Sunday, October 19, 2014

A-Rocking, A-Rolling, and A-Writing....

I've hit the three month smoke free mark in my quit smoking journey, and I am feeling great! I've been off the Champix for about two weeks and so far so good. No major cravings, none that I couldn't handle anyway.

The worst time for me wanting a cigarette these days is when I have a manuscript open and I'm writing new stuff into its file(s)... So... to keep the cravings there to a minimum, I now use a nicotine free vapor stick to help me transition writing as a non smoker. I'm liking either mint/menthol or blueberry flavor by a certain brand for those days.


It just happened to be that my 3 month anniversary as a non smoker fell on the same day that a friend of my brothers in law was holding a charity event, to raise money for a local fire department. I wasn't sure until about a week or so ago if I was going or not... It all depended on if my husband was working during the time my favorite local band Whom Gods Destroy had their set.

Luckily the guys were playing in the evening and my husband worked the day shift. So I was able to go.

Talk about a great lineup! It was an all day event, from noon on the 18th to 1 a.m. this morning (it's after midnight here on the 19th), and the musicians' genres ranged from soft rock to country, and alternative to heavy metal.

I can't remember the name of the band that was on before WGD, but they were good.

Whom Gods Destroy performed their set... They started off with "Signs of Life" and "Tears of My Immortal Soul", "Ready for the Bite", "The Traveller", "She May Be Evil", "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich", and "Higher Planes".

And like I said on my video blog on Facebook, I was going to shoot them for not playing "Sea of Tears" but I can forgive them for it since they did play "The Traveller" and "Higher Planes".

Whom Gods Destroy:
Adam Bondarenko, Drums and Lead Vocals
Eli Bondarenko, Bass
Tim Gaudet, Guitar and Backup Vocals

Now anyone who follows the local metal scene in Nova Scotia that says they have never heard of the band VICIOUS is either lying or has been living under a rock for the last few years. They are a hard rock/heavy metal band originally from Kingston, NS that is now calling the city of Halifax their home. Known as "The Beast from Canada's East", these four talented guys brought a lot of attention to yesterday's charity event, just by being on the roster. I swear some of the people there last evening were only there to see this particular quartet rock the house and strut their stuff.

I have seen them before, during "The Heart of the Metal" this past February, and knew they'd put on another great show. Watching lead singer/drummer Jake Gracie's ultra high energy with both his vocals and amazing percussion skills was more than worth the admission price. Yes, the band may have had a few lineup changes since I first saw them live last winter, but they can still kick ass and rock any venue they play.

Jake Gracie: Drums, Lead Vocals
Garth Potter: Bass, Vocals
Connor Riley: Guitar
Brandon Colborne: Guitar
Let's just say I hope Rockzilla Seven hosts another all day gig like this again sometime soon.... That man always winds up getting the best of the best of the local musicians in all genres!


"Away to Me":

The latest draft of it has been sent to the now final two members of my reading team, as of earlier today. It's a husband and wife team, so I will also get a male perspective on this one. I wasn't expecting G to see it until after it was sent out to various publishers. No complaints, he and his wife A are professionals and will let me know if I mess up or anything else. Nothing that I put into my stuff these days bothers them either, as in they don't projectile vomit at even the distant mention of "something"...

I'd like to have this one sent out by spring at the latest.

Other projects:

I'm still continuing to work in a WIP, the same one I've been working with the last few weeks... And although it is slow going by times, it's still going.

The nitty gritty? It's one I started a long time ago and am finally getting the original idea back for it... So I'm writing it, in my style, with my ideas, and what I can tolerate in the love scenes - and maybe more.

It won't be for the prudes with the ultra sensitive gag reflex that goes into overdrive at even a distant reference to oral sex, that's for sure..... Or anything I write period, for that matter...

I also have a possible name for another older story if I ever write that idea.....

And the original idea for another one is starting to come back to me as well.

So I have lots of ideas to keep me busy for a while.

I'm just glad I have a near photographic memory and I'm so darn meticulous about backups... Else the original ideas for all of the above may not have come back to me.

Lesson learned, Uni. Do things MY way and TO GENRE GUIDELINES, ETC.

Have a great night everyone... Keep rocking! :)

Yours truly, the ultra crazy rocker chick aspiring author.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Wow has it been over a week since my last update? I've been so crazy lately with things it's a wonder I remember to catch a few hours of sleep every night.
As the title suggests, yes I have been doing more preliminary work for another possible manuscript. As I posted in the last blog entry from September 29th, 2014, I have done a few character bios for this one, as well as some ideas. I have added to that list, with a list of key scenes and their approximate location in the story itself. The timeline is done and has been tweaked, the scene ideas files are now on the go with a few ideas in each one, and I have a lot of the research for it out of the way - and filed in the appropriate spots.

I've even started playing around with writing a bit... Not saying how much is written up but yes, I have tried writing a scene or two... Or, do I mean more? *looks innocent*

And just what is this story about? It's a contemporary romance. Nope, I don't care to say any more than that outside of certain trusted people who know better than to go telling tales out of school, and of course, my fellow Divas and Dudes in my favorite writing forum. *wink*

I know there are some out there who will read this and think I'm only pretending to have another possible story in the works... Well, I have news for them. I actually DO have a potential new WIP in the works. It would NOT be on the blog if I wasn't doing it. Said someones know I'm telling the truth about it too.

Just saying........................................................................

Anyway, as for "Away to Me" I am still waiting for more edits from the rest of the crew. Hoping to get those soon so I can get that one ready for publishers.

Have a great week everyone! :)