Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Darn Brick Wall...

I keep hitting the darn thing. Seriously. 
It's very frustrating to be going in little increments of less than 1500 words a day after the way I zoomed through the second half of NR last year. 
What has been happening is that I'll write up a paragraph, reread it, decide it's not the way I want to go with the story, 86 it and go on in another direction, which starts the stupid cycle over again. Yeah, parts of NR went like this but not quite this bad after I really started to go with it... What was supposed to be the "middle" part of the story (which was 86'ed after a while, I couldn't get into it) was a part that had so much stuff 86'ed from it and rewritten that it had become a chore to write, and that was part of what delayed me getting the rest of the story written for a while... Until I removed it altogether.
One day, one page, one paragraph, one sentence, one word at a time...
I did manage to get most of a scene written up this past Friday and am hoping to finish it sometime this week. The problem is by the time I really got into it, it was bus time.
That's been my main problem lately... I won't get into things for hours and will only get into it an hour or so before I have to go to the bus stop.
VERY frustrating. *SIGH* Oh well, at least I'm trying, right? LOL
I do have some good news for all who are eagerly awaiting the next installment of the Keyholder's Castle series (written by my beloved mentor). She's still in the final stages of getting it ready to go but is getting closer and closer to publishing it, on Amazon again! I'll be promoting it like crazy when it's out, just like I did with Book 1: Homecoming. I still haven't read Book 2 yet but I've been absorbed into getting my own work ready to go out to publishers and getting Untitled 8 going. I plan to get that off my "to do list" sometime soon, hopefully BEFORE Sandra gets Book 2 out to the masses so I can post a review here about it and get a buzz going on her behalf. *wink* She took time off from her proofing/editing to take a look at NR for me, so it's only right that I do the same for her after all! LOL
I still haven't gotten the synopses or cover letters written up for various publishers yet, and that is priority... Maybe after I get NR sent out finally, I'll be able to finally "put the story to rest" and stop being so jumpy... And get into writing Untitled 8? I hope so. The thought of rejections galore is making me nervous but even people like Stephen King (bless him, he's one of the best horror authors of our time!) got a few rejections before making it big. Whatever will be, will be... And I do have the option of self publishing if all else fails! *wink*
Have a great week everyone... I'll update if anything else happens, which is doubtful at this point. Keep in mind I won't be saying anything about NR's journey to be published once I start sending it out. I do NOT want to jinx myself, nor do I want anyone out there to worry... Bad enough I'm going to drive my mentor and those in my writing group NUTS while I wait for the rejection letters to start coming in! LOL
All the best.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

From Ludicrous Speed to Turtle Speed...

Brick walls STINK.
I've been trying to get things moving in Untitled 8 again and SPLAT... I keep hitting that dratted wall with the writing. *SIGHS*
I don't know if it's my writing batteries needing another recharge or the fact that I'm too worried about getting NR ready to send out to publishers. I still haven't gotten around to writing up the synopses for various spots yet and I should really get on that, it's one of the most important things one has to do to sell their book to a publisher after all. 
My problem is... how in the heck do I compress the entire story (47 Chapters!) into a small, one paragraph blurb or even 2 pages? It's driving me nuts! I know others out there have had the same problem, and I'm hoping with some insight from some of my published friends I can get a little advice for that. Hopefully I can come up with something that will satisfy myself and will be up to the publishers' high standards. I really have to work on that and get on the ball with it because one person has read it (my beloved mentor!) and another one is reading it currently... Once my other trusted friend is finished with it, that means Draft 4/FINAL mode and it'll be ready to send out.
I think what's wrong in Untitled 8 is that I want to focus more on the characters from NR and not the main couple... I find myself reverting back to their way of thinking instead of thinking in the way of the new characters, and that could be my downfall for this one. I may wind up rewriting so much stuff because I wind up not sharing enough about the new leading lady's journey and back to the old characters' feelings, etc. If I can keep myself focused on the new couple, etc, things WILL improve... I can hope at least!
I am still getting a few ideas for it here and there but like NR, things are NOT fully clear at this point. I am still in the starting stages after all and sometimes my brain takes a while to really "get into" a story and the characters' heads. I keep reminding myself it took me over a year to get going with NR and once I did, things REALLY took off with it... That's my mantra this time around anyway. I wrote a double length story, I can do a single length or another double length one! Thinking positively here!
Anyway, I hope y'all had a great week so far. We had a blizzard over the weekend and although it was nasty outside, everything was fine here. Hubby didn't have to work all weekend and we didn't lose power at all despite high winds, blowing snow, etc. I was grateful for that. I wasn't online much on Saturday but was long enough to let my mentor, family and friends know we survived the storm perfectly fine and were happy and warm.
Have a great week everyone! I'll update the next time I get moving in Untitled 8 or if anything new develops!