as the other chapters!
I'm still bouncing around ideas and have come up with some for a chapter or two down the road from where I am now in the main manuscript. Things are looking good so far and I'm hoping I don't have to 86 any more crap from the main manuscript at this point in time. If I have to do it I will but I'm hoping it won't come to that!
Have a lovely weekend everyone... And if you're in the States, have a great Memorial Day! Love to all!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

"86ing and Compressions... Again"

I've been "taking out some trash" again...
It never ceases to amaze me just how much stuff I will write up that gets 86ed... 
I had added a villain to Untitled #7, one that seems nice to some of the characters but the reader would have known that this one isn't exactly all they seemed to be. I was going to have it so that the character caused a LOT of trouble for the main characters in the story but would get their just desserts in the end, at the hands of the leading man.
After reading the main manuscript file for what seemed like the millionth time, I started thinking and the character wasn't really going anywhere, plus it just seemed to "weigh down" the entire story and made it drag.
So last night, I made a huge decision and started 86ing everything about this character... From their intro to any references to it in the rest of the story. By the time I was finished, over SIX pages worth of stuff was removed and Chapter 8 (where the character was introduced) had shrunk to barely two pages. The stuff I "chopped" is now in a file specially set up for anything I remove from the manuscript, which includes anything from the files that will be spliced in sometime in the future.
After adding a shorter scene to replace the huge one I had removed, I combined what was Chapter 8 and 9 to make "Chapter 8" and have changed the chapter breaks to match it all.
The main manuscript now stands at 11 full chapters. Where I left off in that file is now at the end of Chapter 11 instead of at the end of Chapter 12.
I still have a lot of work to do in the areas I did the "chopping" but the story seems to move along much better and doesn't drag quite so much.
The story's beginning has a lot of conflict in it as it is with one character, a relative of the leading lady and there will be another one added in sometime soon, so having a third villain didn't seem logical and the reader would think that I'm nuts for adding yet another villain into the story after everything that's happening at this point anyway! 
I took some of the characteristics of this now 86'ed villain and added them to the first one so the reader despises this one even more and so it causes more conflict where I wasn't going to have any.
I'm also thinking about switching a few things around in the main manuscript so one sees the conflict almost right away instead of having it drag out yet again.
So the main file is now down to 92 pages instead of 98 but I'm sure that number will increase when I get back to filling in the gap between what is now the end of Chapter 11 and the MCEWCA file, and then some! LOL
I admit that yes, I do get frustrated with myself for writing up a bunch of garbage that I wind up 86ing in time but I do have to remember that Rome wasn't built in a day, and perfection takes time! I'm glad I'm not on a deadline with this story else I'd probably wind up sending in crap and that's the last thing I want to do!
I'll probably be attacking the story again this coming week if time and circumstances work out in my favor. I want everything I did last night fixed ASAP so I can move forward and finish closing the chasm between the end of chapter 11 and the MCEWCA file so I can move on with the rest of the story!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Friday, May 18, 2012


