Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Writing Time 2013, Part 1

The late nights haven't been going so well the last couple of weeks. It's been very wet here, which means the provincial bird of Nova Scotia, the mosquito, has had a population explosion and the air is thick with them. Seriously.

It's so bad that if anyone is up after sundown, they almost get eaten alive. Even if the house wasn't opened at all during the daytime or evening. We don't know how they're getting in but they are somehow and it creates a lot of havoc here.

I find the little buggers VERY distracting... So if I'm trying to write after the guys go to bed, it just doesn't work at all. I think there was one night they were not too bad in here (I slapped something like only 10 in an hour compared to over 50 in twenty minutes!) I was too tired to concentrate.


I have managed to get some writing time in over the last week or so, thanks to my husband taking my son with him when they ran some errands. One day, I had about 2 hours to myself, another day I had 3 and yesterday, I had a full five hours... I made the most of those days.

I'm now up to the end of Chapter 27, ultra rough draft and in Chapter 28, things will really start moving ahead full steam toward the gem of the idea my mentor shot at me four months ago. I think it'll be another five or six chapters before I get to the splice and tweak, but I still have some ground to cover before it happens. I need to reveal a few more things, show that something big is going to happen without revealing WHAT it is, and sneak in another fully described love scene (or two!) before I finally get there.

Now the "gem" isn't fully written yet and there are a LOT of parts of it that need to be ultra tweaked. However, when that's spliced in and edited to fit, etc, I'll probably be about 90% finished Draft 1 of Book 2. Yeah, I'm getting THAT close to finishing my second double length book! *THUD* After that, I'll have to finish the gem, into the grand finale and then do the epilogues, where things will be tied up so darn tightly, I won't be able to write a sequel.

So far, so good even if progression with this one isn't as fast as Book 1's progression was last year this time. Of course, it took me quite a while to get into the groove of this one after spending over a year eating, sleeping, breathing Book 1. I'm almost there with Book 2 even though I'm SUPPOSED to be on my summer recharge and reading others' work instead of writing... *whistling innocently* Like I said before I don't think this one will be done on the first year anniversary of Book 1's first draft being finished (October 19th) but we shall see. I'm just glad I have a second book in me.....

I hope everyone's having a wonderful week... And a great summer so far, even if some areas seem to be getting a LOT more rain than they're supposed to be this time of year... Like mine... Stupid mosquitoes.... ARGH!