Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Night of Pure Talent

Troubled Waters hosted another live music event... It was last night, at the MSAC again. 

First we were treated to some of (Prosthetic) Friends' instrumental riffs.... They're currently looking for a lead singer, but so far, no one has gotten lucky enough to fit the bill yet. No, I didn't try out for it... I can't carry a tune to save my soul, and I think most bands would prefer a lead singer who can actually SING...

Their instrumentals were awesome. It was my first time seeing this group as a whole (I have seen Bill the drummer with another band), and really enjoyed their performance.

(Prosthetic) Friends

Next, we were pleasantly surprised when Dirt Stache make an appearance. They even had - in my opinion - the funniest intro to a song for the night. "Here's something I'd rather  have than watch a Fast and Furious Movie," says Bill, the drummer. "CATHETER!" he yells into the mic.

My husband, who attended the show with me, cracked up on the spot.

I don't think Hubby realized just how silly the guys in Dirt Stache truly are... I always look forward to seeing them because they bring a lot of laughs along with some great instrumental tunes.

Dirt Stache
Flesh Cauldron was next, and their set even included a recording of backup lyrics for one of their songs. Almost the entire crowd - about 20 people, our MSAC's bar is a VERY tiny venue - participated in screaming "FIGHT!" for the guys.

I didn't participate. Like I said to a friend of mine, I don't want the album committing suicide because I was on it.

And as always, Flesh Cauldron kicked ass... Even with a joke about the "f**king drummer" - which happens to be an iPod with the drum tracks recorded on to it. No, they haven't gotten another drummer yet... So it's kind of turned into a running joke about an "invisible drummer".

Flesh Cauldron
And finally, last but not least, Whom Gods Destroy were on for their set. They didn't play "Sea of Tears", "The Traveller" or "Whom Gods Destroy", but they did play "Higher Planes", so they live once again. (Tee hee)

It was the first time Hubby had seen his brothers and Tim play at a live gig, and he liked it.

Their set included "Devil on Your Shoulder", "Higher Planes", "Ready for the Bite", "Tears of My Immortal Soul", "She May Be Evil", and "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich".

Whom Gods Destroy
All in all, it was a great night.

Whom Gods Destroy and Dirt Stache will be playing a set each at RiverFest - Rock the Bush in Pine Grove next month, but I will not be attending. I'm just going to wait until they play at another Troubled Waters event, or somewhere else, that's easier to get to for me.

Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, July 18, 2015


One year ago today was the first day of my new life.
July 18, 2014: After 2 weeks of being on Champix (Chantix in the States, it's a stop smoking prescription medication) I woke up and started my first smoke free day.

It was a lot of jitters, grouchiness, grumbling, panic attacks, soooooooooo many cravings including a few that had me in tears, and just pure HELL that first day.

It was tough and touch and go for that first bit, but I managed to get myself through the day and get into bed without begging my husband to buy me a pack of cigarettes.

That was my first smoke free day in over a decade. The last time I had tried to quit, I was pregnant with my son and lasted about 10 weeks before I caved in and started smoking again.

So this has really been the longest I was smoke free since my preteens. I had my first cigarette at the age of 12 years old, and smoked once in a while until I hit high school at 15, then it escalated to me being addicted and finally smoking constantly at the age of 18.

I smoked for the next 22 years. The last going off, I was up to 60 cigarettes or more a day. That's 3 twenty packs or as we east coast Canadians prefer, 2 1/2 packs of 25 cigs a day.

As of today, I reached my ONE YEAR SMOKE FREE anniversary.

Look, I never thought I'd last a week, let alone 52 weeks. I was seriously addicted. Everything took a back burner to my addiction, even my writing some days. Everything had to wait until *after* I had one more cigarette, one more drag.

A year later, I no longer have that problem. I'm not even using the nicotine free vapor sticks. I haven't had one of those in over 3 months.

I've even written a full manuscript draft in the last year, my first as a non smoker.

Speaking of which, "Hearts Remembering" is now back in stasis and will be sent to the beta team sometime next month. It's as done as I can get it, and now I'm just waiting for word that I can start sending it out to the gang. I'm now in the process of trying to come up with a great short and longer synopsis for it.

My health is slowly improving... I'm feeling more and more like my old self, even if things are not completely balanced yet. It's a slow process but I'm hoping to be more "normal" for me by the time the new year rolls around.

And lastly, new glasses!! My new condition requires me to see my optometrist every 2 years, and well, something amazingly weird happened to me last month. My eyes IMPROVED to almost what they were back in 2007. I was wearing the glasses from that time period for a while because my prescription from 2013 was too strong for me... I am happy that I always keep old glasses as a backup, cause I wouldn't have been able to drive myself to a local hospital for an information session/workshop if I had.

