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Finders by Amy Romine - GUEST SPOT!

Good morning book lovers! Today, my friend Amy Romine drops by my blog to talk about her upcoming release, Finders. Please show her tons of love, and get a copy when you can!

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Hey there and thanks for stopping by! I am talking about my upcoming release – Finders! This is the first book in the Finders Ghost Hunting Series. I am thrilled to be able to share an exclusive excerpt (never before seen on the web) and some behind the scenes information.


When an expert Demonologist a meets a Reality Show Producer on the Ghost Hunting Show Finders, sparks of true love fly so bright even the Devil takes notice.
Demonologist Luke Melloy has seen the face of true evil. He’s fought it and sent it back to hell. It’s what he does. To Claire Westin, ghosts and demons are just great Television and good for ratings. When faced with the truth Luke has seen, her reality is turned upside down as the two are swept into dire straits just moments after they meet. Desire sparks between the unlikely pair, throwing their hearts into chaos. Love was neither expected or wanted.
When the demon targets an unsuspecting Claire with his wrath, Luke finds his focus split between his oath to God and the awakening of his heart. Together, they must face the ancient evil and defeat it. Or lose everything.


Writers get ideas from everywhere. Music, Television, a conversation, a look, or even a dream.  Finders was born out of two sources, my love of the show Ghost Hunters and the love story of Ed and Lorraine Warren. If you are not aware of who these two people are, they were the original real-life ghost hunters. Recently portrayed in the Conjuring 1 & 2 and the upcoming Annabelle movie.
When the Conjuring came out, I was obsessed. I watched it a million times. There was something about the interaction of Ed and Lorraine in the movie I found fascinating. How would the love story of a Demonologist and Medium work in today’s world?
Finders was a two-year project, and I nearly tossed my computer out the window numerous times. I, Finders, and my laptop all survived, and here we are talking about it!

So here is your exclusive excerpt from Finders.


