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The Knights of Camelot by Sarah Luddington - GUEST SPOT!

Good Morning book lovers! Today, Sarah Luddington drops by to talk about her series, The Knights of Camelot.

Don't forget the first book of the series, Lancelot and the King is FREE from June 29 to July 4th! You can get it HERE:

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What inspired you to write this book?

I found Lancelot as a character in a book that will never be published, because I can’t write it well enough, and knew he needed a story of his own. So began my research into Arthurian mythology. What a rabbit hole that turned out to be!

When I studied the original texts I began to see a pattern. Arthur forgives Lancelot, but never Guinevere and her punishment is far worse than Lancelot’s for their affair. Why would a king forgive a knight for bedding his queen? Maybe the king loves the knight far more than the queen and maybe the knight bedded the queen to somehow reach out to the king…? That was the question I asked myself when I began Lancelot and the King, the first in the Knights of Camelot series. It took a lot of words to figure out the answer.

What can we expect from you in the future?

More stories where I turn icons of history and contemporary literature into heroes for the LGBTQ+ community. We deserve heroes and if I have to write them, then I will! These iconic characters, ones that have shaped our understanding of what it means to be heroic and honourable, should also be gay or trans or queer. Why can’t King Arthur or Robin Hood be gay? Does it make them weak? Or less able? Of course not, so that’s why I write these stories.

Do you have any “side stories” about the characters?


Can you tell us a little bit about the characters in Lancelot and the King?

The Knights of Camelot. You know the iconic characters I write about. What I’ve tried to do is inject them with the frailties of a real person, while maintaining their essential heroic motifs and the deep magic in the original stories that acted as metaphors for the medieval world view.

Lancelot’s mind breaks under the pressures Arthur, his king, places on him. The dead haunt him. His love for Arthur destroys him and he tries to walk away but fails, so has to find the strength to return and make Arthur really ‘see’ who he is and what he needs. Meanwhile he has to save Camelot from powerful enemies of the supernatural kind and battle gods to prevent England and Albion from being destroyed.

King Arthur was, in many ways, more difficult because I had to learn about him from Lancelot’s point of view. He’s strong, born to be a leader, but doesn’t want the mantel thrust upon him by his birth. It makes him petulant and selfish, especially over the object of his affection. If Arthur can’t have Lancelot, then no one can! As he grows older and sees the damage his selfishness causes to others, Arthur changes, probably the most out of all the characters. He learns that love comes with heavy responsibilities and he shouldn’t always expect to win just because he is a king. He learns about self-sacrifice and in that finds the true meaning of honour. He’s a complex character in the original myths and that doesn’t change in my stories.

Tell us about your main characters- what makes them tick?

I’ll talk about Lancelot but I could go on forever about the rest of them. His service to his king and country dominate every waking thought for Lancelot. Every decision he makes, every move, he is a soldier first and a man second. His warrior code is scored on his bones but his mind and heart are still fragile and his soul cries out for peace, for hearth and home. For a family. He can and does kill without conscience but he always tries to kill the right person and save the weak or vulnerable.

If your book was made into a film, who would you like to play the lead?

Easy one – Aidan Turner of Poldark fame. When I saw him in the BBC version of Begin Human he became my Lancelot.

What is your favorite part of this book and why?

In every book my favourite bits are killing the bad guys. Damn, I love it when Lancelot pushes his sword into some bastard and they die knowing he’s taken their life. And the slightly less psychotic answer… When he shares his heart with Arthur or Tancred. When they have those soft moments among the war and mayhem that makes them men, not machines of death. I love exploring the tenderness such a man is able to share with someone he trusts.

If you could spend time with a character from your book whom would it be? And what would you do during that day?

I spent every day of ten years with Lancelot and miss him all the time but his story is done. If I could walk into a room with him I’d coax him outside, ask him to teach me more about fighting and ride off into the sunset to find adventure at his side as his equal.

Do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you have the reins of the story? Convince us why you feel your book is a must read.

This one made me laugh… I wish I had some measure of control over them. I come up with the general outline of the book, but they write it. They often surprise me and when someone dies, it’s difficult writing through the tears.

Why should you read these stories? They are full of the ancient mysteries of a time lost in myth and magic. They have romance and adventure at their core and characters are so complex they fill your mind with passionate – What Ifs? These are stories to be told by firelight or while watching the stars turn overhead on a summer’s evening. They speak to the heart of love and how it can change entire worlds if one person is strong enough to make a stand.

When I first starting writing these stories gay marriage didn’t exist, that’s how much each voice can change a world.

Is there a writer whose brain you would love to pick for advice? Who would that be and why?

I can’t answer this one easily though I wish I could. I love talking to writers. Euripides and Aeschylus would be first because their Greek tragedies filled my imagination with wonder as a child and when I studied them at collage. Makes me sound really posh but damn these guys could tell a story!

