Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ahead of Schedule?

This past week has been very interesting.

Today, Whom Gods Destroy released their first vlog of 2017... It's less than 13 minutes long, so I decided to burn some bandwidth and watch the entire thing. Let's just say it's nuts. There's never a dull moment with the guys. However the last thing I wanted to see was Tim's butt crack. Thanks for imprinting that onto my memory for good, guys. *GAG!!!* 

It's shared on my author page, for anyone who wants to see it. Link to that is in the Links list in the left hand column. WARNING: Foul language! May not be suitable for all viewers!

On the writing front............

I didn't think I'd do it due to lack of writing time, but I have another rough draft finished. Husband took Son grocery shopping yesterday and I had the entire house to myself for the whole afternoon. I typed in "THE END" at 4:57 PM Atlantic Time yesterday. Finally. 

It's shorter than I expected, only about 90 pages, maybe 92. Less than 50K... BUT that's subject to change as things get edited and rewritten. It needs a *lot* of work before even my editor, Peapod, sees it. 

Right now, it looks like a bomb went off in the middle of an ink factory. The basics are there... I use Draft 1 to build the foundation and subsequent drafts (or incarnations) to erect the rest of it.

I do have a working title for it, but that's subject to change too... "Fugitive Dreams". 

It went into Draft 2 mode earlier today, and I will be cleaning it up a bit this week, when I'm not working on the next project that is... 

Or beta reading...

I think that as an aspiring author, being a beta at least a few times is essential for growth. You learn a lot by reading the rougher drafts of other people's stuff... And it trains your eyes to see similar mistakes in your own work. 

I took this morning off from my own stuff to do a beta read for one of my betas... Gang, this gent is *good*. It was a rougher draft, but the principle of the story was still there, and he has a solid foundation for this particular story. 

I'm hoping to do another round of beta reading for him or someone else soon. Sometimes you need to take a break from your own work and read someone else's for a change. 

Back to working on a blurb for the newly finished first draft. Hopefully I can come up with something coherent that won't give away the full story.

Have a great weekend everyone... I leave you with "Sea of Tears" by Whom Gods Destroy, from their 2007 Demo CD.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Nearing THE END... Of Draft One

It's true folks.

I'm almost done another rough draft. 

Now this story is about as messy as it can get - think nuclear bomb going off in the middle of an ink factory messy. There's a lot of wordy areas, and spots where I need to make it less choppy - it needs to flow a little better.

Work on a manuscript does *not* stop when one types "THE END" after all. It's a constant process to get it refined... From the wording, to the way the story itself flows, and everything else has to be tweaked to as close as perfect as you can get it before your betas even get a whiff of it. 

I have at least two betas from another project lined up for this one already. When asked, both Peapod and a sweet lady I met in one of my old Creed haunts jumped at the chance to help me with this one too. So proud to have them both on the Beta Team, they're like family to me.

I'm down another chapter, and today, I wrote the anticlimax. It was tough to do considering everything, but it's done. 

I'm now mulling over how to arrange the lead in to the grand finale. I already know what's going to happen then, so I'm okay. 

I do have a working title for it, for the record. I wound up figuring one out the day after I wrote up the previous entry about hating coming up with even a working title. So far it's liked by my Facebook pals. Peapod thinks it's awesome and more catchy than the original one I had planned. 

Hopefully I'll be able to type "THE END" into that next week or the week after, and put it in stasis while I go through my ideas list and see which one hooks me next.


I'm also seeing a chapter end in my life. One that's been going on for a few years.

I'm finally saying "THE END" to work on one of my stories, for good.

You see, I finally found a publisher, one that's giving this little unknown a chance.

My first book is coming out later this year.

I've been going nuts working with the editors at my publisher trying to get this story perfected - from the editing to the proofing and even getting things just so with the way things line up for chapter breaks and so on.

