Friday, October 26, 2018

Marnie and Me

Again, apologies for not being prompt in updating the blog. I've been sick and on the go a lot lately, more than I would like to be.

Marnie has been here a full two months (nine weeks), and she's settling in more every day. She was pretty skittish despite choosing us as her new family, so it's taken a while for her to get used to the routine, and to all of us.

This is how she was sleeping two days after her adoption:

When Son went back to school two weeks after we adopted her, she was upset to know he was gone. His room door is shut when he's not home, so she was rather miffed about not being able to crash on his bed or be with him while he was doing stuff up there. 

Hubby went back to work after vacation a few days before school started, and she wasn't impressed to see him gone either. 

She is now used to seeing Son leave every morning for school, and is all over him the instant he gets home. Same goes for Hubby, especially if he's working a closing shift. 

Marnie has proven to be a huge *GOOF*. She loves catnip, loves chasing the red dot, and will pounce on Son's golf balls if he leaves them in the kitchen. 

She and I had some selfie fun a couple of weeks ago and I got the following gem:

Marnie selfie! (taken October 11, 2018)
She was really fascinated with seeing her image on my phone's screen. Blurry or not, it shows her sillier side.

The TAIL! I love her tail!

"I is too cute for words, Mama!"

I see this a LOT when I'm at the computer... BUTT FLUFF!

Hugs from Mama!

She's been causing Kitty Insanity too, in her own way.

Last Friday, I got up to get things going for school (and my writing day) and noticed the curtains behind her spot knocked down - curtain rod and all. That must have been one HECK of a party... And her catnip is in the freaking freezer!

The next day, I came downstairs to hear her MEOWING and chirping on top of her lungs...

Then I saw it.

A dead mouse. 

That goofy fluffball is a damn good mouser! I have no idea where she got it, but she caught one, and it was dead.

That was a "fun" ten minutes of me chasing her around the house, trying to get it away from her so she wouldn't eat the poor thing. 

No worries, it's been taken care of, and no, she didn't eat it. I don't want her eating that kind of thing, she may get worms or something else from them. My baby has to stay healthy!

Gratuitous picture of her toe FLOOF!

I just love her toesies. The black beans with the white paws make them extra adorable in my opinion! They are just too kissable for words!

Marnie was here with me the entire time I was weaning myself off that medication I had mentioned in my last entry... Thanks to her help, I managed to keep going and keep my balance while the withdrawal from it made my life hell. My mood was horrible, so was the brain fog, but I still got off the darn thing and I'm feeling like myself again.

The medication was for treating trigeminal neuralgia, which I was diagnosed with in April. As you can see in the information provided via the link, it is excruciating pain radiating along the trigeminal nerves, which are the touch sensitive nerves in your face. Brushing the teeth, putting on makeup, and even feeling wind on your face can cause agonizing shocks along the nerves. It's similar to occipital neuralgia, but in a different part of the head.

The medication wasn't doing anything for me, and the side effects were not worth "the chance" it "might" help, so I went off it. My doctor understands my reasons for not wanting it, and she also gets why I will NOT be using any other medications for treating it for the time being. I'd rather be alert and in pain than doped up but still in agony, with a host of other things that are not there if I'm not on the damn stuff. 

Thankfully, I'm back to normal now. I'm still having problems with the TN flaring now and then, but other than that, I feel like MYSELF again. No brain fog, and nothing else is being messed up thanks to the medications.

I am using aspirin for pain relief other ways, but that's it. I'm still getting the occipital nerve blocks, not much can be done for the TN at the moment. I'm to have another MRI in a couple of years to be sure things are still kosher.

I'm back to revisions too, not a lot, but I'm to the point of starting to figure out a few things with the manuscripts I'm working on to get ready for publication. 

It is so NICE to be able to THINK again!

On a final note, Disturbed released a new album last week, "Evolution"... I got my copy of it yesterday! IT IS AWESOME!!!! I highly recommend any heavy metal/alternative fan to check it out. It even has the live version of "Sound of Silence" featuring Miles Kennedy from Alter Bridge on it - which makes their cover of it even MORE EPIC!

I leave you with the single "Are You Ready" from Evolution. ENJOY!