Reality television producer Claire Westin took a long gulp of her coffee knowing the telephone call was a mistake. Executive Producer Walt Hemmings latest rant would last for at least another thirty to forty-five seconds. “Again, I need you back here at six for the strategy meetings, and we are gonna need interviews from each of the writers and the entourage teams.”
Claire swallowed the last of the coffee before responding, “Walt, we had this discussion on Friday, I’m in Wyoming working on the Crestwater case with Finders. I won’t be back until at least Saturday at the earliest.”
“Where are you again?”
“Crestwater, Wyoming,” Claire repeated.
“What a fucking mess.”
 Claire rolled her eyes tired of having this same conversation with him. Despite the fact, Walt was not the showrunner for the ghost hunting reality show, he insisted on micromanaging her decisions. Walt Hemmings had successfully launched three franchises and was in the midst of his fourth in a matter of five years. His latest endeavor. The Cocktail Party, for which Claire worked as a producer, was a scavenger-hunt challenge driven reality show allowing undiscovered writers to have high-powered agents hear their pitches. An unprecedented opportunity for unknown authors to have their ideas green-lighted if they met and conquered the challenges. The show included lots of drama, creative collaboration (aka more drama) and the thrill of the hunt.
“It’s fine.”
“Your allowance of half your anchor to simply exit is not fine.”
“Contractually I have no grounds to force him to stay,” Claire replied, then muttered under her breath. “I wouldn’t have forced him to if I had.”
“Bullshit, Claire, the standard...”
“Walt, The Finders contract with Westin Media is independent. Grant and Jason have full creative and editing control. We provide the infrastructure to support production. It is a sixty-forty split. Therefore, I have no control or grounds to dictate who works on the show or for how long.”
“Who the hell approved the contract?”
“I did,” Claire said with a broad smile and a sense of satisfaction. Finders was her baby from the beginning. She’d brought the show to her father’s attention, did the negotiating, the contracting and the producing. If she was going to be a part of the Westin Media empire, it was going to be on her terms. “I’ll be back by Saturday, hopefully. Thanks, Walt.”
Despite Walt trying to get a few final words in, Claire disconnected the blue tooth, ending the call.
“I think the conversation went well. What do you think, Pip?” Claire asked the mid-sized Catahoula-boxer mix sitting in the passenger seat. Her faithful companion and best friend barked in response. She gave his scruff a scratch. He sat up, looking out the front window. Claire heard the GPS directing her to make a right. Pip growled. The GPS disconnected. Claire pulled over and tried to reset the phone, while Pip sat up straight looking tense. “Now look at what you’ve done. You broke it.” The dog whimpered in response. “Just kidding, calm down, I know we’re far from home, but it’s fresh air and gorgeous here. Lighten up, will you?” The phone reset and still no GPS signal. “Looks like we’re going to have to find this place the old-fashioned way. Claire brought up a picture of the church on her phone before attaching the phone to the cradle.
Claire followed the narrow, steep, tree-lined road searching for any signs or indications of houses, buildings or churches. Mailboxes or well-marked driveways seemed to be non-existent. She drove a few more miles and was about to give up. Pip barked, bringing her attention to a small opening in the tree line. Claire slowed, debated, and then decided to go for it making the tight right turn. The small opening widened. She drove through. A few miles later, the familiar caravan of four black SUV’s and a large black van with the Finders logo plastered on the side brought a smile to her face.
Craig, the Finders tech producer, appeared from the corner of the van waving. Claire pulled up next to him and parked her truck. A bitter wind cut at her neck as she exited the vehicle. She pulled the collar of her coat up against the barrage. “You found it. We were getting worried.”
“No thanks to the GPS,” Claire replied, opening the passenger door letting Pip out. He immediately ran to Craig, greeting him warmly before running off into the woods; she assumed to relieve himself. Speaking of which she could use a bathroom break.
Finders consisted of a team of eight to ten paranormal investigators. The supporting technical team was four BOOM operators and four camera-men. Depending on the size of the location, they could have more or less. For the investigation of Crestwater Church, Craig and Claire decided to double the number of cameras to enable multiple teams to be filming concurrently. In addition to the film equipment, the paranormal team employed a slew of scientific equipment to collect evidence of paranormal activity during the investigation. With the entire team at work, it would take a full day to set up and calibrate all of the equipment for the investigation. “How are we looking?” The flurry of activity continued around her. Team members waved and said hello. Claire nodded, smiling in response.
“Four hours until sundown, six until lights out, we’re right on schedule. I was just about to go around to the back of the church for some B-Roll shots. The foliage is amazing; the shots I’m getting are phenomenal.”
“Is the church open?”
“Yeah, we haven’t locked it down for dinner yet.”
“Cool, the three Venti Starbucks on the way here are calling for an exit.”
“Gotcha,” Craig replied with a smile and a nod.
Claire inhaled the fresh air. Despite the cold, it was invigorating. She drank up the smell of wood, freshly fallen leaves, and dirt. Taking a closer look at the church, she realized even the unobstructed view from her hotel room didn’t do the immense structure justice. Dark redwood covered the fifty-foot face. Jutting into the sky like a dagger, the roof was pointed and peaked ten feet above the face. The aged wood’s hues shifted with the sunlight and the sway of trees giving the appearance of the inanimate object breathing. Against the backdrop of the autumn leaves the sight was staggering and breathtaking. Claire ventured to the wide mouth opening of the church. Piles of orange and yellow cords looked like snakes spilling out the doors. The crunching of leaves beneath her feet and the whipping of the wind made her stride a little quicker. Hurrying up the plethora of steps she lifted the red hot set tape barrier out of the way and pushed on the door.
Stepping into the Vestibule, the stale air stifled her lungs. The solid wooden door closed behind her, but sunlight continued to stream into the enclosed area via the large windows on either side. Thick darkness beyond the sun’s reach muted the expanse. Even the doors were massive, twice her height at least. Made from solid walnut she guessed, forged from the ancient trees surrounding the church.
A chilling wisp crept within her hair to the back of her neck. Like fingers playing with her hair. Claire instinctively turned. Seeing nothing but feeling a shiver up her spine Claire took in the surroundings and searched for the bathroom. Eying a promising door, she made a beeline and found salvation. Thankfully the facilities were in working order. Washing her hands in cold water, she dried them on her jeans. Taking a quick look in the cracked mirror, she adjusted her long brown hair. Tied up in a ponytail she smoothed any unruly strands and bumps before walking back into the Vestibule. The first thing she noticed was the intricately carved stone lining the archway into the Nave. A woven frame of tree limbs, the gnarled and knotted extensions bent and twisted around the mouth of the doorway. Amazingly delicate and detailed she could feel the bark beneath her fingertips despite the knowledge of stone.
Hearing Pip barking at the door, Claire moved away from the Nave archway and to the main entrance. Opening it, she saw no sign of her dog. Confused, she walked outside to the steps, “Pip? Pippy, come!”
The flurry of activity when she’d arrived had ceased. The Finders crew disappeared, and Claire remembered Craig mentioning dinner. Claire heard another bark following the sound. “Pippy come!” Claire said her patience waning. She wasn’t used to Pip not obeying her commands. They were going to need to talk. Finally, the dog appeared, sprinting out of the thick brush. She breathed an unconscious sigh of relief.
“Claire,” she turned toward the voice. Her heart leaped, Pip barked and took off through the slightly open door of the church. “Pippy!” Claire chased after him, into the Vestibule but saw no sign of him. He barked again, the sound was muffled. She realized he was on the other side of the large arched doors leading to the Nave. Slightly ajar, Claire pulled on the door. It swept back with a whoosh of air and a loud thud. The sound echoed off the brittle walls, and a shower of dust rained down.
“Fuck. Pip, come here!” She yelled, attempting to not choke within the cloud of ruin.
Claire grabbed her phone, turning on the flashlight feature. She shivered, the feel of invisible hands pulling her deeper into the darkness. Claire’s movement intensified with the unease of her heart.
Claire utilized her flashlight to explore. High cathedral ceilings jutted up to the heavens. Faded images of angels and cherubs adorned the beams. The pews remained, dust-covered and overrun by spiders. The light flashed over the stone altar at the head of the room. Claire’s heart skipped. Her body took a deliberate breath. Claire stepped forward hearing metal clang against her foot. Moving the flashlight down she saw a large old-fashioned key at the tip of her boot. Reaching down, she picked it up. The cold metal felt icy in her hand. She examined it closely.
Pip barked. Claire turned, putting the key in her pocket she realized how far away from the opening she’d traveled. Pip’s fur brushed against her legs, she turned glaring at him. “You and I are going to talk about this!”
“Claire!” she heard her name and turned. A scorched skull atop a body shrouded in black enveloping her vision. Claire instinctively raised her arms, stepping back. The floor beneath her cracked before disappearing from beneath her feet. Her body fell first. Then her stomach. A scream billowing up from her lungs, the light above quickly faded, the wet darkness engulfed her senses, cradling her in its cold arms. The impact rendered her immobile while agonizing pain from icy water shocked her entire body. Her senses returned. Her arms flailing, she struggled to kick her legs despite the hardening of her muscles. Up, I need to go up!
Pushing her arms in front of her, willing the blackness away. She prayed for air.