It has been one HECK of a week for me... 
I'm sitting here staring at Untitled #7 and once again, seeing just how far that story has come along in the last year or so, and how much closer I am to my goal of finishing it by 2014.
I still can't believe I'm moving right along with it, even if progress is slow sometimes... I can't write every day but when I do get a chance to work on it, it's utter MAGIC I swear!
In yesterday's blog, I mentioned that there was a gap in the main manuscript between where I left off in Chapter 12 and the MCEWCA file that I had finished yesterday, the gap was also where the FLSD2 file was going to be spliced in. Well, that gap was bugging the dickens out of me so I reread/edited Chapters 10, 11 and the first part of Chapter 12 so I could get back on track and wound up getting a few ideas on how to bring the story up to where the FLSD2 file will go in. 
I only had a shorter day today due to Hubby working until noon instead of 3 p.m. but once I got down to working on it, things progressed pretty quickly!
I wasn't sure on how to get there so after bouncing around a few ideas, I found something that worked and HUZZAH!, I now have the FLSD2 file spliced in, edited AND I've continued on AFTER it, which wraps up Chapter 12!!
I would have kept going but by the time I was done writing that part up, it was noon time and I knew Hubby would be home any time, meaning I wouldn't be able to work due to that !@#$%^&* TV being on and such. *rolling eyes* So I stopped for the day and got ready to run some errands instead.
I'm getting ideas on what else to put in that gap between the end of Chapter 12 and the MCEWCA/MMG files... I think it may be more than 5 or 6 chapters' worth of stuff because I still have a LOT of ground to cover, but I'll see how things go as things progress. I was also looking at a part that I may 86, it's not as relevant to the story as I had originally thought... I'll have to think about that and see if I want to expand on it or not. If not, I'll take it out to compress the story and make it move along more smoothly.
Three days worth of writing this week... I can't believe it! It's been one of my more productive weeks in the last while and I'm very pleased! I'm worn out, mentally and physically but that's normal... One night's worth of solid sleep and I'll be fine!
I've been going through the files and seeing how much I have done for first drafts of this story and realized that I'm about 1/3 of the way done... I thought I was a LOT less than that, probably because I have so many different scenes written up in files other than the main manuscript and I was just going by that alone!
I'm not sure how many words are in the story (combined files) but I'm sure I'll meet my goal of 100,000 words and then some at the rate I'm going!! 
I haven't edited what I wrote today just yet due to time restrictions and the fact that I only got home an hour ago (I've been busy getting caught up!) but I'm thinking about doing that shortly while Son is distracted by his game console and before he starts wanting me to play music on the computer so he can drum.
It's the official start of the Summer Season here in Nova Scotia and I hope all of my fellow Canadians have a safe, fun and happy Victoria Day weekend!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Today was another great day for me... Another milestone has been reached!
The first draft of the MCEWCA file is officially DONE as of 2:10 p.m. Atlantic Time! *THUD!!* 
Five hours, five pages and 3397 words today alone, it's DONE and I will be ready to do ANOTHER splice in the near future!!
The MCEWCA file happens right before the MMG file... But the MMG file needs some work and new stuff added to it before I can get the two combined into one larger (make that HUGE!) file to splice into the main manuscript file. The main manuscript file is almost up to the point where I can splice the MCEWCA file into it, I'm thinking about 5 or so more chapters to go in the main file before that happens... Yeah, I have a gap that needs to be filled before I can do a splice there! LOL I'm hoping to start attacking that tomorrow morning if I can figure out how to close the gap between where I left off in Chapter 12, the FLSD2 file (yes, yet another splice to be done!) and then the combined files of the MCEWCA and MMG files! That will cover probably close to half of the story once everything is written up and added in, if not more than that!! *BLINKS!*
I'm starting to bounce around ideas for the MMG file now because that does need some work and since I'll be splicing that in hopefully before school gets out at the end of June, or over the summer, and I really want to get this *CENSORED* story finished as soon as I can! Ideas for the stuff that happens after the MMG file are starting to flow too but they are more vague right now... They'll come to me when the time is right. :)
You know, I look back on the past year and see how much the writing has progressed. A year ago, I barely had anything written up for Untitled #7, barely ten pages worth and some of it was 86'ed or rewritten, even though the original idea for it came to me in June of 2010, and now I'm closing in on having the first third of its first draft out of the way. I'm not going to say why it has taken me two years to get to this point when I should have been past it long before now, but I will say that I will never make that mistake again. I learned the lesson, big time!, and am now happy focusing my attention on Sanctuary and MW, my family, my true friends, my pets and of course, my writing. I've come a very long way this past year and I'm glad to finally see something go into the past for good while I move forward with my life... I missed out on so much but now that I once again have my head on straight, I'm seeing the forest again, the bloody trees are no longer getting in my way!
Have a great Thursday everyone... I'll be back soon with yet another writing update!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bridging Another Gap and a Happy Dance!!!

As the title states, I am one very happy little writer at the moment!
Hubby decided that he was going to run some errands and go spend some time with some of his various friends today, which meant that I had a few unexpected hours of alone time at the house.
In my previous blog entry, I talk about a huge confrontation between two characters that would bridge the gap between the MCE and the C&A files... Since Hubby left so early this morning and told me he wasn't sure what time he'd be home, I decided to see if I can get that out of the way because it's been driving me bonkers these last few days since I worked my way up to that part this past Friday. 
Today, amongst a LOT of kitty insanity (I was fit to shove both cats outside at one point!), a longtime friend calling and my own body rebelling against me for guzzling so much coffee, I managed to get the ENTIRE confrontation written up, edited the C&A file to fit and got it all spliced together in what I will call the MCEWCA file!! It's only three pages worth, mostly dialogue, and it took me a LOT of thinking to get it all done just right, but it's done and off the "to write" list finally!! *THUD!* 
I'm happy because I have wanted to get this done for almost a week and today was my first chance to get it DONE and move on in either the main manuscript file or another part of the story... Already ideas are forming for the part that happens after what was the C&A file so I'll probably be working on that tomorrow while Hubby's working (day shift) and maybe into Friday... It all depends on how far I get tomorrow! LOL
Hubby and Son are home now so I'm going to put off doing another reread/edit on it until the morning, when my brain will be fresh and so I don't have to worry about so many distractions, other than the cats that is! *giggles!* I'll probably go to bed nice and early tonight so I can be well rested and ready to go as soon as Son is on the bus tomorrow!
Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Coffee, Cats, Computer and Word Processor!!!

