Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Smoking Keyboard and More...

It's been another crazy week, both writing and real life wise.....


Last night was Hubby's staff party and we went to King's Corner Bar and Grill, to listen to some live music and have fun.

Normally I am pretty leery of listening to any band that is not either rock or heavy metal. I admit, I am pretty darn finicky when it comes to my taste in music, heavy metal comes first, and hard rock and alternative are next.

I had no clue what the genre of music the band that was playing that night would be... And I admit I was a bit hesitant and ready to nurse a headache because it was country, dance or something I can't stand.

It turns out that I was pleasantly surprised, and had a blast. Last night's band, TWIST OF FATE, does cover songs but holy smokes, they are great! They started off with "Copperhead Road" by Steve Earle and played mostly songs that I grew up listening to.

They played only two songs I can't stand, "Brown Sugar" by the Rolling Stones (I am NOT a Stones fan, EW!), and "Mustang Sally" - a song that was done a lot by terrible singers during my years as a regular at Karaoke in various spots around town, so it kind of drives me bananas when someone plays it, either live or one of the many recorded versions of it. YUCK.

The rest? Pure platinum. These guys are talented to the nines, and I thoroughly enjoyed their performance last night. Any band that can do covers of anything from Neil Diamond to Dobie Gray and to Billy Idol are tops in my book!

I'd love to thank them for putting on a great show last night, and say I hope to see them live again sometime soon.



If the last few weeks have been a little disappointing for me writing wise, things were made up this past week.

I finally got over that stupid speed bump at the end of Chapter 5 and figured out how to work things in Chapter 6. That was on Monday...

I remember opening Word, bringing up the main file, getting things straightened out, and after that, it becomes a bit of a blur until the 2 p.m. alarm went off.

The same thing happened yesterday. I opened Word and didn't come out of the writing fog until bus time.

Monday was a 5K day. Chapter 5 was finished and ALL of Chapter 6 was written up.

Yesterday (Friday), I thought I had 3200 words added... Turns out it was about 3900.

It was a 9K week in total, with the additions I made here and there in Chapter 5 and other spots.

Daffy doodles doesn't cover it. It took me two whole days to recover from Monday and it may take the entire weekend for me to get my brain back in order after yesterday.

Total word count in the manuscript is about 26.5 K right now (26,500 words), and I'm closing in on a few areas that are going to be tough to write up, but are so integral to this particular story. I just hope I can do the scenes justice.

I have at least one writing day next week, so if I can get another 1K added to it, and wrap up Chapter 7, I'll be happy.

Have a great weekend everyone, and keep rocking!