* * * *

About Amy Romine

Amy Romine has always wanted to be one of the good guys. From playing Charlie’s Angels in the backyard of her Macungie, PA home as a child to the pages of her unending projects, Amy has always dreamed of adventure and romance. Her need to make the characters truly deserve their happiness takes us on many a twisted journey. From serial killers to demons, Amy holds nothing back in the name of true enduring love.

A mother of three, Amy has spent the past seventeen years working in Operations for Ricoh America’s Corporation. She is an avid movie fan and enjoys books, television, theater, her dog Pip, and all things romance.

Come Find Me!

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Seeing Red by E.L. Esch - GUEST SPOT!

Hello book lovers! Today, my friend and fellow eXtasy Books author E.L. Esch drops by my blog to discuss her novel, Seeing Red. Show her tons of love, and don't forget to get a copy! It looks like a great story. ♥

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Hello, VJ! Thank you for having me on your blog to share my boys with you and your readers.

I currently have 2 M/M Romantic fiction works published with eXtasy Books, but today I'd like to focus on Seeing Red.

What would you do if you lost five years of freedom? If everything you’d ever known was torn away from you, all because the one person you counted on to save you didn’t come through?

This is the cruel reality for Gabriel “Red” Thatcher, convicted at age nineteen for the
murder of his father. Now twenty-five and eight months out of prison, Red has nothing to his name and no one to help him through the horrifying memories of his past.

