Monday, June 25, 2012

"S.W.T.: Summer Writing Time"

It's official: 
School is out for the summer, minus "report card" day that is!
Son had a wonderful last day with his teacher's aide and we're sad to say good bye to her. She was with him for the last two years and they adore one another. I'm not expecting her to be with his class this upcoming year, all I can hope for is that next year's TA will be half as good as Mrs. O was with Son.
Today marks the official start of "SWT", Summer Writing Time... I did get some done today, a shorter scene, but after today, most of the writing I'll be doing will be after the guys go to bed at night and if Hubby takes Son out shopping or bowling for the day. It's going to hard for me to adjust for a while but hopefully I should have no problems with it as long as the ideas keep flowing and I get enough sleep!
Today also marks the last day I will be online in the ultra early mornings until September... Normally I would get up at 5:30 my time to wake up, get things ready and have Son out by the bus stop by 7:15, but now I won't be coming on until at least 7 a.m. or sometime later in the day, depending on if I had a late night writing marathon or if my husband is working, meaning I will be getting up with Son in the mornings. Since he doesn't sleep in past 6:30 most mornings, it won't be a stretch for me to say I'll be around about 7 or so some days! LOL
The lunch box, his book bag and everything school related are put away for the summer and now it's a case of waiting for his "grade 2" list to come in the mail so we know what he needs for his new grade, his new classroom and everything else. He does need new indoor sneakers and possibly another winter coat but those can be purchased in August before school starts, there is no rush for it now. We've retired this year's communication folder and I'm now starting to prepare the next entry in my Journey with Autism diary/blog, which should be up by the middle of July... I hope. I'm also thinking ahead to what we can do some of the days that I'm not wanting to write or when he's home and I can't work on my story... We can't go anywhere on days Hubby works because we're still down to one car but the days he is home and I don't want to write, there are so many things we can do... Go bowling, visit my mother in law and brother in law, day trips to the Annapolis Valley to see my family, day trips around the western end of the province and maybe even a trip to the Wildlife Park/Sanctuary in Shubenacadie. So many ideas, so little time!
Tonight, I hope to at least do some editing on what I wrote up today and get a little more written up in NR... I also have a few more ideas bouncing around in my head and may write up one of them this week. Tomorrow night, I hope to do the same thing, I have to keep up with this after all, this story is still NOT leaving me alone whatsoever!
Anyway, I hope all students out there have a great summer vacation! I know a lot of the students in other countries have a much different schedule than we do here in Canada but it's still summer vacation in a lot of places until August.
I'll be updating everyone as things progress... It may be sporadic by times but I do promise to keep y'all updated as much as I can!

Friday, June 22, 2012


Another week and several more hours spent sitting at the computer, pounding away on the keyboard and thinking of how things should go into NR...
Tuesday was a full writing day for me... I managed to get ONE large scene written up after doing a double check on some things and some editing and so far, so good with that part.
Thursday saw me having only a couple of hours to write so I dived into a short but difficult to write scene, one that I wound up making a lot of changes in even while writing it. I just couldn't concentrate a lot and it was hard to get things written up the way I wanted it to be.
Today's marathon was the last full day before summer vacation starts... I made the most of it, getting four shorter scenes in with a somewhat longer one in just under five hours. Things were flowing beautifully despite the fact I have a monster of a head cold and my brain was going by fits and starts once in a while. I'm impressed and although I did do a bit of editing (removing some stuff/adding in other things) it's looking good so far.
I also did a full edit on everything I wrote up this week... Over 16 pages on Word with size 10 Verdana font!! *THUD* Yeah, no wonder why my eyes feel like they are full of sand! I'm still wanting to write though, I'm in one of those "I did a lot today but want to continue!" moods... So look out world! Ha. :)
Monday is Son's last full day of school for the year and Hubby will be gone for part of it so I'll be back into the writing again that day. I'm taking every single second I can get this summer so I can get this darn story written up in first draft so it's out of my freaking head instead of driving me nuts no matter where I am or what I'm doing! I can't move without something for the story popping into my head darn it and it's starting to drive me completely bonkers... Heh...
Before I go, I'd like to wish my little online home, Samgaran Sanctuary, a very happy belated 6th birthday... It came online as of June 21, 2006 and now has its own Facebook group and Fan Page (both of which are run by me and my mentor/forum owner Penthesilea)... Sanctuary has really picked up over the last year or so now that Penth and I are able to focus on it full time, along with our real life and writing that is!

