Friday, December 23, 2016

Tis the Season....

Good tidings, everyone!

The solstice has come and gone, and we are now going to see the sun move in a northward direction, meaning our days in the Northern Hemisphere are getting a touch longer, and the nights are getting a little shorter. 

I hope all who celebrate Yule had a peaceful and safe day. 

My Yule had an unexpected gift - One last writing day before Winter Break. Husband got scheduled to work the opening shift, and it was Son's last day of school before the holidays. I dived into Word as soon as I guessed I had consumed enough coffee to be alert.

I've been thinking about the manuscript code named "TEN" again. I hate the seesawing back and forth between the original way and the alternate way, and I'm so frustrated with myself for being indecisive. So I made up my mind.

I'm doing it the original way I had planned when I came up with the idea in 2014. I'm going to finish the manuscript's first draft come hell or high water, and even if it kills me... I hope it doesn't! If my betas don't like it or say it doesn't work, it's going into the "rewrite" pile along with the original version of "Fourteen". 

I really hate rewriting a manuscript halfway through the first draft. Call it laziness if you want, but sometimes we have to write something that's not good to produce gold in the end product. Sometimes I do better doing a rewrite, instead of having the original idea drafted out. That's been proven already. Ask my Beta Team. They'll tell you. Not the full story on the manuscript in question, but they will tell you its current incarnation is a huge improvement from the original version. 

That's another story for another time. I'll talk about things when I'm ready and able to on here. It's all good. No worries. ;) 

The end result was 2450 words added, three scenes worth, and a major event happening between the mains. It's rough and needs a lot of polishing - one of my more recent jokes is that my rough drafts look like a nuclear bomb went off in the middle of an ink factory - but the gist of it is there, and I think it's working for the most part. That may change after the Betas get their paws on it though. 

I won't be working on much writing wise until after January 3rd, 2017, when Son returns to school. Those late night writing sessions always seem to mean "REWRITES" for me, so I'm just going to take the next while off and relax with my family, and of course, keep the prank war going with my best pal in Facebook. I'm a dead girl walking. Oh well. It's worth making her laugh. *looks innocent* 

Husband has the entire weekend off...  For the first time in five years, he isn't working till 9 PM on the 24th. It's going to be great to have him home and eat supper at the normal time for a change that day. Son and I are normally up watching Santa zip around the world on NORAD's site while we wait for Husband to get home that night. We're probably going to be keeping track again, but not as much. It's still going to be a great holiday. Just being together is a great present in itself.

My holiday wish came early this year... We saw "Rouge One" in the theater Saturday night, and it was *awesome*!!!! I'm so glad they are keeping the feel of the original trilogy, as well as the story lines perfectly lined up. This movie felt like it had been filmed before "A New Hope", because it lines up perfectly with the beginning to that movie. If you love Star Wars - I do, I'm a huge SW geek! - you will love this movie. It answers a lot of questions about how things came to be at the start of "A New Hope". Don't miss it. 

Seeing it in 3D did make my occipital neuralgia go nuts, but that's normal... That gets agitated at the stupidest things I swear.

Anyway, I wish all of you an amazing holiday, whatever you celebrate... Keep rocking everyone. Namaste and all the best. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Snowy Cars, Snowy Cars....

Have I ever mentioned how much I despise winter weather? 

We received our first snowstorm of the season yesterday, and it was not fun at all. The snow started around 7:30 AM yesterday, and it was coming down so fast that the little car was covered before 8 AM, as were the roads.

Schools were going to be closing 3 hours early yesterday, meaning Son's school was getting out at NOON... But after seeing how fast the snow was falling, and how slippery things were at 8 AM,  I made the executive decision to keep him home. 

I'm glad I did. Our road hadn't been plowed at noontime, and I didn't see any plows go by until after 3 PM, it was actually closer to 4 by the time the first one went by. I didn't see it go the other way until after 6 PM, when I was on the phone with my best friend - two hours on the phone with her and that's a *short* conversation! We've gone SIX HOURS before, and probably will again sometime soon. Living across the continent means we become chatterboxes when we get talking over the phone. 

The roads were still nasty this morning, but Son was kept home for another reason. He's sick again, but not as bad as he could be. I think it's just his dust allergy acting up a touch. He's fine, and going back tomorrow even if he doesn't like it....

