Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Production, At Last!

Back to school, and back to writing.

Or so I thought. 

Last week, I had two writing days... Thursday and Friday. Thursday, things went a little cuckoo with my lifelong condition in the morning again (like it has been for the last couple of weeks), so I decided to start narrowing things down to see what was causing it.

I changed up my routine a little by changing some of the things I eat in the mornings. That didn't work. Since I feel icky and don't want to write when things are going crazy with it, I decided to take the day off from writing and do something I should be doing at least twice a week anyway.

I zipped up to the local Lifestyle Centre, and used their walking track, which is around the top part of the ice arena, above the seats. Four laps of 250 metres each, or a full kilometre, and about 10 minutes. I wasn't even going that fast, and I still made great time. I wasn't happy with myself because I had forgotten the ear buds for my phone (I have all of my music on there for walking, etc), but it wasn't that bad. They have music playing there for all of the areas - arena, cafe, upstairs conference rooms and yoga studios, and of course, the indoor pool. It was mostly pop music out of the 1980s, but it was still a lot better than it could have been.... Even if it wasn't Disturbed, Creed or Whom Gods Destroy.

Things with the condition were evening out by that time, so I decided to pick up a few more things to help it... Fresh and frozen veggies, some cream for the coffee over milk (I use less, so I don't get as many carbs or sugars in the cream), whole grain crackers, and so on. 

By the time I stopped in to say hi to Husband at his workplace, I was tired but feeling a lot better. His boss was there, and she and I talked about some awesome news that happened to me last year - some of you know about it, but until things are confirmed with dates, etc, I'd rather not share it here... I will share when I can, I promise! She's really excited for me, and can't wait for things to really start. I'm too tired and busy writing to be excited right now. I'll save that for when things really take off. 

Friday was much better. Despite things still going crazy with the lifelong condition, I knuckled down and opened TEN. My goal for this week was 1500 words. I got 2252 in only 3 hours, and had a lot happen between the mains. 

Not bad considering things are still acting up... Although I am pretty sure I have figured out what's going on... Tomorrow I'll be trying something new and keeping everything else the same. If the condition goes crazy even with the switch, that wasn't it... If not, I was right, as weird as it sounds. 

I have a few writing days coming up, and if possible, I'd like for this one's first draft finished and in stasis before March Break rolls around. That's two months away. I've written a full first draft in less time, surely I can finish a partially written one.............

I hope all of you have a fantastic week!

I leave you with a quote from "Whom Gods Destroy" by Whom Gods Destroy off of their 2011 album, Signs of Life (used with permission from the band):

"Inside, you've got it all
But fear can cheat the brave
And destroy your heart and soul
To believe gives endless power
The darkness of the mind
The spell that binds

So tip the scales, but understand
Whom gods destroy, they first make mad
An angel's face, the devil's hand
Whom gods destroy, they first make mad."

~Copyright 2011, Whom Gods Destroy

(Mad as in "insane" for the record!)