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Anyway, I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! I'll be back whenever I get any work done on NR... It's going to be sporadic and there's going to be a lot of late nights and adjustments but I'll work on it as much as I can over the summer!
Blessings and love!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Gearing Up for Summer...

This is it... The start of the final full week of school before summer vacation starts!
In some ways I am looking forward to it... I prefer warmer weather after all and I do like having my son around, he spends a lot of hours in school during the wintertime and I do miss him when he's not here. I'm also looking forward to the days when we can take off for a day trip to one of our favorite spots around the province without him missing school or having Hubby rescheduling his regular weekend workday to another day or miss a day of work so we can do something together as a family.
When it comes to the writing, however, I'm not really looking forward to it. When Son is home, it's not exactly easy for me to write because when he's zooming around the house, he has a terrible habit of looking at the monitor... He's very curious and likes to see what I'm doing. I don't like telling him not to look but at the same time, I keep feeling like I should be working on the writing every day, even on those days when he's home... If not writing new material, editing at the least. I neglected this story for over a year (from 2010 till last summer/fall) and I feel guilty if I don't at least LOOK at it every day now.
Hubby made a suggestion that after I'm done writing NR, I should try to write something that isn't R/X rated and more of a G or Youth rating... Interesting suggestion and I AM taking it under consideration! I want to make my splash in the romance genre first though because it seems that sometimes if one published a children's book first, they are not quite accepted into the more adult genres but if one gets into the more adult areas, THEN goes into the children/youth genre, it's okay.
Like I said, I'm taking the idea under consideration. 
Anyway with summer on the way, I'll be also updating my blog about our journey with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Son has come a long way even in the last three months and since I promised everyone I'd do updates every three months or so, it's time to do one, probably between now and the middle of July. If anyone wants to read our journey so far, please check it out here: Unlocking a Child's Mind: Our Family's Journey with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
A quick update: I did get things fixed in NR with the discovery I had revealed too early... It's been taken out, saved in a file to add in later and I've done a lot of editing on everything that follows where the scene was... And I've finished the scene where it was differently. The discovery won't happen for a while yet, probably close to the end of the story because it does cause a lot of conflict! I'll go over things with a fine toothed comb after I let it "sit" for a few days, so it's not so fresh in my mind and I can catch any errors a LOT easier.
Have a wonderful Monday everyone... 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Trial By Fire"

Editing... The bane of my life when it comes to writing, next to research that is!! ARGH!!! It's also a necessary evil in the writing world as a lot of you know!
I was reading through the second half of NR/#7 and there one part of it that isn't working where I put it... Where the leading man makes a very big discovery. Turns out I may have put that in a little early because this discovery causes one HECK of a lot of conflict, not just between the main characters but them and a few others. It's also the source of something that happens later on in the story but I'm not going into detail on exactly WHAT.
Well, you write you learn, as my mentor says. I've done nothing BUT learn since I've been working on this blasted thing and some days it feels like a freaking "trial by fire" the more I get into writing because it seems that each time I get going with stuff following a major event in the story, BAM!, I have to rearrange things again.
I must have been rushing again in my haste to get things written up again... I seem to do that a lot or go to the extreme, TOO MUCH DETAIL! I can find the right balance some days, others, not so much and those are the days I want to rip my hair out, bang my head against a wall and throw in the towel... But then I hear my husband saying, "You never finish a story, how can you get published unless you do?" and I dive right back into it. 
I will be sooooooooo happy when I finally have this story finished and sent out to publishers to reject... LOL I am keeping it real and not expecting the first one that gets it to be sending me a fat writing contract, I'm expecting several rejections before anything good happens! I am hoping to get this story published traditionally but if I can't, I'll get it out there somehow!
This edit/reworking of those particular scenes is a huge job... I'm going to have to do it when I'm either alone or the guys are in bed because it's going to need my full concentration and since it is the weekend, Son is home and he's zooming around the house like his tail is afire. NOT GOOD for the concentration, especially since he's in a mood to have music going, LOUD, and making as much noise as he can. I'll attack it later tonight or early on Tuesday, which is my next "writing day". I really didn't want to have to take any time from my full days of writing to do something like this but since I can't continue on in the Second Half until after it's fixed, I'll have to live with it I guess. Leave it to me to do something that idiotic!
Have a great Saturday everyone!
PS/ Trivia: "Trial By Fire: A North of 60 Mystery" is my favorite of the made for TV movies out of the North of 60 franchise... Thought I'd throw out that little tidbit! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