Things are better with the anemia, but not perfect. My ferritin level (iron stores) came up a couple of notches, but it's not high enough to stop taking the iron supplements. I'm still slightly anemic too. I'm not impressed, but if I want to get better and keep feeling like myself, they are a necessary evil. So... I'm still popping them, and will be until my next check up in March. 

Oh, it's really fun, being sick. /sarcasm

Other than that things are looking up. My lifelong condition has evened out, I'm eating much better, feeling much better, and best of all, I lost a little weight! 

Husband said I'm back to being sunny and positive spirited again. For a while, I was really down in the dumps about certain things, and since they have improved by a thousandfold, I'm feeling more and more like my old self, and I hope this continues. 

There *is* a reason for it, and I will let y'all know when I'm allowed to do so. It's freaking awesome is what it is. ;) 


My best friend said something last week that got me thinking. It made me conclude that I've been expecting perfection in my writing in a rough draft, and therefore throwing me way off, which is the probable cause of me skipping from one story to the next instead of just focusing on one only... I should just *write* and worry about getting it perfect in a *later* draft. 

I'm nowhere near the level of some of my favorite authors, and I should stop thinking I have to have a perfectly polished draft from the get go.

So.... Friday, I decided that I should try writing again, and thought that TEN needs to be fully revised, from the start. It was stalling me a lot, and I could not get past certain things with it, and some of it was illogical for a contemporary, Earth bound romance story. 

I started writing it as just a regular story of a small town boy that meets his match on the desire battlefield... The next thing I knew it was after 2 PM, and I had two whole scenes written in rough draft. Over 1500 words.

Dang, that was easy, once I let go of the notion I have to be perfect in a rough draft. 

I keep forgetting exactly *how* much work went into one of my manuscripts, and how long it took me to get it from its initial draft/incarnation to what it is today. 

It took me over five years to get that particular manuscript up to the highly polished work it is today. Five years of writing the initial draft/incarnation, edits, revisions, more edits, rereads, critiques, more revisions, and a full rewrite, and more revisions, edits, critiques, and so on.

That said, it was worth it. Every single minute of it was a lesson on what to do, and what to avoid.

I'm still learning, and thank heavens I am able to talk to others with more experience, and who know what they're doing. Not just in my genre, but others too. 

It's because of their guidance, honesty and experience that I am the writer I am today. I am so grateful for everything they have taught me, and what they will teach me in the future. 

On a final note, WHOM GODS DESTROY has started re-releasing their songs from their 2007 Demo and their 2011 album "Signs Of Life" as videos with lyrics in them on YouTube. It makes it so much easier to learn the songs, or it is for me. *laughs* 

In closing, I give you one of my favorite songs, "Sea of Tears", from their 2007 4 track Demo CD.


Namaste, and until next time, dear friends.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fair Weather

Happy birthday to my brother in law A, who turns... Well, he's in my age group, and I'd rather not out how old he really is. 

Six years ago today, I was at the casino in Halifax, watching the lead singer of #Creed - and recently, #The Art of Anarchy - Scott Stapp perform his first concert in Nova Scotia. It was one of the most amazing times in my life up to that point, and I had a great time even though I went to the concert alone. Seeing him perform in person is so much better than watching him on video. He is extremely charismatic, and really pulls one into the music, and the lyrics.

I know I've posted this photo before, but I want to share it again... 

One amazing photo of a man with a beautiful voice in my opinion.

Yesterday's weather may not have been fair - we had heavy rain, which I hope means the end of the drought we had over the summer - but we had a blast at my son's school's annual fall bazaar, which is one of the school's biggest fundraisers next to their walk a thon.

Husband was working again so as tradition states, I took Son to it. 

How it works: It's free to attend, but one has to buy tickets to do the activities. It costs so much for a book of tickets, and most of the activities are for kids junior high aged and younger. For example, there was face painting for the younger kids, an obstacle course, a sucker pull, and one of Son's favorites, bowling. Each time a child completed an activity, they got a prize - a piece of candy, a toy, or something age appropriate like pencils for the kids in primary and up. "Adopting" a stuffed animal cost 2 tickets, while a lot of the activities that were set up in the gym cost only 1 ticket. 