Jane Austen because she fascinates me. The depth of her understanding of society and a person’s mind is deep. Also, how she survived her own, very controlled, life for so long.

Men like Chris Ryan and Andy McNab – who to go from serving in the SAS to writing about it and living in a domestic world. It must be the most difficult transition we ask of our service men and women who become elite warriors.

Sarah Luddington is the author of historical gay romance and contemporary gay romance. She is a gay rights activist, holds three martial arts black belts, a degree in Medieval History and far too many dogs. She lives on a mountain in Spain and in her spare time writes and reads LGBT fiction.

Come and visit her website at or Facebook for more information. She always welcomes contact with her readers.
Many thanks.

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Saturday, June 29, 2019


Happy weekend, book lovers! I have some great news!

I’m so happy to announce that my second book, the first of my brand-new series, will be released sometime later this year! (I do not have any information or the cover itself, I only signed the contract this past Tuesday!)

I will be sharing an excerpt, the cover, a trailer (with music from WHOM GODS DESTROY), and all other information later on, once I get the approximate release date, and hear from the Art Department about the cover. It takes a few weeks for the assigned editor to get back to me, so I’m not expecting a lot to happen between now and the middle of summer vacation, possibly closer to my birthday in mid-August.

While I wait, I will be working on Book 2, which will be set in Mahone Bay, NS. I was supposed to take the summer off from writing and catch up on my reading… Me and my big mouth for saying that too loud! Oh well. LOL

The thank you list is too long to share… Since I don’t want to leave anyone out, THANK YOU ALL for being there for me AGAIN! I bet a lot of you were getting sick of me promoting only one book… Now I’ll have an entire series to drive people crazy by promoting!

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Coming Soon from eXtasy Books...

Away to Me
by V.J. Allison
Book 1 of the Tri-Town Series
Part of the NOTED line by eXtasy Books and Devine Destinies

What happens when your stepdaughter finds out she was adopted? 
Do you go looking for her birth family, or do you let it go?

Find out how Neil and his stepdaughter Rikki take a trip to Neil's past, and the woman he once loved.

Away to Me

Sometimes you have to go back to move forward…

“What doesn’t lie? The evidence.”

The evidence in front of Neil Falcon proved that his late wife wasn’t the birth mother of his stepdaughter, Rikki. If Rita lied to him about Rikki’s roots, what else did she hide from him?

The confused pair begin a search that leads them down a road that makes an unexpected backwards turn, to Neil’s past, and the woman who once held his heart.

Kelsey Wagner is shocked to see the man she once adored appear on her doorstep with claims that Rikki may be her biological child. After finding out her daughter wants her to be a part of her life, she agrees, despite her troubled past.

With Neil’s help, Kelsey soon settles into the role of helping him raise their daughter.

Amidst the confusion of raising a teenage daughter and dealing with the antics of a mischievous corgi, the old feelings resurface.

They know their daughter wants them to become a family, but can they make it work?

* * * *

Thank you so much for being there… I leave you all with a song with a special meaning for me…

“Where My Heart Will Take Me” by Russel Watson.

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COVER REVEAL: The Letter Left by Angela Ford

It's COVER REVEAL DAY for The Letter Left by Angela Ford! It's gorgeous! Congrats, Angela! 

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Letter Left
Healing Hearts Ranch Book 1
Angela Ford
YA Sweet Romance 

A story of remembrance, a gift, and a love rediscovered through healing
Angela Ford takes a different direction this time to bring you a new adult
series. A story centered around family, horses, true love, and
finding your way from the wise words left to you.
Jack Willows was a great man. He always put others first. He’d taught
his granddaughter to do the same. Raine Willows left her
grandfather’s farm at eighteen to find her way in life. Seven years
later, his death brings her back to the farm and her first love–the
boy next door.
An empowering story of healing through horses. A farm that introduced
her to the boy next door–Luke Daniels. The one she could never
forget, no matter how many years and miles came between them. Grief
reunites them, horses help heal their hearts, and gives them an idea
to help others. An idea that had been her grandfather’s dream for
her. The letter he left, changed the direction of her life and her

resides in Nova Scotia - Canada's Ocean Playground. Inspired by
sunsets, the ocean, her family, and books! She is never without a
book, whether she's reading or writing. Angela is a bestselling and
award-winning author who has been in the Amazon top fifty, Readers'
Choice Awards and ScreenCraft. She has over 50 published works in
paperback, eBook, audiobook, and foreign translation. An Award of
Distinction sparked the idea for her first book 'Closure' that hit
Bestselling Action & Adventure, Women's fiction. In between
mysteries, Angela writes short contemporary romance. She loves to
connect with her readers!

Surviving Romance Series - Guest Spot!

Good morning book lovers! Today, I'm hosting Rae B. Lake and her series, "Surviving Romance". Enjoy!

