Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween Havoc - A Night of Live Music

Last night, Troubled Waters hosted another amazing live show, "Halloween Havoc".

My brothers and Tim - Whom Gods Destroy - were up first. In fun, they dressed up as clowns... I know not the greatest idea considering the amount of clown sightings lately, but they had this planned for the event ages ago, long before the trend of scary clowns began.

Their set included songs off their upcoming album "Far Reaches" - "She May Be Evil" and "Ready for the Bite" - as well as old favorites like "Devil on Your Shoulder" and "Higher Planes". 

Adam is no longer sitting behind the drum set during performances. He still does the drums on the albums, but they now have his drum tracks set onto an MP3 player so he can be a full front man for the band. Think "Invisible Drummer" like Ovie and Chris have for Flesh Cauldron.

I think Adam did wonderfully for his first performance as the full front man for the band, he sounded great even if he did look really goofy in his pink clown suit. Yes, he wore *pink* of all the colors. Why? I have no freaking clue, other than he's a silly guy. Tim wore a green wig with various other colors, and Eli had a blue wig. They have photos on their Facebook page, the link to it is to the left in my Links area.

I knew about The Brute Squad - I used to work with the Bassist's mother eons ago - but never saw them live. They are *TALENTED* to say the least. They do a lot of covers, from Led Zeppelin to Black Sabbath and a few newer ones. I really enjoyed their performance.

Flesh Cauldron was up on deck third. As always their thrash metal rocked the house despite a very thin crowd at this point. 

Lastly, Dirt Stache took the stage and they were dressed as bananas. Adam, Eli and I thought that was a creative way to end the night. They are now including lyrics in their songs, which makes things even more fun - they never used to do a lot of lyrics in the past. They are a highly entertaining duo, and so much fun. It was the perfect way to end the night. 

I did dress up, using my two favorite colors - purple and black - as a color theme. As I joked to everyone, I didn't really dress up, I "removed the mask". A lot of people thought that was funny.


I have had a few problems getting into one of the three WIPs I am bouncing between at the moment, but after some time to mull over things, I decided the right way to get "Fourteen" off of the ground was do the entire story, starting with the backstory. I'll be then culling it back to just the "present time" after it's done.

I've been having problems figuring out just *how* to have the characters meet up in present day, which leads them into things, and everything else. So I'm telling myself the entire thing first, and pantsing it. Hopefully it'll work out to be awesome like the one rewrite did. 

"Fourteen" is the companion story to one of my finished drafts. Which one, I'm not saying just yet. I'm not even sure I can get into it yet, and I'd rather not disappoint anyone if this one is never finished. I have been writing in it on and off, despite being exhausted from my old pal "Iron Deficiency Anemia" returning. I'm determined to get back into writing and be immersed into another story sometime soon. I'm stubborn enough to "Make it so" as Captain Jean Luc Picard of Star Trek the Next Generation would say. 

I have a lot on the go right now, not just writing, real life things, so I'll update y'all when I can.

Have a great Halloween everyone, and if you celebrate it, Blessed Samhain to all of my pagan pals and readers. Namaste!

I leave y'all with photos from Halloween Havoc.

Tim from Whom Gods Destroy.

Eli of Whom Gods Destroy.

Adam and Eli of Whom Gods Destroy. Adam is being a goof again.

Whom Gods Destroy during their performance.

Our pal Patti (left) and her husband.

The Brute Squad.

Various audience members.

Flesh Cauldron.

Dirt Stache.

Eli and Adam from Whom Gods Destroy.

Who is this silly little Witchy Rocker Chick? LOL

Finally, video from the night - Whom Gods Destroy playing "Higher Planes" from their 2007 demo, one of my favorite songs.