Friday, June 21, 2013

The Solstice and More

Another school year is just about over with... Only one full day left before the final report cards are sent out and the students are on their summer break.

I'd like to wish everyone in the Northern Hemisphere a happy summer solstice and Litha, which is the celebration that marks the start of summer in some circles. Namaste and bright blessings to all who celebrate it!

To all who are affected by the flooding out in Alberta and other spots... Stay safe! My thoughts and prayers are with all of you!

Well, this week was productive despite fits and starts and me forgetting to research something before I wrote about it. Oh well, it was a short scene and after I came back online today, I found the information I forgot to get and tweaked everything to fit and double checked it all to make sure it was right! Thank the stars it was only a VERY short scene that needed to be corrected and the way it was written, it only took me a few minutes to get it all just so.

I am now up to the end of Chapter 25 in the main manuscript file. Of course, things are still in "ultra rough" draft and although it needs a LOT of work, I have an extremely solid foundation to build details upon. I plan on working on those parts in Draft 2 or if I can do it in between mother, wife and housework duties, when I get a chance. Yes, I will be catching up on some reading this summer but I hope to get more added to Book 2's first draft even if it is only a paragraph here and there, or a small scene once in a while during the daytime. 

I'm now officially on "Summer Writing Time" again and although I'm too tired mentally to think about it at the moment, I'll probably start going bonkers and losing it with gnawing on the monitor or banging my head against the wall when I don't get a single bit of writing time next week... Except for any late nights that is. I plan on at least one between now and the first of July, if not two or three. It's going to be a rough two months ahead, but with a little luck, things will go the way NR/Book 1 did last year this time and I'll be able to dive right back into the writing after school goes back into session.

It's hard to believe that this past school year so many things have happened in the writing world at Samgaran Sanctuary, my mentor's forum... My mentor has published her first THREE books, I finished one double length novel that went through THREE more draft modes so it's ready for publishers, and I'm now working on my SECOND double length novel... *BLINK* 

I am in shock. Last year this time, I was hoping to finish ONE book, Book 1/NR and I've done that and more!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Zooming Along, In More Ways Than One!

A couple of more writing days are done and I'm really moving along in FP/Book 2.

Right now, I'm in the middle of Chapter 24. There's been some silly stuff, and I'm now really starting to lead into the gem of an idea that my beloved mentor Sandra fired at me three months ago. The first big "uh, oh!" scene was added in last week and now I am starting to get things moving very quickly in regards to the build up to it. It's been rough going by times but it's slowly coming along. I've also tossed in a few shots of humor to balance out what's ahead for the characters, and some sweeter scenes.

On another note, today is a milestone of a type... I'd like to share something with you, from my writing thread in Sanctuary...

Three years ago today, I had an idea... One that would change my life forever.

June 17, 2010 was the very day that I came up with the initial idea for something. At the time, it was going to be just a regular romance novel, but due to life, it was put on the back burner for a while and I thought it was going to wind up in the "Dead Manuscripts" file on the computer... Well, after a year and a half, I got the story back and things took a turn for the better...

That little idea was Untitled #7, which eventually became "NR" and is now Book 1 of my duology!!! Shocked It's so hard to believe that it's been THREE WHOLE YEARS since I got the initial idea for the story and in that time it morphed from "just another romance" story into so much more and a LOT better than I ever expected or dreamed!

Since I got back into it, it's been tweaked/edited, had a zillion rewrites done on it, added to, had stuff 86'ed, and so much more. Its first draft was finished a bare 8 months ago, it's gone into THREE other draft modes since October of 2012 and has been read by at least one other person, our beloved Site Goddess herself!!!... It's been deemed "READY" to send out to publishers and has a sequel in the works.

I look back at the original idea for it and still can't believe how one little idea grew into something more than I have ever dreamed! When I first started writing this one, I NEVER thought I would actually finish it and here I am, three years later! NR/Book 1 is THE ONE that will see me published sometime, whether it's via a publishing house or self publishing... I promise all of you that, it will be out to the masses at some point!

Wow. Smiley

(I know, other authors have probably felt this way but it's my first full length novel, so I'm a little dazed by it all! LOL)  
Yeah, three years ago today, I had the initial idea for what turned into my first full length/double length novel... Hard to believe it's been that long already, and how most of it was written within a year! *BLINK!*

Needless to say, it's been quite a journey for those characters and the new ones in its sequel, aka Book 2/FP. The roller coaster ride isn't over yet, for myself and the characters, but I'm slowly working toward it!

I have two writing days left in the school year before I go into Summer Writing Time. Hopefully I can get things moving even more before I take a break and read something written by someone else for a change. I haven't really read anything since I reread Sandra's "Homecoming" and read a book called "Thy Brother's Wife" in the last year. I have a lot of new to me books here in the house and it's time I caught up on the reading while I'm in Sanctuary and Son is home...

