Monday, January 28, 2013

Fits and Starts....

Two more writing days have passed and although it's going by fits and starts, the first two chapters of Untitled 8 are starting to come together. Brainstorming is a HUGE help by the way, especially if you're doing it with someone who is almost as familiar with some of the characters as you are. 
Thanks to my mentor, the idea for a flashback was put in the brain and that was written up on Wednesday, along with a couple of other ideas. Things went slowly but I deliberately took my time to get things just right. 
The prologue is done. Since that part was only changing things from one character's POV to another and adding in a little extra here and there, it went quite easily and somewhat quickly. 
Friday was spent adding in a few more things that I won't say publicly, I don't want to give EVERYTHING away after all! LOL That part wasn't as easy as the first one, and it's extremely rough but with some tweaking, I hope it'll be up to my insanely high standards! Thanks to my mentor, I had a few more ideas and some she doesn't know about yet... But she WILL find out when she reads the story... IF I ever finish it and get it close to what I consider "worthy for someone else's eyes".
I'm now about halfway through what is now Chapter 2 and I'm debating on how to proceed into the next scene. I did wrap up the first one in C2 early on Friday but it was close to bus time and as y'all know, I really can't write when my son is home and didn't want to be in the middle of something, have to leave it to get him from the bus stop, and then fight to concentrate while he's shoving stuff in my face and asking me for help with stuff constantly. I do have an idea for it but it's not fully gelled yet, nor do I have a firm idea on which way to go with it.
NR itself is still perking although I DO admit to opening it for reference purposes here and there, Untitled 8 is the "sequel" to it after all, and yeah, sometimes I do catch a typo or something wonky in the phrasing, etc. I'm going to let it perk for a couple of more weeks unless something changes.
We're supposed to get warmer weather later this week and if we get one good day, I may drive to a local site for a photography shoot, stuff of my own design, etc. Since a lot of NR and any other story I will write in the future is mostly set in Nova Scotia (my home!), I want more pictures of the local area to show off on my author's page, in my Facebook profiles, and any forums that will allow me to have pictures, etc. Thank the stars I have a new camera, even if it is just a point and shoot style! LOL It doesn't have a black and white feature (I want a few in black and white) but I think I can make a few tweaks in that respect by using GIMP or Photo Editor. I'll play around with some of the pics I already have and see what happens, I guess.
I'll update everyone when/if I get more done on the writing or even with the photography. Like I said, I suck at photography but I do love it and MAY improve over time. 
Have a great week everyone!   