Son and I had 8 books of 10 tickets each. Maybe we went too crazy, or I didn't bring a big enough bag into the school, because we were not even halfway through the books and the bag I took in was almost full. 

Son's red sweater and my stuffed dog named Mortimer are on the top, otherwise it's filled with Son's loot, and we were not done yet at that point!!!

Here's a better picture of Mortimer, posing on top of my computer monitor. 

Yes I like a bare bones approach to my computer area, the three files I have on the desktop itself are hidden behind Mortimer's head.

I think Son has enough candy to last him until the holidays. Holy moley, he made out like a bandit, as always. 

After the fair, we went to my mother in law's house for a while. The one cat, Patty (aka Fatty Cakes) always follows me around the house when I'm there, because I have "THE RED DOT" and she loves to chase it (laser pointer). When she's not chasing that, she's looking for me to pet her, and since I can't resist her and she knows it, she gets tons of love from me. 

She did do something naughty....

Yeah, she parked her chubby caboose next to the television while Son was watching a movie. She was also doing her "Ailwien Kitteh" impression, silly girl. I can't resist such a cutie pie!

Speaking of the in law's, no mention of the exact release date of Whom Gods Destroy's upcoming album, "Far Reaches". I'll update all of you when I know. 

The writing is coming along, and I've done something I shouldn't do until after I get Ten, Thirteen and Fourteen finished... I started a new story. It's the rewrite of one I started a few years ago, and I'd like to bring it up to modern times, as well as strip it back to the bare bones. It was another one of the ultra complicated stories I used to write before I learned that simple is best for an unknown like me. I'm really grateful I learned it when I did... I wouldn't have written other stories if I hadn't.

I do have the character profiles started, and I know exactly what I want to use as the ending, down to the last line, which is odd for me. Most of the time, I know it's going to be a "Happy Ever After" or "Happy for Now" ending but not *exactly* how to wrap it up. 

What story it is, and what's going to happen in it is currently between me, my computer and my best friend, who is the only one that knows exactly what's going on with this rewrite - IF I can pull it off.

I hope I can. I want to get back into writing soon. I'm starting to chomp on the monitor in frustration again....... 

I've also been considering things in a draft I finished back in 2014... There is a scene in it that doesn't feel like it belongs in the story. It was influenced by some of my previous works, and doesn't move the story at all, it's just sitting there like a bump on a log. I'm now looking at how I can revise that section, or remove it and work the rest of the story around it. 

My health is slowly improving too. I'm not feeling as icky as I was a month ago, I'm feeling more clear headed and I'm not wearing out as fast as I was this past summer. I think my iron levels are evening out finally, and I will know either way in a few weeks, when I get my ferratin levels checked. I hope I can say good bye to the iron supplements, and replace them with a multivitamin containing extra iron. 

Being anemic stinks, big time.

At least I'm alive and breathing. I remind myself of that every day, because I see so many people dying way too young. 

A pal that I met online passed away last week, and it was a huge blow. He was a kind, big hearted and fun person, and knowing he will no longer be asking me if I found a publisher yet, or laughing at my cat's silly antics (she dive bombed me recently and scared the dickens out of me!) really makes me sad. I'm going to miss seeing him, a lot, and I hope that he's finally at peace on the other side of the veil.

This one's for you Jonathan. Soar with eagles, my friend. 

"Higher Planes" by Whom Gods Destroy, from their 2007 Demo CD.

See y'all next time. Keep rocking, everyone. 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween Havoc - A Night of Live Music

Last night, Troubled Waters hosted another amazing live show, "Halloween Havoc".

My brothers and Tim - Whom Gods Destroy - were up first. In fun, they dressed up as clowns... I know not the greatest idea considering the amount of clown sightings lately, but they had this planned for the event ages ago, long before the trend of scary clowns began.

Their set included songs off their upcoming album "Far Reaches" - "She May Be Evil" and "Ready for the Bite" - as well as old favorites like "Devil on Your Shoulder" and "Higher Planes". 

Adam is no longer sitting behind the drum set during performances. He still does the drums on the albums, but they now have his drum tracks set onto an MP3 player so he can be a full front man for the band. Think "Invisible Drummer" like Ovie and Chris have for Flesh Cauldron.