Afternoon everyone!
It was another productive day in my writing world...
After my usual "catch up with things online" stuff this morning, I opened the file for Untitled #7's documents and started reading through them to see which one would "click" for me to work on today. Nothing was coming to me where I left off in Chapter 12 of the main manuscript file, nor did anything in the MMG file or other parts for the latter part of the story. I opened what I worked on last week, the MCE file, and started working on that from where I had left off last Friday.
Despite a LOT of distractions, like the cats driving me BONKERS and me taking an hour off to watch a rerun of North of 60 (Cdn drama, ran from 1992-1997), I managed to get over 3100 words added and six pages worth of new stuff added! I made a few changes, wrote up an outline for this next part, and got typing away.
I am now almost ready to splice the C&A file into the MCE file... I have a HUGE confrontation between a couple of the characters to write up before I'll be ready to splice that in... I will probably need an entire day to write that up, because it's going to be one HECK of a screaming match... Fur flies in it and a lot of figurative "blood" will be shed, so the more time I have to write that up the better! I'm going to have to really think about what they say to each other, who draws first blood, who fires back and how things progress to where the C&A file starts off, etc. This part takes place at the end of the first third of the story, so anyone that knows the plot (YE, P, T!) has a general idea of what's happening at this point and knows that this was on the way for this part of the story.
I'm tired, even though I drank about 10 cups of half caff coffee, my eyes are more than tangled and I'm worn out but I'm pleased things went as well as they did today. I still have to do a LOT of editing on the stuff I added in today but such is life in a writer's world after all.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone... And Happy Mother's Day to my mom and to all mothers out there!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Live Music - Two Local Bands Kick A**!!

Last night was awesome to say the least!

There was a 12 hour memorial jam for a friend of mine's son who passed away too soon... Bands from the local area dedicated their time and music to show their support for the young man and his family.

The entire jam started at 1 p.m. Atlantic time at a local fire hall, but due to real life (read: Son won't stay with a baby sitter!) I didn't make it until later that evening. I got there just before Billion Dollar Alice (an Alice Cooper Tribute) went on stage and hung out with the guys of my favorite local band while BDA was doing their set.

Billion Dollar Alice is awesome! Their lead singer even looks like Alice Cooper and sounds a LOT like him when singing! Their set was out of this world! I know some of Cooper's music but mostly his stuff from the 80s, this group did a lot of his stuff from the 70s but it was still a great set. The musicians were good, and combined with the singer's vocals, it really upped the bar for any acts to follow.

After their set, the band I wanted to see live finally got on stage...

I've mentioned Whom Gods Destroy plenty of times before, and anyone who knows me from Facebook and MW know I've known all three members of this power trio for years (over 20!) and am one of their biggest fans.

This was their first LIVE gig and despite some technical difficulties, I think it went wonderfully! Adam (lead singer/drummer) kicked butt with his vocals, Tim (guitarist) blew the house away with his amazing guitar riffs and Eli (bassist) really punched in the most awesome bass line. They performed six original songs... "The Woes of Atlas", "Devil on Your Shoulder", "Warman", "Tears of My Immortal Soul", "Sea of Tears", "Whom Gods Destroy" and "Signs of Life". (IF I made a mistake in the set list, someone PLEASE message me in FB and I'll correct it!)

For a very first live gig, it was wonderful in my opinion! It was loud, the way metal music SHOULD be in my mind, the music kicked a**, and all in all, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, snapping pictures and videos of the guys and singing along with all of the songs. 

I wound up sitting right in front of the one speaker and can't really hear out of my left ear right now but it was worth it! I ran into some old friends there too, and it was great to see every single one of them! I sat with the guitarist's girlfriend and an old school friend of mine while WGD was doing their set.

After WGD was finished, the guys and I went outside for some cooler and fresher air (it was HOT in the hall!) and had a smoke with Adam while they dissected their performance and asked me how they sounded. I could be biased considering I've known all three of them for years, but to me, they sounded great and did a wonderful job! 

The pics from their performance and two from Billion Dollar Alice's performance are now up in my main Facebook profile... Visible to friends of friends so anyone who knows the guys can see the pictures too. I do apologize for the quality, some are blurry and they're pretty dark, but the flash on my camera isn't working so I did what I could with it.

All in all it was a wonderful performance by two of our local metal bands... And I hope to see both groups have continued success in their future endeavors! All the best, guys!