My new glasses are even similar to the 07 prescription... Silver half rims, but wider lenses this time.

Me in 2011, with the 2007 prescription.

Here's what the present glasses look like...

Current glasses, almost identical in looks and in strength.

All that's really different is the fact the new glasses are a little bigger in the lenses and it's slightly stronger.

Hubby likes them, and my best pal Heather helped me pick them out.

Yeah, I think I'm doing okay, considering.

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Summer 2015, Round One...

First of all, Congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks on winning the Stanley Cup again this year!

And before anyone asks, no, I'd rather NOT talk about my Leafs. Ugh. (Can I shoot their former GM now or later??? GAH!!)

Secondly, summer vacation is HERE and Son will be going into Grade 5 with flying colors. Again, his report card was all As and Bs... minus a C in French. He despises speaking or hearing any language other than our mother tongue of English.

I've been learning a few Mi'kMaq words and throwing them at him sometimes, just for something to do. I get screamed at and a huge "I SPEAK ENGLISH!" screamed in my ear.

The ringing it causes is worth it though, just to get Son going... *looks innocent*

Well, this summer, it's official: I have no stories in progress so I'm not going batty for that reason. "Hearts Remembering" is in stasis again, after a few runs through, and my (now smaller) beta team will be getting it sometime soon, preferably before August 1 if I can do it. I just haven't been up to working the last while, that's why....

I owe all of my followers, family, friends and fans a huge apology for not posting any entries for the last three months.

You see, I've been very ill the last while.

So ill that one of the trips to a specialist saw me in bed, flat on my back and in full body agony for two days.

I've been foggy, feeling nauseated, weak, and a whole lot of other things I won't mention publicly since April, and it's only starting to improve now. I'm still not there by a long shot but I will be, sometime before the end of the year, or so I'm hoping!

It started out with a bad round of anemia - which I'm happy to say is gone! - and led into me finding out I had turned a huge corner and now have a lifelong condition that needs constant monitoring. It's not anything like cancer or something that serious, it's a condition that I had a 50-50 chance of getting thanks to a parent having it, and I was the unlucky one out of the three to have it. It's not a really big deal, once I get things under control. Unlike my parent, mine was diagnosed within six months of it starting, so with a lot of work, I should have a good long life after my diagnosis. It's just a matter of time, getting things balanced just so, and keeping it that way.

So far, so good, although the balance hasn't been reached yet. I'm getting there though! One day at a time. I've lost 15 pounds already - maybe more, I will know for sure at my next visit with our family doctor (I love her!) - and I've noticed my jeans are really starting to hang on me. My feet are not as swollen as they were before my diagnosis, I'm not retaining a lot of water because I've cut out a lot of salt in my diet, both via cutting out processed foods as well as adding a lot of salt to my homemade stuff, and I'm feeling a little more brighter and not as likely to shoot someone.

I do have STRICT orders to cut anything that stresses me out of my life - temporary or permanently - because a lot of stress will aggravate my condition. Some stress is expected but in some cases, it's perfectly avoidable, especially when one is surrounded by narcissistic, stupid and sneaky jerks.

Let's just say if I don't have you blocked in FB or other spots, I still care and there's a chance I will talk to you again in time.

That said, if I have you blocked anywhere, I'm indifferent and done with you permanently... So please, get over yourself, stop pretending I'm "lurking, watching and reading" everything you do, and face the fact I'm DONE and couldn't care less what you're doing or if you've found something new to play the victim about.

Oh, wait, that's right, people I've blocked can't face the truth.

Their fragile little egos would have a breakdown if they saw it.

*tsk* My bad.

I'm now wondering what the reactions would have been if I still hung out in certain spots.

I'm betting I'd be treated like I was still perfectly healthy, despite all of the evidence proving otherwise... And I would have been expected to do things ALONE again like I was expected for three days last summer this time... except I'm thinking this time around, it would have been a much, MUCH longer duration, out of spite... All because I WAS SICK and the others couldn't handle it, just like they couldn't last year when things were screwy after that hurricane hit us last year... Not that I fell for it. They can deny it all they want but the timing was just too "conveeeeeenient" for it to be as they claimed it was.

I wish people would stop thinking I'm stupid or naive, cause I'm really not.

You can't fool someone who has already been fooled like that before, because they can smell it a thousand miles away.

Anyway................ Have a wonderful week everyone! I'll update when things start picking up here again, possibly halfway through summer vacation.

Only 8 1/2 weeks to go until school starts in my district. Son can't wait.

Me, I'm fine having him home! :)