I think Adam did wonderfully for his first performance as the full front man for the band, he sounded great even if he did look really goofy in his pink clown suit. Yes, he wore *pink* of all the colors. Why? I have no freaking clue, other than he's a silly guy. Tim wore a green wig with various other colors, and Eli had a blue wig. They have photos on their Facebook page, the link to it is to the left in my Links area.

I knew about The Brute Squad - I used to work with the Bassist's mother eons ago - but never saw them live. They are *TALENTED* to say the least. They do a lot of covers, from Led Zeppelin to Black Sabbath and a few newer ones. I really enjoyed their performance.

Flesh Cauldron was up on deck third. As always their thrash metal rocked the house despite a very thin crowd at this point. 

Lastly, Dirt Stache took the stage and they were dressed as bananas. Adam, Eli and I thought that was a creative way to end the night. They are now including lyrics in their songs, which makes things even more fun - they never used to do a lot of lyrics in the past. They are a highly entertaining duo, and so much fun. It was the perfect way to end the night. 

I did dress up, using my two favorite colors - purple and black - as a color theme. As I joked to everyone, I didn't really dress up, I "removed the mask". A lot of people thought that was funny.


I have had a few problems getting into one of the three WIPs I am bouncing between at the moment, but after some time to mull over things, I decided the right way to get "Fourteen" off of the ground was do the entire story, starting with the backstory. I'll be then culling it back to just the "present time" after it's done.

I've been having problems figuring out just *how* to have the characters meet up in present day, which leads them into things, and everything else. So I'm telling myself the entire thing first, and pantsing it. Hopefully it'll work out to be awesome like the one rewrite did. 

"Fourteen" is the companion story to one of my finished drafts. Which one, I'm not saying just yet. I'm not even sure I can get into it yet, and I'd rather not disappoint anyone if this one is never finished. I have been writing in it on and off, despite being exhausted from my old pal "Iron Deficiency Anemia" returning. I'm determined to get back into writing and be immersed into another story sometime soon. I'm stubborn enough to "Make it so" as Captain Jean Luc Picard of Star Trek the Next Generation would say. 

I have a lot on the go right now, not just writing, real life things, so I'll update y'all when I can.

Have a great Halloween everyone, and if you celebrate it, Blessed Samhain to all of my pagan pals and readers. Namaste!

I leave y'all with photos from Halloween Havoc.

Tim from Whom Gods Destroy.

Eli of Whom Gods Destroy.

Adam and Eli of Whom Gods Destroy. Adam is being a goof again.

Whom Gods Destroy during their performance.

Our pal Patti (left) and her husband.

The Brute Squad.

Various audience members.

Flesh Cauldron.

Dirt Stache.

Eli and Adam from Whom Gods Destroy.

Who is this silly little Witchy Rocker Chick? LOL

Finally, video from the night - Whom Gods Destroy playing "Higher Planes" from their 2007 demo, one of my favorite songs.

Friday, September 30, 2016

School Returns, Art Fun and More....

Holy smokes, to be blunt. 

What a crazy month it's been! I've barely found the time to sit down and actually think, let alone update my blog or do much of anything else.

The school year has finally started, and Son has been loving his new classroom, new teachers and new TAs. He has reconnected with a friend from Preschool that attended the other feeder school that also ends at grade 5, and they are very close. We even saw her and her family (her mom and I have remained pals all through the years) at the Afterglow Art Festival this past weekend, and it was great to see all of them. 

Son has been sick on and off. He had a cold the second week of school that knocked him flat and he has a lingering cough from it. He was so bad this week that he didn't feel like doing math. Yeah, that's *bad*.... He's on medication for it now, thanks to a fast trip to our amazing family doctor, and he's not coughing as much. He's only been on this medicine for two days. It's powerful stuff. Thank heavens. When he is at school, he's doing wonderfully, and has transitioned quite well at the moment. He literally blew away his new math teacher by showing off how fast his mind is when he's doing mental math... It was freaking awesome to hear that. His math skills are a lot higher than Grade 6... More like borderline senior high already. Well, he comes by that honestly, considering my brother and myself are both strong in mathematics, and both of us were well ahead of our peers in a lot of things math related too, even all through high school.