I have also seen the cover proof for it. It's GORGEOUS! The artist who did it pretty much depicts how I pictured the leads since day one. (I cried when I saw it, it's so pretty, and I can't stop looking at it!)

I am seriously in love with that cover. *happy sigh!* 

I can't say much else right now. I will post things when I'm given the okay to share everything. I promise!

Not hard to tell I'm excited, huh? *looks innocent* 

Have a great weekend, folks. I leave you with my favorite Disturbed song... "STRICKEN"

Saturday, February 11, 2017


I hate choosing a title for a story. 

I never seem to choose one that suits the story and has a lot of punch at the same time. My title choices tend to be boring, really boring.

Hearts Remembering. Yeah, it says what the story is about but it doesn't have pizzazz in my opinion. I'm so glad I changed it at the last minute, it did turn out to be *gold* after all. (Long story!)

In case anyone's wondering, I'm trying to think of a one or two word title for the current WIP, one with a lot of punch yet gives a hint to what the story is about - a modern day romance. 

So far a number of ideas have gone through my mind, but none really suit the story, the characters or me, and some of them are already in use.

I was thinking "Smitten" but Husband and Peapod both said it's too close to my upcoming book's title, Stricken. So that idea is out, for now at least.

I put things out there for my Facebook friends to help me brainstorm, after a short rant about how much I hate settling on a title, especially one that feels blah. Maybe with a little luck, talking things out with them will result in a good idea. 

It did when I was trying to come up with a good, solid name for the leading man in Stricken years ago. Lightening may strike again, in a different area.

One can hope at least. 

Anyway, I did manage to get some work done on the WIP, the one I'm trying to find a title for. Thursday was it, and it was only 2 hours of work time before the bus arrived.

It was still productive, a 2200 word day. I managed to wrap up a chapter and put in a huge key scene, along with finish two smaller ones. I was so deep into it that I even wrote after Son was home from school, a rarity considering how noisy he is when he's home. I wanted that scene *done* dang it, so I could continue on in a fresh chapter and scene next week.

I'm pretty close to 3/4 of the way finished this one's rough draft, or possibly more. I'm almost at the anti climax so that's good, I think. 

Who knows, I may actually get this one done before my deadline of March 10th. The rate I'm going it's quite possible. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone. I'm hoping to get more done this week, and I'll update when I can. 

Once again, I leave you with a photo of Amber from Thursday, doing her "Writing Su-purr-visor Impreshun". Silly furball. LOL 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Moving Along....

Happy Sunday everyone!

It's been a crazy ride since I last posted. My lifelong condition went crazy again, and between that and not sleeping, I didn't do a lot of writing until this past week.

The current WIP is over halfway finished now, and a lot has happened between the mains. I'm really making progress, and I hope to continue the momentum. I want this one finished, so I can finally set it aside to perk while I get another story going. I'm in limbo right now, waiting for some awesome folk to answer a question about something I'm unfamiliar with... Gotta love the research part of the job!

I am not sure if this one will ever be published or not. Either way, it wasn't a waste of time. I think if it isn't up to my publisher's high standards, it's still a practice story, one to get my feet wet with the writing again. I've been writing it a certain way so I don't have as much work to do if I send it to them either. It helps to know what's expected of you before you submit future stories. 

This week was close to a 5K week. I'm hoping with everything going on that I can squeeze in enough time to get another 1500 words added to it this coming week. If I get more, so be it. At least I'm writing, and loving it, right? ;) 

Nothing new on the local metal music scene, but WGD has mentioned they will be at a few live shows this year. I hope I can go, to show my support for the guys and the rest of the gang in the local metal scene. There's a lot of wonderful and talented people in it, and I am proud to support every one of them. 

Have a great week everyone, I'll update when I can. Things are really getting crazy here, for a good reason. I'll fill you in when I am allowed to.

I leave you with Amber in "Supurrvisor Kitteh" mode from Thursday morning (02/02/17). I had a writing day and this was my view when I opened Word.... I adopted a goofball. Seriously!