Friday, August 3, 2012

A Few Thoughts and a Quick Update....

Last night got me thinking about a few things...
I sat here watching some local people acting like children... People who are older than I am, yet they claim they're adults. 
It still amazes me how so many people covet what others have... Like money, popularity, amongst a lot of other things. They're too darn focused on what they do NOT have instead of what they DO have, which causes them to be jealous of what others out there have and do.
Jealousy is a powerful motivator, it can get people to do things that they wouldn't normally do, like get nasty at someone they supposedly care about for the most ridiculous reasons. It can rip apart marriages, families and friends in the blink of an eye, all because one person is so focused on another person's "wealth" (umbrella term) that they can't see or be grateful for what is surrounding them at that moment. They become so obsessed with taking the other person's "wealth" away that they can't see that they're losing what they already have, and if they do, they blame everyone else for it.
Jealousy is a part of being human, but the idea is to not let it get the better of us... Some people have let go of their own jealousy and are grateful for what's right in front of them... They have realized that what they have would be manna to those less fortunate than themselves and are happy.
However, some people can't seem to get past the jealousy. They will lie, cheat, steal and literally go out of their way to defame others just to get what they covet and to make those who have what they want look bad in everyone else's eyes. And when others find out how bad this person is and calls them out on it, the jealous person will lay the blame on the person they are trying to ruin, just to make themselves look like the victim... It's their way of protecting themselves and justifying to themselves and to others why they are so bloody nasty.
People who do that deserve all of the celestial manure the universe drops on them, and then some, in my opinion. Deliberately hurting people to satisfy one's own greed is only asking for the universe to drop a few "heavenly anvils" on one's head after all!
Before anyone starts screaming that I am "one to preach", I do admit to doing some nasty stuff in my time... But unlike others I have learned the lessons the universe plopped on my own head and do my best to remember what happens each time I go into the "nasty person" realm. If I find myself going near it, I will cut ties with anyone who is causing me to act like that and move on with the ones who make me feel positive and goofy.
So to all that covet what others have and are jealous over it, take it from someone who learned a number of extremely nasty lessons in her time... Let go of the jealousy, let go of the hate, stop coveting what someone else has, stop "justifying" being nasty to others for your own personal gains, get yourself out of the rut of "happy while being miserable and making others miserable" and stay away from negatively charged people. Be happy with what you DO have and if you want more, WORK for it in a POSITIVE way that doesn't hurt others... Grow a spine, stand up for yourself and move along in the river of life instead of being a rock... Be positive, look on the bright side of things and surround yourself with positively charged people.
It worked for me, so why don't y'all give it a try? 
(Not aimed at anyone who was/is a member of SS, nor is it aimed at any forum owners, this is aimed at some local twits that are trying to get me to lower myself to their level!)
Sorry I haven't been posting about my writing lately but there really hasn't been a lot to report. I have gotten some new material added, but not a lot and I've been fighting to get some writing time in that isn't in the wee hours of the morning... I find I don't write good stuff during those late nights and wind up 86ing most of what I do write during those times. 
I have managed to get some writing time in though, and what I have written isn't the best but it's better than nothing. I'll probably edit things to death when the time comes, like I always do. 
Hubby has been working a lot, meaning I haven't had much time alone during the daytimes yet, but he is doing his best to give me a few hours here and there to write. I know it's hard for him to do that most days but I thank him for it. 
I'll probably wind up getting fully back into it after Son returns to school, a mere five weeks away. Summer is officially half over already and although Son seems bored by times, it's going too fast for our liking! Unlike some other parents out there, I like having Son home with me, even though it means I'm unable to write most of the time, and I'll be sorry to see him get on the school bus for the start of the new school year on September 6th.
I'll post another update when I get more writing done. Hopefully I'll have something big to report sometime before school starts again. If not, hopefully I'll have it sometime soon!
By the way, my mentor P sent her own manuscript off to a publisher this past week, I am so hoping she gets accepted by the publisher ASAP, her book is good... Yes, I have read it and will probably read it again sometime soon! 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.