Then he meets Silo Winters, a man so much like him yet so different that it drives Red crazy. How could someone who went through the same trauma he did in prison still look at life so cheerfully? And though Silo tries to show Red that life after hardship isn’t bleak and meaningless, Red finds it difficult after all he’s been through to let anyone in.


“Silo?” I struggled with a bag full of marinara-oozing subs through the door, assuming Silo was asleep somewhere when he didn’t come help me. Of course I didn’t expect “somewhere” to be on the floor in front of the TV. I caught the flash of a spaceship zipping across the screen and smiled.

On my way to the kitchen to set down the bags and take off my coat, I realized I owed Loretta a favor and cringed. She’d been nice enough to take me to the sub place after my shift, and to top it off, she drove me home, too. She’d probably heard me complaining to myself about how I’d have to reheat the subs after the bus ride home. Well, I felt glad regardless. Food always tasted best fresh.


What? I poked my head back into the parlor, an eyebrow raised. “Silo?” When he didn’t answer, I tiptoed over to him and checked his face. His eyes weren’t open, and his mouth slacked a bit in a quiet snore. Drool trickled out of the corner of his mouth, soaking a blotch into his shirt. I couldn’t exactly call him cute like that, but if I had a camera I would’ve taken a picture.

The rest of Silo looked just as disheveled as his face. He wore a pair of flannel pajama pants, unbuttoned to expose the crotch of his rather tight black briefs. Aside from those, he wore a plain red T-shirt, twisted around his waist so his belly stuck out. Stupid idiot would probably catch a cold like that.

A bit ruefully, I shook his shoulder. He struggled with my grip for a bit before he rolled over on his side and sat upright.

“Red?” His eyes didn’t seem to want to follow his brain’s coordination as he looked up at me with them closed. I waited until he cracked them open with a wince and smiled.

“Hey.” I pointed behind me to the bags of food I’d set down.“I brought subs.”

Following his sense of smell, he bumbled to his feet and into the kitchen after me. “You are amazing. I’m…” He yawned. “So hungry.”

“You look more tired than hungry.”

“I was until you woke me up. Now that I smell those subs, I’m starving.”

“Sorry for waking you.”

“Don’t apologize! I didn’t feel like cooking tonight, so this is bliss.”

I laughed, but I felt a bit guilty. Given his expertise, Silo usually cooked dinner. It wasn’t like I couldn’t or didn’t know how, but Silo knew his way around food like Ben Bailey knew his way around the streets of New York City. Thanks to Silo, I’ve become addicted to good food and game shows like Cash Cab. We couldn’t watch Wheel of Fortune without it turning into a competition.

Silo snatched the bag from me and dug through it like a kid in a candy store, an equally childish smile stretched across his face.

“Ooh! Meatball subs! You are a god.”

“A favorite of yours or something?”

“Meat is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Could you grab me a cola out of the fridge?”

“Yeah, sure. Can I have one?” I wasn’t the caffeine junkie Silo was, so when there was soda in the fridge, it was because he’d bought it.

“What have I told you? I don’t care what you use besides my toothbrush and my razor. We live together—what’s mine is yours and all that jazz.” He caught his cola as I slid it across the table, popped it open, and took a long gulp. “Get it?”

“Yeah…” I did get it, but understanding didn’t make me feel any more at ease. More and more every day Silo was burrowing down, making a home of the apartment that was supposed to be his temporary fix. Did that mean he wanted to stay? It’s wasn’t like I wanted him to leave, but… Would he just up and haul ass one day while I was at work? Like we’d never happened? Would he eventually want to go back to his old life, the one he’d lost three years ago? After all, living with a murderer only sounds good as long as you’re desperate.


A little about me:

     I’m in my 20s, a lover of books and art, and have a fascination for lizards and other small critters that borders on an obsession. Which is probably why I already own 3 and have to actively stop myself from getting more. 
     I began writing because I always loved the idea that words can create entire universes and characters from nothing but a blank page and an idea. Like one day you have an empty Word document and then in as little as a few minutes--boom! You just created a snarky art school graduate with purple hair whose blood may actually be 90% coffee. 
     I write erotic Male/Male romance. My books focus on realistic life topics--stuff everyday people go through and struggle with. I like when we as readers can feel connected to the characters we’re reading about. When we can understand their feelings and then suddenly they become truly human.