Saturday September 24, 2016 was the fifth annual Afterglow Art Festival in Bridgewater, NS, and of course we went to it. 

Talk about FUN!!! We watched our longtime friend (and Son's favorite artist) create a few new spray paint pieces right in front of us (we purchased 2 more of his works that night!), saw a lot of people we knew including a number of Son's friends from school, lots of amazing art, and plenty of awesome street performers. I also had some amazing Thai style chicken curry, it was out of this world yummy. I hope that booth is there again next year... 


I've been at work trying to get character descriptions updated and figure out a few things related to the companion story for one of my finished manuscripts... So far, it's slow going but it IS going for now.

I've also played around with things in regards to the one manuscript... Just what, only a few people know right now, but I will say what it was publicly in time. I know exactly when I'll say so, if that ever happens. 

Got you wondering, haven't I? *looks innocent* 

It's a good thing, so no worries on that. My best friend and a few other pals who know what's going on loved the idea. 

I'm also trying to get up to date on what publishers accept what and who doesn't require an author having an agent. I think I found a few that will fit either story, and may even take both... Tee hee..... *tries to hide the horns with a tarnished halo* 

One rejection at a time... And hopefully I'll be able to scream "ACCEPTED AND CONTRACT SIGNED!!" sometime in the future, preferably the near one... 

I leave you with some photos from AFTERGLOW... Have a great weekend everyone!

In our driveway, all ready to go...

Kyle O making magic with spray paint.

Fire dancers on the parkade.

A musical act on the bandstand's gazebo.

A view of the Lahave River and more art fun.

Facing northwards on King Street, toward the Veteran's Memorial Bridge.

One of the many uber talented acts playing that night, shadow puppetry and music. An awesome show.

Kyle O making more magic with his paints.

An interactive video game next to Kyle O's booth.

Having a blast at the festival! 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Where Did Summer Go?

A big WELCOME to all, and I hope you like the new look of my blog.

The background photo is one I took myself, on my brand new smart phone - which was a combination reward for reaching 2 years smoke free and early birthday present to myself. 

It's a Samsung Galaxy A5, and I LOVE IT. I also found a gorgeous case for it, it has a nebula on the back and it's all different colors. So pretty and so ME.

Love it!!


Three weeks.

That's all we have left of summer vacation. The last 8 weeks sped by, in a haze of writing exercises, zipping around the area with my son, tripping over the damn cat, and trying to figure out the best spots for updating my exercise regimen, preferably in a controlled environment - no bugs and little humidity in the summer, with no ice and warmer temps in the winter, and something that doesn't have only walking either, somewhere that has other exercise activities I enjoy.

I found a spot, and once school starts, I hope to start going there a few times in a trial run... If I like their facilities, I'm going to join in a full membership. They have swimming, a walk track, yoga, aqua-fitness classes, and if you like it, ice skating - not something I do, but others love it. There may be more in time, but so far it's looking like it's right up my alley. :) 

I have a brand new bathing suit that will fit me AND I actually *like* on order from an online retailer (it's hard to find really cool stuff in my tastes for girls my size), and I'm going to be getting a pair of yoga capris, along with a tee-shirt that's suitable.

Did I hear a few of you faint? *blink*

Yes, I hope to take some yoga too, so I need the damn pants. It's not easy to do yoga in jeans, especially the style I wear. 

As for swimming, it's one of my favorite activities. I just don't do it very often now due to lack of bathing suit that fits me properly. I hope the new one does, because I'm sick of being stuck on the sidelines while everyone else is having fun in the water. It's a great exercise all around, even for people with arthritis or other mobility problems. It gets the entire body involved, which is what I want. I like walking but swimming is FUN all around, and has been to me since I first learned how to swim at the age of 9 years old.

Son loves it too so y'all know he'll be tagging along occasionally, if there isn't school on certain days, or if we decide to go on a weekend. Things are easier for me to do now, I'm more mobile for the first time in years, and I love it. 

I'm hoping to get back into the writing routine when I'm not at the Centre this coming school year. I'm starting to get ideas for some of the stories I have on the go - I have THREE WIPs right now! - and I'd love to get back into at least one of them. I do hate leaving a story unfinished...........