* * * *

Christmas Cabin
Surviving Romance Book 1
Rae B. Lake
Romantic Suspense

Abi is a scared, battered woman who wants nothing more than to just start
over. Rebel comes from old money and has spent his entire life
guarded and suspicious of anyone who tried to get close to him. 

A freak snowstorm on the brink of the Christmas holiday leaves them
stranded in a run-down hunting cabin with very little food and no way
of reaching the outside world. Together they fight through the
cruelty of mother nature, the uncertainty of their circumstance and
the anger of an ex that won't take no for an answer.
Will this be enough for Rebel to open up and see what true love really
looks like and will Abi be able to fight past her own


99 cents!!**

Fighting a Nightmare
Surviving Romance Book 2

Abi thought she was free. She thought she found true love in a hunting
cabin over the Christmas holiday. She thought Rebel Rivers was her
future. She was so wrong. After a surprise attack leaves her laid up
in the hospital, she has more questions than she does answer. The
number one question on her mind. 
Where is Rebel?

Now Abi is right back where she started. Abused and a prisoner with no
one to call on for help. Robert is determined to keep her as his
captive no matter the cost. If he can’t have her, no one can.
Will Abi be strong enough to fight even when it seems she is all alone.

99 cents!!**

Surviving His Romance
Romance Book 3

Rebel is the monster.
At least that is what the police and lawyers think. They caught him with
the gun in his hand and my ex bleeding on the ground from a gunshot
wound. They can’t see who the real bad guy is, that don’t know
Robert behind the false tears and heartfelt pleas. He is the real
Rebel now has to face the possibility of spending a long time behind bars
because they think they know the nightmare that I have had to face.
He swears to me that he still loves me and that nothing that Robert
could put us through will change the way he feels about me but how
can that be true, I have brought nothing but drama, heartache and
pain into his gold sparkling world.
Robert thinks that he can manipulate everyone around him to do as he
pleases, but not me. Not anymore.
I will survive.

99 cents!!**

Rae is a daydreamer, nurse, bookworm, nature enthusiast, wife, momma,
animal activist and an optimist. She has lived her entire life in NYC
and loves to travel with her family. She believes that sweets should
have a larger piece of the nutritional pyramid and that Buffy the
Vampire Slayer was one of the best TV shows ever invented. When she
is not working as a nurse in her community, she can either be found
reading, writing, or taking a walk while listening to music. She has
been writing books in her mind for as long as she can remember but
decided that maybe there were others out in the world that would find
joy in the words she would put down on the page.

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The Sydney St. John Mysteries Series - Guest Spot!

Good morning book lovers! Today, Cary Osborne drops by with her series, The Sydney St. John Mysteries. It looks like a great line of books, so don't forget to get at least one of them!

* * * *

The Sydney St. John Mysteries Book 1
Cary Osborne

Genre: Mystery

In Oklahoma, spring brings storms raging across the American prairie,
too often spawning tornadoes that lash the land. But this spring
Sydney St. John finds herself fighting for her life against another
danger, one from the past. When her intern's body is discovered in
the archives processing room, everyone wants to believe the girl's
death was an accident or a horrible mistake. But Sydney sets out to
discover whether the cruel murder of today resulted from another
crime committed nearly seventy years earlier, searching for clues as
only an archivist can. Her search leads her to another danger,
different, in the person of Ben Bartlett, grandson of the creator of
the very collection at the center of the mystery. Is he to be her
lover? Or her murderer?

OKLAHOMA WINDS is an engrossing thriller that reveals the inexorable links
present-day events (and crimes) always have to the past. We are
forever connected to the history that brought us to where we are now,
and unraveling the tangled truths of that history can shed a
brilliant light on who we have become. Yes, OKLAHOMA WINDS is a
murder mystery, and a fascinating one. But it's also a testament to
the power of the past over our lives. Having had some experience with
research librarians and archivists, I've always known they were some
of the most brilliant (yet unsung) detectives among us . . . and the
protagonist of OKLAHOMA WINDS is long-overdue proof of that. Sydney
St. John does for archivists what Indiana Jones did for
archaeologists -- and I can't wait to see what mysteries she'll tackle next!
--Brad Denton, author of Blackburn and Sergeant Chip

Oklohoma Winter: Black Ice
The Sydney St. John
Mysteries Book 2

Oklahoma, the state that ranks second as most dangerous in the U.S. when it
comes to weather. Too often, the wind comes sweeping down the plain,
with a vengeance. In winter, black ice glides onto the roads, barely
seen, and when the wheels of a vehicle run onto it, a driver had best