 You can find me and my books and some reviews on my website or Goodreads!

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Contumacy by Taryn Jameson and Gabriella Bradley - PREORDER!

Hello book lovers! Today, I'm featuring my friends and fellow eXtasy Books authors Taryn Jameson and Gabriella Bradley, who will have the newest installment in their Veiled Eliminators Series, "Contumacy", released by eXtasy Books on Friday, May 31st! Please show them a lot of love, and don't forget to preorder your copy at eXtasy Books' site NOW! (available in most e-book formats)

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Series Blurb:

Earth is a cesspool of poverty and disease ruled over by one government, the World Leadership Organization, known as WLO. They will do anything to protect the wealthy, including sanction and fund the Institute—a highly classified facility that experiments on children and babies, then trains them to become emotionless killers.
Ripped from their families, sold, stolen, or kidnapped off the streets, these children and babies become the tools of the Institute and WLO to eliminate those that stand in the way of furthering their intergalactic agenda.
They are the Veiled Eliminators.
We are unique. We are the best. There is no one on Earth like us, and there never will be. We will succeed. We are strong beyond belief. We are the eliminators, and no one can touch us.

Veiled Eliminators Book 5 
By Taryn Jameson and Gabriella Bradley

Turn about is fair play when death is the hand you have been dealt.

Thirty-three has no past—at least none that she can remember. Raised by the Institute from infancy she has been through hell and back due to a training incident that took her limbs and almost killed her.

Paired with her cybernetic tiger, Belle, Twenty-three is selected to eliminate the terrorist, Dominic Durant, and his men, and regain control of the refueling station on the planet Zahiria. Things go awry when instead of following orders meekly, she retaliates against the one man she hates most. 


"Behold the portal.” Schultz gestured at the monstrosity with pride.

She almost snorted. My escape to freedom? That thing? It looks like an oversized ugly picture frame.

They led her to it, then Rob appeared with Belle on a leash. When the big cat saw her, she pulled free and bounded toward her. Thirty-three bent and kissed her on the nose. Belle was wearing her metal armor. Good. She hated the thought of anything happening to her sweet friend. The cladding would protect her most vulnerable body parts.

Schmidt touched her arm, and when she turned to face him, he handed her a small dagger while throwing a furtive glance at Schultz. “WLO wants indisputable proof that the terrorists have been terminated. We cannot allow a phaser, as their bodies would be disintegrated but I refuse to send you completely unarmed. Good luck, Susan.”

“Thank you, sir.” Susan gazed down at the knife. The hilt fit perfectly in her hand, the blade almost four inches long and the edge looked razor sharp. How incredibly magnanimous of you, asshole. It would have been much simpler to use a phaser.

She increased her chances of being caught by leaving a trail of bodies in her wake. She sure as hell wouldn’t order Belle to attack a human to make it look as though an animal mauled the terrorists. The tiger had never been fed raw meat. One taste of human flesh and blood could turn Belle into a killer. If that happened, the big cat would have to be put down. Fuck that.

“Are you ready?” Schultz drew close to her, making her feel crowded.

“Yes.” Susan tried to ignore his nearness and looked at the grey oval,  which was now glowing.

In the center, a mass of what resembled mercury, swirled and flowed, then merged with colorful darts shooting across it. Rob had left, and Schmidt went to stand behind the glass partition in the computer room, leaving Schultz standing beside her. Schultz placed a hand on her arm, lightly caressing her. That feeling of nausea pooled in her belly. She could almost read his thoughts by the look on his face.

“Such a delectable body. It is a shame that you will no longer be with us.” He dropped his hand, an imperious smile on his face. “Take Belle and step into the portal.”

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Love in Purgatory by Timber Philips - GUEST SPOT!

Good morning book lovers! Today, Timber Philips drops by with her paranormal romance, Love in Purgatory. Check out this amazing story, and show her tons of love please!