Son is excited about school starting in three weeks. We are now officially DONE school shopping, and I'll soon be digging out his bookbag and school supplies to organize. We are going in for a tour of the Grade 6 wing and the rest of the Junior High end of campus the day before school starts, so Son can get his bearings, see who his teacher and the TA will be, and maybe even meet a few of his classmates that are special needs from the one feeder school that has their grade 6 class go into junior high. 

Today is also World Photography Day... Here are a couple of photos I took myself in celebration:

The first few are of my favorite beach, taken the other night, and the last one is of Amber who was on my chest. That's literally what I see when she does that.

Thank you to all who sent me birthday wishes so far, that was very kind of you. 

Since it is my day, I will leave you with something I love.... My favorite cover of all time.

Everyone, please enjoy "The Sound of Silence" from the album "Immortalized" by one of my favorite all time bands, DISTURBED.

Namaste everyone. 

Friday, July 1, 2016

"God Invented Days Like This for Drinkin'"....



July 1, 1867: Under Her Royal Majesty, Queen Victoria, taken from the British North American Act...

"We do ordain, declare, and command that on and after the First day of July, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty-seven, the Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, shall form and be One Dominion, under the name of Canada."

Henceforth, my gorgeous nation was born, and my amazing province of NOVA SCOTIA was one of the original four provinces.

Yes, I love my nation, and I'm proud to be Canadian!

Since summer is now official going, a quick update about Son...

He has graduated into Junior High school (Grade 6 on his campus) with ALL As and Bs, including an A in his most hated subject, French.

I kid y'all not. An A in FRENCH of all subjects.

Baffling, eh? LOL 

I think my best pal fainted when she read that in Facebook the other day!

He had a fantastic last day of elementary school. He played with his friends, raised hell with his classmates and was awarded "Classroom Greeter" award for his sunshine every morning.

It was made even more bittersweet knowing he wasn't the only one moving on.

His old resource teacher, Mr. R, is leaving the school.. Moving upwards in the system. Mr. R has been promoted to Principal of my old elementary school. 

The students at PRCE are VERY lucky. Mr. R is a fantastic teacher, and a really nice guy all around. They are going to thrive with him as Principal.

As sad as seeing him leave the campus was, maybe it's best if he's not there. Son won't look for him as much, and will probably have an easier time adjusting to the new building with NEW teachers, and of course, a new Resource Teacher. 

We're gearing up for the start of school even though Summer Vacation has barely started... 11 weeks can go by so damn fast. Thank heavens we already have a good chunk of his school supply list purchased already - leftovers from Grade 5. LOL

Plans include visiting my mother in law, hopefully seeing my mother a few times, hanging out with Hubby's brothers and Tim (at live music shows and other places), trips to our favorite beach, day trips to our favorite spots in the western half of the province, and other fun things.

I can't remember if I posted this on the blog or not for my readers, but here's something to make you laugh... Hubby was changing the litterbox last week and she kept making dives for the door. Amber wasn't impressed when I held her on her back with her paws up in the air and her tummy exposed for KISSES!!! She looked so disgusted I *had* to grab my phone and snap a photo of it! 

Who's a PO'ed puddy tat?? LOL Hope it made you smile!

I leave y'all with the FIRST OFFICIAL VIDEO from local classic metal band WHOM GODS DESTROY, the hard rock version of their country song, "God Invented Days Like This For Drinkin'"... A perfect anthem for those hot, long summer weekends. Enjoy!!!!!

Have a fun and safe LONG WEEKEND EVERYONE! Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians, and Happy 4th of July to my American friends and family! (I am part American for the record, my great grandmother was born in BOSTON of all the places!)...

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Lightening Strikes My Hometown...

June 24, 2016.....

"Lightening Leather", Flesh Cauldron's newest album, is finally released.

Troubled Waters holds a celebratory live music show at the Michelin Social and Athletics Club in their hometown of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. 

It turned out to be a great lineup, despite only TWO bands being able to perform that night. Flesh Cauldron was the featured band, with Whom Gods Destroy opening for them.

Yours truly was there, of course, and right at the front of the small gathering to cheer on her brothers and Tim, and to congratulate Ovie and Chris of Flesh Cauldron on the release of their new album. 