It’s winter in Oklahoma, and Sydney St. John finds murder among the papers
of the Filmore County Historical Archives. The collection is that of
Carl Blair, rancher, politician, father, and husband, who ruled his
land and his family without the need for compassion, or love.
Although gone these many years, his grandchildren and Lawrence, his
only surviving son, still suffer from his cruelty and heavy hand.
It's Sydney who must untangle the web that begins with racism and
murder. Ben Bartlett her lover, still living in California, is
helpless to save her from natural disasters and festering family

* Amazon

Saving Souls
The Sydney St. John
Mysteries Book 3

Sydney St. John, still living and working in Gansel, Oklahoma, hopes to
never be involved in a murder investigation again. She plans on being
content with organizing the historical documents in the Filmore
County Historical Archives. But when Patrick O’Kelley, preaching to
no one on the corner opposite the archives in twenty-degree weather,
is found murdered, her curiosity once again gets the better of

The facts she discovers lead her to hidden gold, oil rights, and Edward
Capeheart O’Kelley, the man who shot Bob Ford, Jesse James’s
killer. What does the murder in the late 1800s have to do with
Patrick O’Kelley’s death in the 21st century?

* Amazon

Cary Osborne has been writing for more than two decades, delving into
many genres including science fiction, fantasy, mystery, horror, and
romance. Having once been told that there aren't enough generalists
in the world, and having an interest in many worldly aspects, makes
it difficult to settle into a single mold. Ancient history, being one
of those interests, she uses her studies in the subjects and
backgrounds for her stories, both long and short.

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Author Spotlight: Molly Zenk!

Good morning book lovers! Today, I'm featuring author Molly Zenk. Check out her books and show her tons of love!

* * * *

Operation Boyfriend
Molly Zenk

Contemporary Romance 

It’s safe to say my love life stinks. As if getting dumped for another guy
by my long-term boyfriend isn’t enough, my hopes at finding a
boyfriend get crushed with a string of disastrous dates.

But then I meet the strange bus boy who has been staring at me for the
last three months. He’s awkward, goofy, and has no fashion sense.
Corin is the exact opposite of what I should want in a boyfriend, but
I feel drawn to him in a way I can’t explain.

There’s also Daniel. Smart, charming, successful, and well-dressed. He’s the
perfect man, the kind of guy I should want. Even my family is
convinced we’re meant to be together.

Somehow, I went from the girl with a catastrophic love life to a woman with one too many

Now I need to decide whether to follow my
head…or my heart.

Captivity Book 1
Molly Zenk & Sarah Biglow

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy 

a future that holds shifters captive, what will they risk to break

Lorelei, a siren, has spent the last three years searching for the man she
loved after he was abducted in front of her. When the bounty for an
escaped phoenix crosses her desk at the Phoenix Location Agency, she
expects a typical bag and tag. Instead, she discovers the target,
Aiden, is none other than her lost love.

Aiden has no memory of the sultry siren who insists they were once in love.
Rising from the ashes comes with a price—he’s a new person, with
no memories of his former lives. After years of being kept in bird
form to harvest his healing phoenix tears, Aiden is not the man
Lorelei knew. 

When both are taken in by the Magical Creature Underground, reconciliation
seems possible. But Aiden’s captivity comes with a dire
consequence: a deadly poison is working its way toward his heart. The
only known cure is a long shot at best. Can Aiden and Lorelei reclaim
their stolen past before the clock runs out?

Part of the FATED MATES boxed set!

Captivity Book 2

Have Lorelei, Aiden, and their MCU allies escaped their city prison only
to die searching for a shifter haven that may not exist?

Time is running out for Aiden and Lorelei. Chased by a deadly shiver of
sirens and plagued by disaster after disaster, they must run and
fight at every turn for a chance at health and freedom in

The blood graft stealing Aiden's life is worsening.
His only hope of lasting long enough to make it across the country is
to let Xander use Phoenix Tears to keep the Burning at bay. A
sacrifice Aiden isn't willing for Xander to make now their
relationship has a chance.

The hybrid baby growing double time
inside Lorelei keeps her from being focused on the mission. As does
Douglas's ultimatum for their future. It's throwing her off her game.
That means she's bound to make a mistake. One that could prove deadly
for them all.

Their only hope of survival as they race across
the barren wilderness is to rely on each other. With hearts and lives
on the line, each decision Aiden and Lorelei make brings them one
step closer to freedom ... and one slip away from certain death.

MOLLY ZENK was born in Minnesota, grew up in Florida, lived briefly in
Tennessee, before finally settling in Colorado. Her publishing
credits include Heart’s Affections (2013),Hyperion Keats (2013),
Better Date Than Never (2014), 3 Nights In Ibiza (2014), Christmas
Kisses anthology (2015),Westward Hearts anthology (2015), Fated Mates
anthology (2019), the Captivity series (2019), and United To Strike:
A Novel Of The Delano Grape Workers(2019). Molly is married to a
Mathematician/Software Engineer who complains about there not being
enough “math” or info about him in her author bio.  They
live in Arvada, CO with their daughters.

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