Friday, September 30, 2016

School Returns, Art Fun and More....

Holy smokes, to be blunt. 

What a crazy month it's been! I've barely found the time to sit down and actually think, let alone update my blog or do much of anything else.

The school year has finally started, and Son has been loving his new classroom, new teachers and new TAs. He has reconnected with a friend from Preschool that attended the other feeder school that also ends at grade 5, and they are very close. We even saw her and her family (her mom and I have remained pals all through the years) at the Afterglow Art Festival this past weekend, and it was great to see all of them. 

Son has been sick on and off. He had a cold the second week of school that knocked him flat and he has a lingering cough from it. He was so bad this week that he didn't feel like doing math. Yeah, that's *bad*.... He's on medication for it now, thanks to a fast trip to our amazing family doctor, and he's not coughing as much. He's only been on this medicine for two days. It's powerful stuff. Thank heavens. When he is at school, he's doing wonderfully, and has transitioned quite well at the moment. He literally blew away his new math teacher by showing off how fast his mind is when he's doing mental math... It was freaking awesome to hear that. His math skills are a lot higher than Grade 6... More like borderline senior high already. Well, he comes by that honestly, considering my brother and myself are both strong in mathematics, and both of us were well ahead of our peers in a lot of things math related too, even all through high school.


Saturday September 24, 2016 was the fifth annual Afterglow Art Festival in Bridgewater, NS, and of course we went to it. 

Talk about FUN!!! We watched our longtime friend (and Son's favorite artist) create a few new spray paint pieces right in front of us (we purchased 2 more of his works that night!), saw a lot of people we knew including a number of Son's friends from school, lots of amazing art, and plenty of awesome street performers. I also had some amazing Thai style chicken curry, it was out of this world yummy. I hope that booth is there again next year... 


I've been at work trying to get character descriptions updated and figure out a few things related to the companion story for one of my finished manuscripts... So far, it's slow going but it IS going for now.

I've also played around with things in regards to the one manuscript... Just what, only a few people know right now, but I will say what it was publicly in time. I know exactly when I'll say so, if that ever happens. 

Got you wondering, haven't I? *looks innocent* 

It's a good thing, so no worries on that. My best friend and a few other pals who know what's going on loved the idea. 

I'm also trying to get up to date on what publishers accept what and who doesn't require an author having an agent. I think I found a few that will fit either story, and may even take both... Tee hee..... *tries to hide the horns with a tarnished halo* 

One rejection at a time... And hopefully I'll be able to scream "ACCEPTED AND CONTRACT SIGNED!!" sometime in the future, preferably the near one... 

I leave you with some photos from AFTERGLOW... Have a great weekend everyone!

In our driveway, all ready to go...

Kyle O making magic with spray paint.

Fire dancers on the parkade.

A musical act on the bandstand's gazebo.

A view of the Lahave River and more art fun.

Facing northwards on King Street, toward the Veteran's Memorial Bridge.

One of the many uber talented acts playing that night, shadow puppetry and music. An awesome show.

Kyle O making more magic with his paints.

An interactive video game next to Kyle O's booth.

Having a blast at the festival!