* * * *

Love in Purgatory
Timber Philips

Genre: Paranormal Romance 

Gracelyn Adams just thought she was depressed. After months of feeling blue,
losing her friends one by one, she is at her wits end dealing with
the nonstop soul-crushing despair she feels every day. Even though,
she knows there is nothing at all to feel sad about. Her job is going
well, her life is on track, but things go from bad to worse when she
begins having 'episodes’ at night.

Then he shows up. Inside her bedroom, in her locked apartment, on the twelfth floor.

Has Gracelyn gone completely off the deep end? Or does this stranger hold
all the answers to unlock this prison of sadness she's been living in?

Timber Philips hails from a land filled with beauty and steeped in magic;
the Pacific Northwest. She swears you can see fairies and goblins,
magic and promise around every tree and in every drop of water and
she shares that magic whenever she can. She loves welcoming everyone
to her worlds of romance rooted in fable and fantasy.

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive excerpts, guest posts and a giveaway!

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Dunskey Castle Series by Jane Stain - GUEST SPOT!

Good morning book lovers! Today, Jane Stain drops by and talks about her series, "Dunskey Castle". The entire series looks amazing! Please show her some love.

* * * *

Dunskey Castle Book 1
Jane Stain

Genre: Scottish Time Travel Romance 

Tavish was the best boyfriend Kelsey ever had, but seven years ago he
disappeared from her life. She coped with her heartbreak by finishing
her doctorate in Celtic Artifacts, and now her career is taking off.
But Tavish is back, acting like a stranger who knows more about
Celtic artifacts than she does. He's been on staff at every one of
her job sites in Scotland, wearing that stupid sexy kilt.

Dunskey Castle Book 2

Sasha just got her dream job in the highlands of Scotland. Where her
friends ply her with celebratory champagne, throw a plaid cloak over
her business suit, and take her to the 14th century to do original
research on the dig site. She meets gorgeous highlander Seumas
("Shaymus") there, and — wait, is this a good idea?

* Amazon

Dunskey Castle Book 3

Tomas was on top of the world. He had a hot girlfriend. She knew about time
travel, so he didn't have to keep secrets around her. So why did the
sight of his old friends Amber and Kelsey make him uncomfortable? His
girlfriend kept telling him to forget about them. But he couldn't. He
wished he knew why.

of the Celts
Dunskey Castle Book 4

Jaelle dons a Roman helmet left among her ex's things and is transferred to
the Pictish Celt side of Hadrian's wall -- flat on the ground and
tripped over by Breth. The naked woad-painted warrior is being chased
by Romans who caught him scouting their fort. She earns his trust by
grabbing an injured Roman's sword, fighting beside Breth, and saving
his life. He takes her to his clan, where she sees druids in their
sacred grove imparting magical protection by painting the warriors'
nudity with muscle-activated woad pictures.

Time of the Picts
Dunskey Castle Book 5

Ignoring phone calls from Kelsey, Jaelle thinks her first time travel
adventure was a dream, but a new museum display shows a stick figure
she remembers drawing with her fingernail file on the top stone of
Hadrian's Wall. Whoa, that means her time travel and meeting of the
dazzling warrior Breth and their fight with the barbarians at the
Roman fort really took place! She needs to get back to Breth!

Time of the Druids
Dunskey Castle Book 6

Deirdre's first time travel assignment was challenging. Sure, she had her magic
dagger, but he wasn't cooperating.

Talorac felt anxious about this meeting. A summons to the sacred grove had
always meant the druids would perform their woad magic to prepare him
for battle. So he was in no way prepared to make the acquaintance of
the woman he found there with them. Deirdre was beautiful, and a
warrior, and from the way she was flitting around the grove, she was
the most powerful druid he had ever heard of in his life.

Dunskey Castle Book 7

Jessica's friend tricks her into time traveling to 15th century Scotland. A
gorgeous highlander Jessica is sure is out of her league invites them
to stay at his manor house.

Leif knows he should keep his mind on training the militia for the battle
that is sure to come soon. And after all, Jessica is just passing
through his town. But she is so compassionate he feels his heart melting.

* Amazon

Dunskey Castle Book 8

Lauren has a magic dagger that gives her orders and sometimes stifles her
speech. It wants her to find some artifact here in 1400s Scotland and
give it to some druid friends. 

She wants to get to know Taran. But the dagger whispers that Taran is in
the way.