"Turning Points"

This was one wild week in my world...
As y'all saw on Wednesday's blog, things were NUTS here on Monday and I wasn't amused, but Wednesday went a lot better and I actually got a little more writing done.
Today was my usual "writing marathon" day this week and between all of the days I had to write, I managed to get a lot done.
A few key scenes or turning points were written up this week, including three or four major ones, that include two that happen one right after the other one and the most recent one written is where the reader will start to see something being "phoenix'ed" so to speak. *sly grin*
There are one or two flashback scenes added to the mix too, just to give the reader a few clues about what happened in the x-number of years gap between part 1 and part 2 of the story.
As of today, "Untitled #7" will be "NR" which is the code name I came up with the story... It's related to its working title and like RH, it's going to be a LOT easier for me to type out each time I post a blog or mention it on Facebook, my Creed sites or MW.
I'm exhausted but I may stay up a little late tonight, writing again. I have the idea for the next scene of part 2 starting to gel in my head and when that happens, I can't rest until I get it written up! I'm weaving in my chair but who cares? I'll keep going until I pass out from exhaustion!
I have just next week to get as much done on NR before summer vacation starts... Hubby will be working two full days next week during the daytimes and will be working a "third of a shift" (shifts at his workplace are 9 hours) so I'll be deep into NR as much as I can be when he's gone and I have peace and quiet! After next week, I'll probably start adapting to a "late night, sleep in late" routine for writing so I don't have to fight to get an hour or two here and there while Son is up and running around and I'll be able to work sometimes up to six hours (or more) without interruptions or noise other than the keys clicking or the cats driving me up a wall!
Have a great weekend everyone... I'll be back with another update when things move forward again. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Busy Days and Ultra Late Nights...