A couple of pictures from Whom Gods Destroy's set last night:

Y'all did a wonderful job... Thanks for rocking the house and showing off how great your band is guys!

To my readers, I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend and keep rocking!

Friday, May 4, 2012


This was one of those weeks that the creative juices were flowing... Sometimes a little too fast for the fingers!
Yesterday was the first time I had the house COMPLETELY to myself in about 2 weeks... Hubby ran errands in the morning and I dived into Untitled #7 before he was out of the driveway. At first, I was only going to write up outlines, etc., but after reading the outlines I wrote up on Tuesday between things, I decided to see if I could get a scene started before Hubby came home. 
I worked on it for two hours and got it halfway finished... When Hubby went to pick up Son for a doctor's appointment, I was right back into it... I even managed to wrap up the part I had started that morning! Code name: MCE.
Yesterday's work is probably a full chapter, a shorter one, but a full one nonetheless. It covers part of the latter part of the first third of the story and I'm slowly building up to where I'll be splicing in the C&A file... WHEN I get the first part of that done anyway! LOL
Today started out slowly... I edited what I wrote up yesterday and was going to work on bridging the gap from where I left off in Chapter 12 (Main manuscript) and the FLSD2 file I'm going to splice in very soon but that wasn't working for me today... So after rereading/editing the MCE file, ideas for how to continue on with that hit me, which lead to being buried in that for a full 4 1/2 hours and most of the of the following chapter finished.
All in all, it's been a 6,000+ word week (almost 7,000 actually!), with over 12 pages of new material added!! No wonder why my brain is mush right now!
Tomorrow, Hubby is working but Son will be home so no writing for me... I may sneak in a little editing time during the daytime though... I plan on attending a memorial/benefit jam tomorrow night, my brothers in law's band will be performing late tomorrow evening, and I want to be there so I can cheer for them and show them that they rock! There's also another metal band playing right before them so I may go early to listen to that too. An Alice Cooper tribute and WGD (BILs' band)? I'm soooooooooooo there!!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"SNAMUs and Other Stuff"