WGD's set didn't start until about 8 or so, but it was a great set. Songs included "She May Be Evil", "Higher Planes" and of course, the hard rock version of their country song, "God Invented Days Like This for Drinkin'". Their next album is due to be released sometime later this year, or maybe sometime next year. I'm not sure on that, I'll have to talk to the guys about how their post production is coming along. Hopefully it's soon. It's been five years since "Signs of Life" was released. We fans need new music, dammit!! LOL 

I am now glad I took my regular camera with me as backup, because the battery on the "small" tablet happened to croak just as WGD's set was wrapping up.

Hence why Flesh Cauldron's set wasn't on video on my end, and their pictures look different than WGD's. 

Anyway, their set was perfect. You couldn't have gotten a better thrash metal performance. 

Before Ovie and Chris can say they weren't perfect, but the "drummer" was, yes, you two *WERE* perfect performance wise that night. 

The damn drummer did mess up because it didn't cue y'all to start playing at one point. 

Which is pretty bad considering it's a bloody iPod. 

Yeah. LOL

I did get a copy of "Lightening Leather" to enjoy at home, even though I've heard most of the songs on the album at previous live shows, and at "Lightening Strikes". It's damn  good. I liked it even if I'm not a huge fan of thrash metal - Flesh Cauldron is my favorite thrash metal band after all. 

There *is* a little surprise at the very end of the last track on the CD, "Face the Destroyer". You get some dead air for a minute or so between the end of the music and the surprise, but do keep going. What's there is more than worth it! 

Photos from Friday night:

Adam Bondarenko, lead singer and drummer for WHOM GODS DESTROY.

Adam and Eli Bondarenko -bassist for Whom Gods Destroy- during their setup.

WHOM GODS DESTROY - Tim Gaudet (guitars, backup vocals, spokesperson), Adam Bondarenko (vocals, drums) and Eli Bondarenko (bass) - during their performance.

FLESH CAULDRON on the RIGHT: Ovie (vocals, guitar) in the foreground, and Chris Kendall (bass, backup vocals) in the background.

WGD Merchandise! I currently have all three versions of their tee shirts, including two of the black logo ones (on the right). 

Flesh Cauldron (Ovie and Chris), during set up.

Adam Bondarenko and Eli Bondarenko of WHOM GODS DESTROY.

FLESH CAULDRON during their performance.
All in all it was a great night, filled with lots of laughs, good times, and of course, great music. I can't wait for the next live show at the MSAC in town. Anything hosted by Troubled Waters is kick ass, they always seem to get the best bands around. 

Here's a link to the video of WGD's performance. It kicked ass as always.

WGD @ MSAC June 24 2016

On a closing note, one of our friends said "Everyone has porn on their phones!"

I don't. I don't have any porn videos or pics on my tablets...

Oh wait, maybe I do.........

Erotic e-books count as porn, right? 

So yeah, I guess I do have porn on my tablets after all. 

Hey, I'm a romance writer... I'm SUPPOSED to have stuff like that on my devices, etc, right?

Right??? *looks innocent*

Have a great week, everyone!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Final Countdown...

It's the final countdown...

Countdown to summer - two days away - countdown to Father's Day - Tomorrow, and lastly, the countdown to Son's last day in Grade Five....

Which also means his last day in Elementary school.

Thursday. Thursday, June 23rd is the last day Son will be an elementary school student, he will be graduating from the little school into Junior High and the "Big School" on June 29th. 

The countdown to saying goodbye to his elementary school autism team has begun too.

Some members like Cathy from the Autism Centre will be traveling with us to the next level, so will Barb from Assistive Technology, but we will leave his current Resource Teacher, the Vice Principal, and lastly his Teacher's Aide behind as he takes a giant leap from one level to the next. 

I had my first Transition Meeting with the Grade Six team on June 7th... They all seem like great people and some of them can not wait to get Son in their class! The Junior High Resource Teacher is very excited to be teaching Son this coming fall, and can't wait for summer to get over. She's already making plans for his time with her, and even has ideas on ways to help him if he's in the middle of a "stuck" episode (where he can't move on to the next activity), and get him even more interested in scholar pursuits. She's high energy, which is what Son needs. 