It's not even my next marathon day yet and things have been crazy in my writing world...
Friday didn't just have the writing during the daytime, I had also stayed up quite late to work on things and wound up getting another scene or two added in after the guys went to bed.
Over the weekend itself I did get a lot of editing done and I stayed up late on Saturday night so I could get yet another scene added. Sunday night I stayed up to watch something on TV and decided to take a bit of a break from writing that evening. Monday rolled around and I started to write up a VERY important scene but Hubby came home halfway through me writing it and between him driving me crazy and my son coming home and driving me crazy too, it took another 8 full hours for me to finish writing up the scene. Monday evening saw me writing away after MasterChef was over... The scene I wrote up was a HUGE scene that reveals the secret that one of the main characters had and it came out in such a way that the reader and the characters were not expecting... Although the reader may have their suspicions after reading something that happens not long before this scene.
Hubby took off for a few hours yesterday morning so I did an edit on the scene that took me ALL DAY to write on Monday and it's a darn good thing I did. It was so full of errors that in a few places I had to completely rewrite a sentence or in one or two spots, an entire paragraph. I was NOT happy because I had told both of the guys that I was working and neither seemed fit to leave me along long enough for me to even read a single sentence or write up three words before they bothered me and broke my concentration!
I managed to get another scene added yesterday and settled on doing another edit/reread of the main manuscript and other parts. I also decided that with a few quick edits/tweaks that I could tie the two parts of the second half together and combine it into one file... So I did! I now have something like three files which are waiting to be spliced into the main manuscript. I'm still a little stuck on how to continue in the main manuscript file and I'm starting to think that maybe I should 86 the scene I started in Chapter 14 where I got stuck and restart it in a different way because what's there just isn't working at the moment. Such is the life of an aspiring author I guess! 
The last word count I did was on June 3, 2012 and combined together, everything I have written up since then is over 10,000 words, meaning I have more than surpassed the goal of 100,000 words I had set for myself back in June 2010, which is when I came up with the original idea for this story.
I've been eating, sleeping, breathing, everything this story lately, it's no wonder why things are going too fast for me to keep up with most days... I'll be watching TV, going to the bus stop or even cooking when an idea will clobber me... I've even had some great ideas hit me when I was laying in bed trying to sleep! 
When I thought of this idea that is now coming to life, I never thought I'd be this consumed with it two years later... It's amazing how things got rolling once I got rid of some flotsam and jetsam in my life and a lot of weights that had been holding me back. 
I'm not sure how much I'll be working on it today... I am thinking edit/rewrite again on parts I haven't looked at in a few days and depending on how I'm feeling later this evening after the guys crash, I may even try to write up another scene. I did get an idea for what leads up to the final scenes of the story, so I may work on that if things come into focus a little more. I'm not sure if I'll be adding an epilogue to this story or not... I may, because there is something one hears about in the story that one doesn't actually SEE in it. It's a strong possibility that the epilogue, if I add one, may contain that idea. I'll just have to see I guess.
Next full day of writing is on Friday again and this will be my second to last full day of writing before Son gets out of school for the summer. 
Hubby, bless him, said he will help me if I adapt to a "late night" writing schedule, meaning he'll get up with Son on days he has off so I can sleep in after a late night... Or he will take Son shopping with him some days so I have a couple of hours to write here and there during the daytime.
I do admit that when Son's meds kick in he is a lot less active and will let me write sometimes but that is only two hours here and there... I like having a solid four hours to work without curious little rabbits around the computer too, and since Son is only 8, can read at college level and has delayed echolalia (meaning he will repeat something he read or heard at a later time, sometimes weeks or months later!), NOT a good idea to let him see ANY parts of this story considering it's a story for those over 18!!
I'm hoping to get the first draft of this story finished by next year this time and at the rate I'm going, I may actually reach that goal! I'd like to reach it for once. When I started this darn thing, my original "finish first draft" goal was September 2011 and that didn't happen! 
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! I'll be back with another blog entry sometime soon!

Friday, June 8, 2012

"Unclogging the Plug..."

Another writing marathon day has come and gone and this particular little aspiring author has gone nuts with things again...
Today was focused on not one, but two scenes that take place in the earlier part of the second half of Untitled #7... Which I should really give another code name for, it's a pain to write that out each time instead of something like "RH" for my short story I wrote back in 2000!! 
Last night saw me write up a scene that was "mostly" 86'ed this morning. I read it and it wasn't working so I tossed most of it. 
However, the flashback part of it was good so I kept that, changed how things lead into it and out of it and went from there... It's the lead-in to what I worked on today as of now.
The two scenes I wrote up today take place right after the three page one I had written up after Hubby came home yesterday... Talk about a bunch of events happening in a short time! Instead of having a fully laid out "plan" for the part I worked on today, I winged it and discovered just how far one could go! It all fits together perfectly... I could see the scenes, the characters in each one, hear exactly what they were saying and even managed to sneak in a few extra things to make the reader go "Okay, what's up with this? Something is NOT right here!" which will get them to keep reading just to find out what happens next!
Yeah, I'm being "coy" in revealing some details about things that happened in the first part of the story and a lot of things that will be revealed to the characters and the reader as the second half of the story progresses. Some things will be subtle (like some of the stuff I was working on today), others will be hitting the reader in the face so hard, they won't know what hit them!
I'm sitting here thinking that removing what was going to be the middle part and going with the "flashbacks" instead was the right way to go for me with this story. It was becoming a literal chore to even try to think of ideas for that part and now that I know for a fact I won't have to work on it like I had been with part 1 and 2, I'm feeling a lot better about the story and I'm feeling a lot more creative! It seemed like I had a plug in the creativity for a while because of that part and now that it's gone, I'm feeling more like writing all of the time and actually want to finish it as soon as I can! I'm feeling more and more confident about the story the more I get written up. Now I may sneak in bits and pieces of what was the MMG file here and there in "flashback mode", etc but it won't be the full freaking file. I did that today, in a conversation between the leading lady and a friend of hers... Some of the dialogue for a part of the MMG file was "right" for a conversation they had and with some tweaking/editing, it was perfect for what I was working on. 
All in all, including the flashback scene, the "steal" from the MMG file and the actual new material I added, today's work is very close to TEN PAGES. Seriously! If I had had more time, I probably would have added a few more to that total, because when the bus came (early with no notification!) I was still ready and raring to write, I had yet another scene starting to focus in the brain! 
I have TWO full days of being by myself left before the summer break and then I'll be writing mostly at night. Son has only two full weeks of school left before he is done, before the last day on the 29th and that's only for an hour or two, long enough to get his report card and tell his friends to have a great vacation. I'm hoping to use those days to the fullest... IF I don't get more writing time during the remainder of the school days that is... Hubby is offering to disappear from about 9 or so until Son gets home and I may take him up on it once or twice... Or more! Heh.
I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend, and I'll post another update when I get more done. Happy Friday everyone! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012