Taran's life in a small town in Scotland was disrupted six months ago with
the arrival of Lauren and the other two lasses. Lauren knew the way
mechanical things worked in a way most astonishing. He never tired of
hearing her explain. But to find out she has a magick dagger that she
is in danger of losing her self control to? That shocks him.

* Amazon

Dunskey Castle Book 9

Luag and Katherine are two bullheaded people trying to "out stubborn"
each other. They've been verbally sparring in Medieval Scotland for
the past year. He's never met a headstrong woman before, and he is
such a stubborn male! When chance throws them forward to Katherine’s
time, he is the fish out of water. Understanding blooms, as does
* Amazon

Dunskey Castle Book 10

Sarah’s boss at Celtic University plonks an iron bracer on her desk. It
brings up one of Kelsey's magic druid dreams. In it, Sarah's ex,
Michael (Meehall in Gaelic), used this bracer as a time travel
object. And was a kilted highlander in 1700s Scotland.

At lunch, Sarah's friends say they’re calling in sick tomorrow to
attend a local fair. They want her to call in sick too.

Sarah isn’t keen on giving the bracer back. She wants revenge on Meehall
for breaking up with her and decides to use the bracer to have a bit
of fun.

She tells her friends they don’t have to call in sick. She’s taking
them back in time.

Good one!” they tell her, laughing.

* Amazon

Dunskey Castle Book 11

Ciaran arrives in the 21st Century with Eoin (John) in the darkness of the
Celtic University night. Ciaran is delighted to run into Nadia and
wants to stay and visit, but Eoin drags him away from her. Eoin is
extra grumpy, saying the Murrays need an edge because the Cameron
Clan is planning something big. Eoin sneaks the two of them into a
storage basement and seems inordinately glad to find a particular
halberd there.

Nadia remembers the kilted warrior Ciaran from her experience in 1706
Scotland and secretly has a crush on him. Wherever he and Eoin are
going, she bets it will inspire her story for Celtic University's
historical society paper, especially if they are time traveling. She
sneaks into the back of the cart Ciaran and Eoin are driving and
hides under a blanket.

Dunskey Castle Book 12

Ellie was captured during her last time travel adventure. But her friend's
husband's life hangs in the balance. And this ring she found is
giving her courage. Probably too much courage for a modern woman in
1706 to have.
Baltair is glad to see Ellie again. Her friend married his cousin and stayed,
when Ellie went back to their time. But he keeps his distance. Many
will die in the upcoming battle, maybe including him.

* Amazon

Time of the Fae
Dunskey Castle Book 13

Suellen and her friends ride a whirlwind onto a seacliff and panic. What

The area is crawling with Highlanders who say they’re fighting the
That guy. The one they met at the Renaissance faire. They need to find

Druids or Faeries
Dunskey Castle Book 14

Marybeth frowned. "Dinna ye think it wrong, tae grab the faerie axe by

Ashley batted the air as if what Marybeth had said was dismissible. "The
faeries gave it tae Ciaran, who gave it tae John. Kelsey stole it
from John. 'Tis na wrong for John tae steal it back from

Connell stuck his chest out and his chin up in a show of bravado. "Kelsey's
gotten full o’ herself, syne she went off tae Celtic University.
That, or she has been brainwashed by all those Druids. We used tae be
friends, but now she's gone tae far. We wull be taking that axe back
from her sae we can save Donnan. End o’ discussion."

Time for the Clan
Dunskey Castle Book 15

Ashley worries the faeries are about to kill her. She has to escape and warn
Connell. His Highland clan could be separated by time forever. Can
they make the druid curse help them?

Jane worked at the Renaissance Pleasure Faires at Paramount Ranch Agoura,
Devore, and Black Point Forest from 1987 to 1993. She started as a
peasant, then auditioned and made it into the Washerwomen, and then
was a sea dog. She also hawked for Belle Star's perfume wagon and The
Dye Spot clothing booth. Jane Stain is a pen name.

She is in her fifties and has been influenced by the writing of Diana
Gabaldon, Isaac Asimov, Anne McCaffrey, Harry Harrison, Jane Auel,
Ray Bradbury, Ursula K LeGuin, Robert Jordan, Stephenie Meyer, Terry
Goodkind, and many more great authors.

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