Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fair Weather

Happy birthday to my brother in law A, who turns... Well, he's in my age group, and I'd rather not out how old he really is. 

Six years ago today, I was at the casino in Halifax, watching the lead singer of #Creed - and recently, #The Art of Anarchy - Scott Stapp perform his first concert in Nova Scotia. It was one of the most amazing times in my life up to that point, and I had a great time even though I went to the concert alone. Seeing him perform in person is so much better than watching him on video. He is extremely charismatic, and really pulls one into the music, and the lyrics.

I know I've posted this photo before, but I want to share it again... 

One amazing photo of a man with a beautiful voice in my opinion.

Yesterday's weather may not have been fair - we had heavy rain, which I hope means the end of the drought we had over the summer - but we had a blast at my son's school's annual fall bazaar, which is one of the school's biggest fundraisers next to their walk a thon.

Husband was working again so as tradition states, I took Son to it. 

How it works: It's free to attend, but one has to buy tickets to do the activities. It costs so much for a book of tickets, and most of the activities are for kids junior high aged and younger. For example, there was face painting for the younger kids, an obstacle course, a sucker pull, and one of Son's favorites, bowling. Each time a child completed an activity, they got a prize - a piece of candy, a toy, or something age appropriate like pencils for the kids in primary and up. "Adopting" a stuffed animal cost 2 tickets, while a lot of the activities that were set up in the gym cost only 1 ticket. 

Son and I had 8 books of 10 tickets each. Maybe we went too crazy, or I didn't bring a big enough bag into the school, because we were not even halfway through the books and the bag I took in was almost full. 

Son's red sweater and my stuffed dog named Mortimer are on the top, otherwise it's filled with Son's loot, and we were not done yet at that point!!!

Here's a better picture of Mortimer, posing on top of my computer monitor. 

Yes I like a bare bones approach to my computer area, the three files I have on the desktop itself are hidden behind Mortimer's head.

I think Son has enough candy to last him until the holidays. Holy moley, he made out like a bandit, as always. 

After the fair, we went to my mother in law's house for a while. The one cat, Patty (aka Fatty Cakes) always follows me around the house when I'm there, because I have "THE RED DOT" and she loves to chase it (laser pointer). When she's not chasing that, she's looking for me to pet her, and since I can't resist her and she knows it, she gets tons of love from me. 

She did do something naughty....

Yeah, she parked her chubby caboose next to the television while Son was watching a movie. She was also doing her "Ailwien Kitteh" impression, silly girl. I can't resist such a cutie pie!

Speaking of the in law's, no mention of the exact release date of Whom Gods Destroy's upcoming album, "Far Reaches". I'll update all of you when I know. 

The writing is coming along, and I've done something I shouldn't do until after I get Ten, Thirteen and Fourteen finished... I started a new story. It's the rewrite of one I started a few years ago, and I'd like to bring it up to modern times, as well as strip it back to the bare bones. It was another one of the ultra complicated stories I used to write before I learned that simple is best for an unknown like me. I'm really grateful I learned it when I did... I wouldn't have written other stories if I hadn't.

I do have the character profiles started, and I know exactly what I want to use as the ending, down to the last line, which is odd for me. Most of the time, I know it's going to be a "Happy Ever After" or "Happy for Now" ending but not *exactly* how to wrap it up. 

What story it is, and what's going to happen in it is currently between me, my computer and my best friend, who is the only one that knows exactly what's going on with this rewrite - IF I can pull it off.

I hope I can. I want to get back into writing soon. I'm starting to chomp on the monitor in frustration again....... 

I've also been considering things in a draft I finished back in 2014... There is a scene in it that doesn't feel like it belongs in the story. It was influenced by some of my previous works, and doesn't move the story at all, it's just sitting there like a bump on a log. I'm now looking at how I can revise that section, or remove it and work the rest of the story around it. 

My health is slowly improving too. I'm not feeling as icky as I was a month ago, I'm feeling more clear headed and I'm not wearing out as fast as I was this past summer. I think my iron levels are evening out finally, and I will know either way in a few weeks, when I get my ferratin levels checked. I hope I can say good bye to the iron supplements, and replace them with a multivitamin containing extra iron. 

Being anemic stinks, big time.

At least I'm alive and breathing. I remind myself of that every day, because I see so many people dying way too young. 

A pal that I met online passed away last week, and it was a huge blow. He was a kind, big hearted and fun person, and knowing he will no longer be asking me if I found a publisher yet, or laughing at my cat's silly antics (she dive bombed me recently and scared the dickens out of me!) really makes me sad. I'm going to miss seeing him, a lot, and I hope that he's finally at peace on the other side of the veil.

This one's for you Jonathan. Soar with eagles, my friend. 

"Higher Planes" by Whom Gods Destroy, from their 2007 Demo CD.

See y'all next time. Keep rocking, everyone.