There are those days when nothing comes to mind for the writing... No ideas for dialogue, no ideas on how things should go, not even a whisper of how things will go at all. 
On other days, a chain reaction occurs... Out of the blue, one idea will come to mind, then another, and another... The chain goes on, ideas lighting up in your mind like little explosions and the domino chain reaction continues.
Yesterday was one of those "domino" days for me. I've been bouncing around and nixing some ideas for the second half of Untitled #7, but not much was coming to me until after I started looking through my ideas file for the story. I found an idea for something that I had thought up a few weeks ago and that's when the chain reaction started. Since I had a couple of hours to myself while Hubby was running errands, I dove right into getting the first scene of the Second Half of the book started and before I knew it, over six pages had been written up!
Hubby came home and that ended my writing time... Or so I thought! While I was doing a reread/grammar/spell check on what I had written up, another idea formed, then another... And another! Ideas were coming to me so quickly that I couldn't get one down in my ideas file before another one hit me!! 
Then out of nowhere, I saw a scene that would be the catalyst that would start things really rolling in the second half of the story... And I would NOT leave me alone! Despite having both Son and Hubby home with me, I opened Word to a new document and started typing away... Three pages of it was written up. It took me several hours to do this one between taking care of Son, talking to Hubby when he asked me a question (or wanted to tell me something), kitty insanity, helping P in Sanctuary, distractions in Facebook and my own brain stalling when I couldn't get a clear picture of what was happening or what was being said.
So far the lead in to the Second Half looks good. I've done one edit on it and made some changes but it's not as rough as it was when I finally finished yesterday, it's a little more refined and slowly getting up to my insanely high standards for my own work!
The "catalyst" scene is still quite rough and I may change some parts of it, but the majority of it is looking good. The idea I got for how it is able to be is a winner and very logical, it was one of the ideas that came to me yesterday while I was at the bus stop, waiting for Son to get home.
Today, it's a reread/edit day. Since I did so much work yesterday, I think I should take a day off from actually writing anything new and build up the creative energy for tomorrow's long writing session (it's Friday and Hubby normally works Friday daytimes) because I don't have many days of being alone in the house before the end of the school year, which is on June 29th. The more I get added to this story before that, the better... I will get a few hours here and there over the next couple of months but nothing like I've had since Hubby has gone back to work and started getting day shifts during the weekdays! If I'm lucky, Son will let me work on things once in a while when he's home... I'm hoping so at least!
Have a great Thursday everyone... I'll be back tomorrow or Saturday to post another update!
PS/ I hope everyone likes the new name and new tagline for this blog... Since I've basically turned it into my "writing blog", I thought it deserved a title and tagline that suited it and me... Hence the new name!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