Have a great week, everyone! I'll update again when more happens here.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Gearing Up for Summer 2013...

Another writing week has passed and things are still progressing in Book 2/FP...

This week saw two chapters completed and a third started. I'm really moving along now that I know exactly where I'm going with this manuscript, and the only trouble I seem to have is where to slap in the over 18 stuff.

Yeah, I said that. Things happen so fast in this manuscript compared to NR/Book 1 that I really have to try to keep pace and figure out the best spots for the steamy stuff to keep my future audience happy!

Other than that, it's going great. The rough drafts of several key scenes have been added and although I still have a lot of revisions to do on different things and add in another scene into Chapter 18 (I forgot a VERY big key scene - OOPS!) it's looking great for a rough draft even in my ultra insanely high standards! 

Yesterday saw me hit the middle of Chapter 21 in the main manuscript. In this Chapter you will see some silliness thanks to some "old friends" and other things. The Leading Lady is about to get someone in her family back for a prank and that is going to be a VERY fun scene to write... Yeah, I've been tossing in a lot of silly and sweet moments into the first part of this one because it will get very serious and in some parts, rather scary, so I need to balance things out. Let's just say the leading characters from this one and the "old friends" are not afraid to have fun or be goofy... *wink!*

I've also started to slowly lead into the gem of an idea that Sandra, my beloved mentor, shot at me back in March and the first of the "hints" for that has been dropped in. More will come later on, including a couple of big scenes, but for the moment, it's only hints of what's to come and I'll be dropping more and more as things progress.

As for the over 18 stuff, it's been quite a "workout" and yeah, there IS a lot more of it in this book. That's all I'm saying because right now, this blog is classed as "PG13" and I don't want to land myself into hot water with any parents out there!

Remember the revisions I mentioned in my last entry? Well, those have been done already. It was just a matter of adding a couple of sentences here and there and a few paragraphs to one chapter. Things will be revised and polished over time, so there may be more added as things progress. Thankfully I could do it when my son was around even if I had to stop every few minutes because he kept pressing his nose against the monitor screen. *rolling eyes*

In other news we are getting the remnants of TS Andrea this weekend... Everyone being affected by it, STAY SAFE! Sometimes tropical storms or their remnants can be more damaging than hurricanes so we're prepared for the worst here. I prefer to be prepared for an H5 just to be on the safe side, but that's me. I'm weird. LOL

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Thank the Heavens for FIRST DRAFTS...

Another writing day has passed and things are flowing smoothly by times, with a few bumps here and there...

Chapter 19 has been started and there IS some silliness in it. After that powerful scene about what a father-daughter bond means, humor was needed. Needless to say when certain people read this particular area, especially the ones who read Book 1/NR first, will "get" it and laugh like crazy. 

However, I've been brainstorming again and with my mentor's help (THANK YOU SANDRA!) I realized I had not one but several inconsistencies and left a few things out. I really can't go into details without giving away part of the story but let's just say I'm glad they were caught NOW instead of in Drafts 2, 3 or even the FINAL draft! Sandra had caught a few things for me with Draft 2 of Book 1/NR and thankfully I could easily get those corrected without having to do a full rewrite/revision on the entire story! 

So... I have a number of things to add, and have to find the right spots to add them. Thankfully the chapters in this one seem to be on the shorter side, under 7000 words, so I can add to some chapters without making them ultra long. It won't take much, just a few things here and there in several areas and it will be done. It's on the to do list for the summer... When and IF my son lets me concentrate during the daytime... If not then, during a late night writing time or during the few times my husband will be taking our son out for a while during the daytime so I can get a couple of hours of peace and quiet here and there and so I don't lose it from not being able to work a lot over the next two months!

I have about six writing days left - AT MOST - before school gets out for the summer and I am slowly getting prepared for it. I'm squashing in as much work time that I can, working the occasional late night until midnight - editing - and getting other things ready to keep me occupied. I can't remember if I mentioned it before but I have TWO e-books to read, Books 2 and 3 of Sandra's Keyholder's Castle series and a hard copy of a new Star Wars book... I'm hoping I don't read them all in one weekend and go nuts over the entire summer! LOL I'm going to try to pace myself and read a few chapters a day in between my work in Sanctuary and real life things... When I am unable to write that is... Hopefully I will get more than one or two writing sessions this summer, else I may fully lose it and go completely wonky!

I have two writing days ahead this week and hopefully I can get things moving more... Even with the revisions to make, I still have to get things started toward the build up to the grande finale. I have a lot more to add before that, and the more I get done before summer arrives the better! I'm slowly getting there, but the question is, how long will it be before it's spliced in and tweaked to fit in to the main manuscript? Only the universe knows right now!

Have a great week everyone, and I will be back with another update when things are progressing.