Saturday, February 28, 2015

Real Life Happens....

Sorry I haven't been posting a lot, things have been bananas here lately.

Winter has been unkind to my area. We have had at least another 2 storms on top of what I was showing in my last blog entry, along with rain and freezing rain... The temperature plummeted and everything on the ground but the roads are now covered in ice. Towns and cities were running out of places to put the snow that they removed from parking lots and other places, and in some spots around here, the snow banks were over 8 feet high, if not higher. I understand that in our provincial capital, Halifax, there were drifts and banks in the 15 to 20 foot range. It's been nuts!

Son's basketball team had to cancel a couple of more practices and one or two games due to weather, but that hasn't stopped them from winning!

So far their record for wins, losses and ties is currently 7-1-1, with two games left to go in the season, both against the same school - one away and the last game is at home.

Son's been scoring a few baskets too. One game that was at home - both Hubby and I were in the stands cheering on his school - Son managed to get THREE baskets! He was so happy, and everyone in the stands went nuts! It seems the other schools' teams know there's a child with autism on Son's team and do make some allowances for him, even the parents from the other schools cheer when he scores. It's one heck of a great feeling seeing them root for him too.

Twelve's first draft will be finished before Easter at the rate I'm going. I was stalled for a bit but manged to get over it, and I'm finally starting to see the light at the end of that writing tunnel.

If I do this before May 29, that will be two first drafts finished within a year. That's a first for me. LOL No complaints! Hopefully I'm starting to train my brain to be like some of my writing friends' brains, be able to draft three or more stories in a year. That would be rather cool if I could do it like that! We shall see... :)

My reading team has already been alerted they have about a month or so to wait after this one's draft is finished before they'll get their copies of it. The editing will be similar to what I did with Away to Me but within less time. They've already been warned it's going to be a lot faster this time, and I'll be working on something else while this one is in stasis.

What I'll be working on next is still up in the air. I'm not going to worry about things now, that can wait until after Twelve's draft is finished... And I recover for about a week. LOL

Have a great weekend folks, and only approximately 3 weeks to go until spring, although my area won't see anything until mid-May, when the mud and blackflies arrive. Yuck.

I leave you with some photos that were taken over the course of the last month or so...

I'm only 5'2 1/2" and the bank behind me is as tall as I am. I'm by the main road in front of my house.

That @#$%^& snow bank in front of the house.

Our flowering crab tree covered in snow and ice.

Snow banks around the Bridgewater Mall parking lot.

Our driveway after the last ice and rain storm.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Winter: GO AWAY!

It's been another one of those months where we seem to be getting clobbered with a major storm every week, sometimes two times or more in a single week. The last month saw at least four snow days for kids in my son's district, as well as days when the buses were going to be late or not going back the dirt roads. Son wasn't too happy about school being canceled on those days but what can you do? It IS winter and my province is in one of the years that we seem to be getting snow over the fence. I guess it's our payback for having such a warm December? Hard to say.

All I know is that I am ultra sick of this, and I'm ready for spring....

View of our road after the most recent major snowstorm last week.

Son has another reason to be ticked when school is canceled on certain days. This year, he's on the grade 4 & 5 basketball team, and it just happens to be that a couple of their practice days were canceled due to schools dismissing early or being canceled due to the weather being so rotten. He loves playing basketball - odd considering neither Hubby nor myself are fans of that sport, we are hockey fans - and when the team coach asked him if he wanted to participate this year, he jumped on it. So far they have only played two games - against the same team from another school - but they have won both of them. Hubby and I were able to make it to the most recent game last week, and we had fun. Son made two legal steals, forced two legal turn arounds, and even scored a two point basket for his team! The team they were facing is a good team too but had a bit of bad luck both times they faced Son's school. Hopefully this teaches all boys on all teams good sportsmanship, and that even if you do lose, you still did a great job and it's an honor to be chosen to be on the team.

Twelve is progressing nicely. I've been writing a lot when schools are open, and I'm slowly starting to see the story finally come together in its correct, original configuration. I had a part to splice in written up, and it was put into the main file two weeks ago. I've made more progress in the main file, and have started another file to splice in as well. It's been slow but steady by times.

As of right now, there are about 48K into the main file, along with another 2K in the file to be spliced in.

That means I'm about halfway to the goal of about 100K. That said, I'm probably about 5/8 finished this story. So it's probably going to be under 100K, which is the limit for most publishers.

As for other projects, I'm still unsure of what's going to nab me next. I'd like to write the sequel to Twelve before that one is sent out, but I'd also like to finish Ten too. I'll just have to see how things go after Twelve's first draft is done, that's all.

Have a great week everyone!