You know you have the writing bug bad when all you can do is think, eat, sleep and breathe the story you're writing...
The last few weeks, I find myself being bitten so hard by the bug, I've gotten to the point of being obsessed with Untitled #7... Even on those days I can't write due to real life, the guys being home or other things happening, it's there, haunting me, wanting me to open Word and get more of it written up.
Yesterday I started to see a huge turning point in the story appear in my mind and I could actually "hear" some of the dialogue in my head... I started it up and got writing while the guys were running errands. But I couldn't stop even after they came home. I kept working on the darn thing and as soon as my son went to bed, I jumped back on the computer and dove right back into it again until my eyes started protesting after midnight.
Today Hubby was working and Son was home but I was still working on it... Editing, adding a little bit to that part I was working on yesterday and had even thought of some really good ideas for both the first part and the latter parts of the story. I was supposed to be cleaning the entire house during the day but that was put aside so I could work while watching Sanctuary and talking to my friends in Facebook and other spots.
I know I've added a lot more to it, especially in the last six months or so... But I haven't done an official word count in months, not since February to be exact, so I tackled that and inputted it all into Excel and added it all up...
February's word count was 23023 words... Which included a LOT of stuff that has since been changed/rewritten or 86'ed... Notably one of the HUGE files, the MMG file has been officially "86'ed" as of this past week. I'm feeling a LOT better knowing I wont' have to fight to get that darn part written up and the poor readers won't have to read it now!!
Even though that file is GONE, I've added a LOT to the story... So much that I actually blinked repeatedly and readded the figures up three times before it finally sank in just how much I've gotten done on it since the winter...
The grand total: 91,570 words as of early this afternoon!!! *BLINKS!!!!* And that's NOT all of it, there are several small scenes I've written up as ideas that are going to need to have their setting added, files with just dialogue in it and other things that will be added as time goes on.
Just to think, that total is for the FIRST HALF ONLY. At this time, I really don't have anything written up for the second half because what I did have written up has been 86'ed, most of it was in the MMG file!!
At the rate I'm going this story is going to be in the realm of 200,000 to 300,000 words or in other words, about the average length of a shorter Danielle Steel novel. Seriously!
I can't believe how far things have come along... Last year this time, I could read EVERYTHING I had written up for the story in about half an hour, tops... That's the main manuscript and all of the ideas for scenes in that half hour... Now, it takes me almost an hour and a half just to get through the main manuscript file, and I am NOT editing it when I do a quick reread!!
I'm in shock but my brain keeps whispering to write... Get it down... Get it finished and get it to a publisher so you can see your dream come true!!
I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you're being haunted by a story that won't let you be, write... Pen and paper or by word processor like I do... Get it down and if you want, send it off to a publisher because one never knows what's going to happen!
Have a wonderful weekend folks!

Friday, June 1, 2012

"Cruising... With a Few Twits and Turns"

Once again I find myself woozy while I try to make the transition from "writing mode" to "mother/moderator mode"...
I have been looking at what I've accomplished with my writing this week and it amazes me just how much one can do when one has the right atmosphere, the time and the determination....
In one week, I have written well over a chapter's worth of material, made a huge decision on how the second part of the story is going to go and said decision is going to save me a LOT of fighting with myself and save me from baldness or killing someone!
I managed to get about 8 1/2 to 9 pages worth of new material written up today alone, which is over 4,000 words... It has a lot of dialogue in it but it's still a lot to accomplish in only 5 1/2 hours!
This week's writing totals over 15 pages and over 8,000 words in the main manuscript file. No wonder why I feel as if I've run the gauntlet! I would love to work on it more and will be if I'm up to it later tonight after the guys go to bed. I would love to be able to get moving on an event that is coming up very soon in the latter half of Chapter 14, early on in Chapter 15... It doesn't seem like a huge deal at first but it's a catalyst that will set of a chain of events that the reader will be somewhat expecting but not sure exactly how things will land as the story moves along.
Needless to say, the gap between what I've got in the main manuscript file and where I'll be splicing in the MCEWCA file is getting closer each time I add a new word in. At the moment, I am getting so close to that big splice, I can almost taste it and I'm wanting to write constantly now and transitioning from my "writing mode" into my "mother/moderator" mode is knocking me for a loop so badly that I'm weaving in my chair after I come out of my writing bubble! *THUD*
Eh, I'll be okay... I think! LOL
Anyway, I'll be attacking the story as much as I can over the course of the week and will be posting updates when I get more accomplished.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!