Well, it's been an interesting couple of weeks, I'll say that much...
Last week didn't see me getting anything new added to Untitled #7. Heck, it's been a very dry couple of weeks writing wise for me, period... Stress had me just about ripping my hair out, there was drama all over Facebook by times and I was fit to start shooting people by the time the weekend of the 22nd was over!!
Last Monday, we had a major storm here, a Nor'Easter, that was all rain and wind. Around 8 p.m. or so, my son was playing Rocket Bowl on the computer like he always does if he has a great day at school and all of a sudden, the power flickered on and off about six times... Fast enough that I couldn't get to the computer to shut it down properly before it went out completely for a few hours. We wound up sitting in the living room with a kerosene lantern, the TV hooked up to a car battery via a converter we have for emergencies and a very upset little boy. 
After Son went to bed, I sat in my comfy armchair reading and talking to Hubby while the lantern burned brightly off to my right side for a couple of hours. By 10:30, the lights were back on and I stayed up for a bit to make sure it was going to stay on. The kerosene lantern was put out and put away and we thought the worst of it all was over.
Me and my big yap.........
There were two major repercussions from that night. The next morning, I got up, started up the computer and did my usual thing on a school day morning... I checked Sanctuary, caught up on Facebook and other spots and just hung out with my friends for a while. Around 9:30 or so, I was exhausted so I shut the computer down, went upstairs for a nap, and Hubby did too. 
He came down around 1 p.m. or so and I slept until he woke me about half an hour later. When I came down the stairs, he told me he tried turning on the computer to check his email but nothing was appearing on the monitor screen...
I fired up the computer myself and sure enough, he was right. However I did hear the chimes that Vista makes when it starts up so I knew there was nothing wrong with the sound card or from what I could tell, the motherboard or hard drive... So I double checked ALL connections on the computer and determined that the video card had some problems, or possibly croaked after I shut it down earlier that day. I called various computer stores where they have technicians and after talking to one at my main place to buy techie stuff, they said I should bring it in for a diagnostic just to be sure it is the video card and nothing else.
I decided to run it up that very afternoon... Then the second repercussion from the night before hit me square in the face.
I was putting on my makeup and saw something odd on the right hand side of my eye... There was a huge blister in the membrane alongside of my cornea (not on the cornea itself, thankfully!) and the eye was red in the area surrounding it. The blister was filled with a clear, yellow-tinged fluid. It was gross looking but didn't hurt, it was more annoying than anything.
The computer went in for its diagnostic, which took about 10 hours to do according to the computer technician I talked to, and we visited my mom, who was visiting my aunt and uncle for a week... Mom let me use her laptop to update everyone on Facebook and Sanctuary what was happening and then we let my son play Bejeweled on it while I chatted with Mom and my aunt and Hubby talked to my uncle and my aunt's father who lives with them.
Wednesday rolled around and no computer for me, it felt weird not to have it here. I didn't hook up my old 1993 Pentium because it's a pain to do so... I read a lot that day, went to the doctor and started getting prices on new computers, just in case. The place where the computer was having its diagnostic does have a lot of nice systems but they were kind of priced a little high for what they were. I looked around other spots and found better computers for a lot less and Hubby and I said we would get one from a department store, which was about $100 less than the computer stores' cheapest system, and it was a lot more powerful... It is basically the up to date version of what I have now, and it's a nice computer. I really didn't want to give up on my old Acer just yet and since we didn't have the verdict from the computer store yet, we didn't purchase anything. I did see another, nicer system than that one at the local business supply/computer store for $30 more than the department store one, and I was pretty much drooling when I was reading its specs. I got into a nice long conversation there with one of the gentlemen who works there, and it turned out that with that system, I would have to get another case for it... You see, that particular computer was not only short, it was narrow... Too narrow to have a dial up modem installed into it, meaning I'd have to pay extra to get the guys to install its innards into a new case or even the case I have for my current system, if things would have fit that is. We also discussed various things that can go wrong with computers and this gentleman was impressed that although I have no formal training, I know more than the average consumer about computers... I've rebuilt several computers from the operating system up, including my own (3 times last year!) and baby my computer along even in the best of times. My computer is my window to the world, and where I spend a lot of my time even if I'm offline... As y'all know I write, and I am hoping that once #7 is finished and polished (a LOT), to send it off to a publisher. Thank the stars for memory sticks and CD's, that's all I'm saying! LOL They do data transfers at this place for a small fee so I would have been able to get ALL of my documents, etc put on to the new system, even if I purchase it from another store, so I would have it all even if I didn't have all of it on memory sticks and that would have saved me a lot of work! LOL Hubby said we would go there for it and to heck with my regular computer place... Except for diagnostics, their fees, prices, etc are a little too steep and the computer techs there get really defensive if someone without formal training like me comes in and tells them they know more than the average computer user out there.
Thursday dawned without word from the technicians about my computer. Hubby was working and Son went to school so I decided to veg on my armchair with Noelle on my lap and have a CSI on DVD marathon. I was ticked because I couldn't write, which I was really looking forward to, but decided to just wing it and hoped the news would be good for a change. 10:30 a.m. rolled around and I got a call from the computer technician... Seems I was right all along, it was the video card! Turns out that even though the card is internal (meaning its integrated right into the motherboard), I could get an external one installed (one that is a full sized card like a dial up modem!) and it would be an easy fix for the guys to do. I told them to do it and that my husband would pick it up. All in all, everything included, it was under $70 which is a LOT cheaper than it would have been to purchase another system and get it set up!
I was back on the computer and back online before 5 p.m. that night. My mentor, P, was very excited to see me back online and everyone was happy to know that I didn't have to get another system!
So far, things seem to be working good... The video card is working perfectly, according to my own mini diagnostics here at home, nothing has been corrupted, etc from the computer techs' diagnostics and they even went and updated my antiviral program for me, free of charge, so I wouldn't have to spend hours downloading three days' worth of updates on the dial up connection. (Thanks guys!) I'm zipping around my usual spots as always, having fun with my friends, and just savoring having my computer back.
My eye is back to normal too, there are still one or two bright red vessels showing up in the corner of my eye but they are fading fast and my vision is perfect (with corrective lenses that is!). I don't have any pain, nor is there anything irritating it. I'm just glad it was nothing serious!
Looking back, I'm now wondering if this was the universe's way of telling me I needed a break... You see, this all started not long after a bunch of drama and other bull funky started up on Facebook and it had me VERY stressed out. I was told by Hubby and others I needed a break, several times over the last few weeks, and it just seemed everything fell into place for me to take one... Even though I really did NOT want one! LOL By the time I returned on Thursday, everything had settled down and was peaceful, thank the stars. There has been a little drama here and there but not like there had been, thankfully.
I'm hoping to finally get some writing time this week... Hubby works one day shift during the regular school week so you KNOW I'm going to be buried in Untitled #7 that day! I'm pretty much taking chunks out of the monitor from wanting to write so badly, I'm chomping on it that much! LOL
Have a wonderful week everyone... I'm hoping this week is much better than the last two have been!
If any of you out there celebrate Beltane, I hope your celebration is peaceful and wonderful!