Saturday, September 9, 2017

End of (Summer) Days 2017 (WARNING: Photo Heavy)

First of all... If you are in the path of #HurricaneIrma, PLEASE... Stay safe! If you are told to evacuate, DO SO. Don't forget about the pets... Make sure they're safe too!

Summer is officially over. Labour Day marked the end of the summer season in Canada, and school started last week in our district.

Son started Grade Seven on Thursday, and although he was sad to see his vacation time over, he was happy to jump back into the thick of things at his school. We took him into the school to see his homeroom teacher, find out where his locker is, and to get situated overall. Two days in, and he's loving it. Thank heavens.

He said summer vacation was a lot of fun. He and I spent a lot of time home this year - I needed new glasses and could barely see enough to drive the last going off, more on that later - but we did have a lot of fun with Hubby on day trips and other fun activities like bowling. 

Oddly he hardly played the Wii for the last month of vacation. I guess he was too busy using the laptop or having fun on our Acer tablet when he wasn't on his Nintendo DS.

I needed a break from hearing the soundtrack to "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" anyway. It was starting to grate on my nerves by the second week of July, and had me driven stark raving crazy by the time August rolled around. 

Day trips... Our first full day one was to Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park, and then we hooked over to Wolfville to zip up to Grande Pre and Evangeline Beach, which is on the Minas Basin, part of The Bay of Fundy - Highest tides in the world! Unfortunately, we were there at "half tide", it was slowly on its way out, but not fully out. It was still out a lot further than it would have been at somewhere like Crescent Beach down here.

The soil there is really red, it reminds me of Prince Edward Island (yes, I've been there, but it's been close to 30 years). 

Barred Owl staring at us.

One of the most iconic sights in my province, the statue of Longfellow's Heroine, Evangeline, in front the church at Grande-Pre, representing the site of the Acadian Expulsion in 1755.
These gorgeous flowers are MYSTIC ILLUSION Dahlias, a hybrid, they were in the front of the Grande-Pre church.

Evangeline Beach on the Minas Basin, which is part of the Bay of Fundy - highest tides in the world. This is at half tide, when it's starting to go out. Note the red soil.
Our (currently last) trip for the summer saw us going to the other end of the Annapolis Valley - Annapolis Royal, Fort Anne, Port Royal (Habitation), and lastly, a fun spot for kids and adults alike. They have go-carts, mini golf, a driving range, a batting cage, an arcade and a lot of other cool stuff. One could spend an entire day in there and *not* get bored!

We played a round of mini golf. The course Par was 51 - I was the loser with a score of 82. However, I got the *only* ace - hole in one - for the day, which royally ticked off my son. He's the golfer in the family, not me. I stink at it!

The guys played a few rounds of pinball, while I watched. They tried the driving range too, while I sat in the sunshine with a diet cola and relaxed. 

Fort Anne, Officer's Quarters.

The Ammunition Building at Fort Anne.

Port Royal (Habitation).

Bust of Samuel de Champlain, founder of Port Royal.

The Annapolis River, on its way out toward low tide.

The courtyard of Port Royal (Habitation).

The Tidal Generating Station, the ONLY one of its kind in North America. It uses tidal power to create electricity for thousands of people.

View of the North Mountain and part of the mini golf at the fun stop, just outside of Annapolis Royal, NS.
All in all, it was a great summer. We're talking about taking one last trip before it gets too cold, not sure when or where we're going though.

When I said I had problems seeing properly, it was a case of needing my prescription glasses updated. So far so good, my eyes are extremely healthy and have *no* damage from my lifelong condition. My new glasses arrived on Tuesday and I'm tickled with them.

The regular glasses are identical to my previous prescription, while this time, I got sunglasses for driving during the daytime, without the bifocals. It's the same style of frame, just black instead of silver. I love them.


Office 2016 is on my computer, it took me over an hour to download it and get it set up for my computer. I'm happy with it, I'm back to working and it feels awesome to be writing and editing again... FINALLY!!

Speaking of which, I'm now working on fixing "FOURTEEN". It's a *huge* mess, and won't work as a story the way it's currently going. Back to the drawing board for that one. Thank heavens I was able to do a lot of thinking over the summer when I wasn't able to work and found solutions for the problems. Hopefully I can get things right this time around. If not, I can always do yet another rewrite. 

You do know STRICKEN is a rewrite, right?...... Read previous blog entries, and you'll get it. ;)

Dream On is currently back in "edit mode", I'll be working on that when I'm not going nuts writing.

Have a great weekend everyone! I leave you with one of my favorite covers of all time, "TURN THE PAGE" by Metallica - original version done by Bob Seger. (WARNING: CONTAINS ADULT IMAGERY - NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!)