Monday, January 21, 2013


It's been an interesting couple of weeks with my creativity.
NR went into Draft 3 mode just before the New Year and I've been letting it perk on and off the last couple of weeks. I haven't felt like working on it a lot lately, because it was sent off to another friend to edit for me. I have about another month or so until our "deadline" to wait so I've been trying to work on other things in the meantime.
I did try working on different things writing wise... I want to get moving on the RH rewrite but that wasn't working very well... Since NR is slowly getting closer to being sent out to various publishers, etc, I wanted to get to work on Untitled 8 and get moving on its first draft
Nothing worked. I kept drawing blanks and set things aside for a while. After talking things over with some friends, I realized that my writing batteries were probably drained from working on NR and being so darn absorbed by it for so long that they needed a recharge.
I'm not one that's able to stay away from creative stuff for very long though. Like others who NEED to create something out there, feeding my creative streak is vital to me and I had to do something creative while waiting for the writing batteries to recharge and rest for a while.
I'm interested in photography. I'm terrible at it but I thought what the heck, I may as well give it a whirl... Besides, I had already told my beloved mentor that I'd create a picture or photo for her to use as a cover for Book 2 of her Keyholder's Castle series when it comes out later this winter or spring, and wanted to get that done before she was ready to publish Book 2.
My old Kodak was dead. The flash died last year and although it still takes good pictures in bright light, I needed a flash camera to do what I had envisioned for my mentor's book. I broke down and ordered another camera on New Year's eve. It was here three days early (THANK YOU!) and within a few days, I was happily setting up a "prop area" in the kitchen to create some unique photos and hoped my visions would come to life.
First, I tried my hand at some unique pictures for my author's page. Those turned out pretty good considering the lighting, the fact that the material I was using was shiny and reflected the flash and the pink roses looked white in the originals... Thanks to MS Photo Editor, I managed to get the colors almost perfect!
Here's one of my own work:
Please note the copyright notice on the photo...
I wanted something that represented ME and different things about NR in the picture... The dreamcatcher is the one I made right after I finished draft 1 of NR and the shells represent the rugged coastline of Nova Scotia. Pink roses (notably the wild ones) are my favorite flower and since I'm a bookworm when I'm not working on my own writing, the books represent that. The bottom book is "Sinner's Creed" by Scott Stapp with its dust jacket removed believe it or not! LOL
I can't show off the pictures I made for my mentor, those were designed for HER work and will only be shared when she okays it, but they'll be put in Facebook when the time comes.
Well, it seemed that doing something other than writing did work after a while. I love photography but it's not my first love after all...
Last week, I was looking at Untitled 8 again and it hit me why it wasn't working. It seems that the first part of it didn't seem very logical and it was boring to be blunt. In some ways it started off too much like NR did so I decided a complete overhaul of the ENTIRE thing was necessary if I ever wanted to finish it.
I am now putting in a prologue, which is the last chapter of NR but changed to a different character's point of view and their reaction, etc. I'm not saying WHAT the last chapter of NR is about, only certain people know that right now, but y'all will find out once NR is available for sale. *nyah*
I also changed the circumstances of the start... In the original, the leading lady meets the leading man for the first time in Chapter 1 and it didn't feel right to me, so that's been changed. Thanks to some brainstorming with my mentor, I've also changed a LOT more and will be adding in a few things... And there are some things in NR that were "touched on" but never fully tied up so I'll be doing that in this story also. 
I've also set it up for things to happen a lot quicker than they did at the start of NR... Not going into details but those who know how NR starts, etc and know who the main characters are in Untitled 8 will get what I mean. *wink*
Something happened on this past Friday that I thought would NOT happen for a few more weeks too... Apparently, letting the writing batteries rest for a while and the brainstorming with my mentor pumped up the creative energies more than I thought...
Friday, despite having my son home because school was canceled, the cat running me over or doing goofy stuff elsewhere in the house, being distracted constantly, etc, I managed to get a small but KEY scene written up for Untitled 8! It took me over FIVE HOURS to get three pages written up, it's VERY rough and needs a tonne of editing, stuff added and may even be fully rewritten but it has the bulk of what I wanted in the scene THERE and I'm thinking that if I can get it just so, it'll be one heck of a powerful scene. It is one that happens a little later in Untitled 8 so it's going to be "spliced" in like some of the stuff was in NR's first part and eventually the first part of Part Two.
The ideas are still flowing for it and I'm jotting them down as they come to me. They are coming so fast sometimes it's hard to keep up with them but I AM getting them down, thank the stars!
I have hopefully two writing days this week, if the weather cooperates. If things do line up, I'm darn well going to try to get going with revising the "prologue" and maybe even try to get a flashback scene written up, along with setting up Chapter 1 of this revision/overhaul of the start of the story. 
If this story engulfs me like NR did, I'm going to be thinking about it 24/7 and not be able to focus on much else... hehehehehe!
Anyway, I am very happy to be back into it a little bit. Things may go by fits and starts for a while but I think once I settle into it and things come to me more and more, it should flow a lot easier and get finished after a while. If I can do it, I'd like this one to be done by 2018 if possible. I know, five years seems like a long time but with the way things are here, it's a reasonable goal. I had originally set up NR's first draft to be done by the end of September 2011 and y'all know how that went. PFFFFT! doesn't cover it! LOL
Have a wonderful week everyone! I'll update things as they happen.