I hadn't met the Grade Six teachers yet but I like them. One even asked me if we can get some instrumental heavy metal songs for his reading time, because she puts "yoga music" to help the kids concentrate on their reading... Which would set Son off. He HATES anything other than heavy metal and rock - yes, that is MY influence, OOPS! (NOT!) -  so we're now looking at instrumental pieces by Disturbed and other bands he likes so he can listen to it on his school tablet with the ear phones and not have to worry about him taking a meltdown.

What really made me happy was meeting one of the TA's for Grade Six. She's a former school mate of mine! She was a year ahead of me in school, but her brother and I were in the same grade from Primary upwards... And BOTH of her parents taught me. Her mom was my grade 4 teacher, and her dad was my grade 5 teacher. I loved both of them, and they are two of my favorite all time teachers to this day. I wish either or both of them were still teaching now, so there was a chance Son would be lucky enough to be in one of their classes........... It was a relief knowing I already know one of the TAs somewhat (it's been years since I saw her, but we did recognize each other!).... That reassures me Son is in AWESOME hands, even though Mrs. T won't be with him next year - she helps out with Elementary students only (poo! :( )... However, he's allowed visiting her once in a while at the Little School, same goes for all of his old teachers over there. 

Orientation night for ALL parents and students entering the junior high - grade six for our school, grade 7 for the other feeder schools - was on June 13th. We didn't go on the tour because Son already knows where most things are over at the big school - he takes Music, sometimes Gym class, and eats lunch in the Cafeteria there - and we will be getting a personalized tour the day before school opens in September. It was the Resource Teacher's idea, and I'm glad she asked about it, because if she hadn't, I was going to. LOL 

As for Son, he's pretty excited about moving forward... Although I don't think it's really sunk in to his brain what's really going on this coming fall just yet. I don't think it will until he's actually *there* in the classroom on the first day of school, in a new building with new teachers, a new TA, and new faces from the Grade 7 wing staring back at him. I think it'll sink in then and we'll have a few really rough spots.

I hope not. I want him to enjoy his school years. I hated mine, because I was the fat girl and bullied from Primary to my graduating year.

I'm just grateful he's only moving from one building to another on the same campus. When I started junior high - ironically at the same school complex, but another building, the current building was built in 1997, I graduated into high school in the late 80s - I had been at one of the feeder schools, and my class was only 30 students, compared to the 50 plus that had come from the elementary end of the complex. 

He already knows the majority of students that will be in Junior High this coming fall, thank heavens.... Our neighbor's daughter will be there, she's in Grade 8 this coming year, she and her friends were always good with Son, probably because they knew he needed help with some things, and they are great kids. I thank my lucky star that she's still there, and will be for Son's first two years of Junior high.

Yeah, busy times. I hope things go smoothly. Wish us luck! :) 

So........ I've been doing more work on an older manuscript that was started a couple of years ago, but never finished. "Away to Me" kind of took over the brain halfway through writing this one manuscript, so it was set aside. 

Although it's been on my mind a LOT, I really didn't think I'd ever finish it. Well, I've looked at it, did a lot of revisions, and I'm considering MORE once school starts up again in the fall. I may rewrite it - or the premise of it at least - or I may leave it as is but just edit and do a LOT of revisions and polishing to get it "just right". 

Peapod and I have been discussing things in regard to it, and although I'm not "overcome" by this one again, just looking at it is good enough for me. It goes to show I'm not dead in the water with the writing, and it shows that maybe "Away to Me" and "Hearts Remembering" will not be the only stories I write. I hope I can write again anyway..... If not, I may wind up shooting someone..... 

It's also countdown to "TWO YEARS SMOKE FREE"... Today marks ONE YEAR, ELEVEN MONTHS SMOKE FREE! :) My reward is going to see LIVE MUSIC thanks to Troubled Waters, they are holding an event in town again on the 24th. It's a release party for Flesh Cauldron's album "Lightening Leather", and it features them, WHOM GODS DESTROY and other local metal bands. 

Come on, y'all KNOW I can't resist live metal music, especially if Whom Gods Destroy is playing! LOL 

Can't wait!

Have a great weekend everyone! I leave you with photos of Amber, lazying in the sunlight on top of my monitor.