Thursday, July 5, 2012

Late Nights, Word Processor and Coffee...

It's been quite the start to summer vacation...
Friday saw Son, Hubby and I going to the school for the last day festivities and to pick up Son's report card. I'll describe more about the day in my next Autism blog update, which I'm hoping to write up very soon.
Well, the writing isn't progressing as fast as it was during the last part of the school year but it IS progressing slowly but surely.
The last two nights (Tuesday and Wednesday), I stayed up till after 2 a.m. pounding away on the keyboard and trying to get back into the writing after a full week's worth of inactivity when it came to adding new material. I had been editing and rereading things a lot but hadn't added anything new.
Tuesday saw me getting things moving again in the Main Manuscript file... I was at a standstill in that file for a while and wanted to get things moving in it again so I could finally splice in everything that I have written up that comes after that... Which is over 100 pages worth of stuff!! This will almost double the amount of material and pages in the Main Manuscript and really show me how close I am to actually FINISHING this dratted story!
Last night, I was working on the Main Manuscript file and I realized that Chapter 14 was going to be a VERY long chapter so I read what it had in it and found the right place for a chapter break, meaning what I worked on the last two nights is now a FULL chapter and is now Chapter 15!
Chapter 15 sees a big event happening, and is the lead in to where things start hitting roadblocks for the main characters... I'm not sure but I'm thinking Chapter 16 may be the last one I add in this spot and then the MBECWCA file will be spliced in... Right after that will be the file that contains what I have written up so far for the second half of the story!!
Looking at things, I'm thinking I'm about 2/3s of the way finished Draft 1 and with a little luck, help from my husband to allow me to have private time once in a while and if the universe allows it, I may have that gap filled in and all of the next splices to come done by the end of summer vacation. I hope so at least! I know it's 11 months away and things could be done before it but I'm wanting Draft 1 to be finished by the end of June in 2013. I don't think that's too much to ask considering how close I am to actually wrapping it up! 
On a sad note, our beloved fluffy white cat, Noelle, crossed the Rainbow Bridge this past Saturday, June 30th. She was almost 17 years old. We miss her horribly, myself especially, because she would lay on top of the computer tower when I was on the computer and on my lap when I was watching television in my big comfy armchair. There's a hole in our family again and we're now trying to adjust to being back to having only one animal friend living with us again... Something that we haven't had here since January of 2010, we had Birdie living here and adopted Nanny's dog Sargent in February of 2010. Amber is still young, healthy, happy and laid back, she's now being so spoiled rotten from all of the attention and love she's been getting. She is looking for Noelle but seems to be slowly adjusting to be our "one and only". We are not planning to adopt any more pets at this time but who knows, we may have the perfect furbaby for us land in our laps sometime.
I'm hoping to get back into things with writing again next week between real life, kitty insanity (thanks to Amber) and guzzling coffee at 11 p.m. so I can stay up late and actually work!
Have a great weekend everyone!